BREAKING: GRU Authority fires CEO/GM Cunningham and asks Bielarski to resign and become Interim CEO/GM of GRU

The GRU Authority met on June 12


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – At tonight’s GRU Authority meeting, Director Craig Carter asked to speak before the board took up the rest of the agenda and made three motions, all of which passed: first, to fire CEO/GM Tony Cunningham; second, to ask Chair Ed Bielarski to resign from the Authority and become the Interim CEO/GM of Gainesville Regional Authorities; and third, to make Eric Lawson the new Chair of the Authority.

First motion: Terminate Cunningham

Carter said, “I don’t do surprises” and said he had already talked to Cunningham and to “many pastors.” He said his first motion was to terminate Cunningham: “This is with his knowledge, not his happiness. The reason for this motion is so this utility could move forward. The reason for this motion is so his family can know what’s going on tonight, because I said flippantly [on Monday] that I should have voted to fire him so he could go to bed that night, and at least his wife and him knew what was going to happen the next day.”

Carter said that if that motion passed, he would ask Bielarski to resign from the Authority to become the Interim CEO/GM, “which is legal, as long as you’re not on the board.” He said he also wanted Lawson to be the new Chair, with current Vice Chair David Haslam remaining in his position.

With that said, Carter made his first motion to terminate Tony Cunningham, effective whenever the “Chair or the Interim negotiates his exit strategy, so… he’s not going to get up and leave. I feel confident that he’s going to be running this utility through the night and probably into tomorrow or something.” Haslam seconded the motion.

During public comment, four people spoke in favor of the motion, and five people spoke against it.

After public comment, Carter said, “We do need to move forward, and it’s clear and obvious that every meeting, something’s going to come up about trying to get rid of Mr. Cunningham… I am doing this for Tony. I talked to him 30 minutes before this meeting, and I cried on the phone. He’s become my friend. He’s been my brother in Christ… This is one of the most shameful nights of my life. But it needs to happen because he needs to be able to go home and put his head down and be done with this and go on and get another job… This is no slight on Mr. Cunningham.”

Lawson said he was not in favor of the motion: “I’ve stated that before. I feel like the board needs to get itself seated and understand what our direction is, and so I’m just not in favor of this motion.”

Haslam said, “Awkwardly enough, I called Tony this morning and talked to him, but I did the opposite because I called for his termination Monday. Nobody seemed to be on board with that. I want to work with you guys. And I told Tony that I’d publicly support him tonight if that’s what it came down to. And he told me, no, I didn’t have to do that… I’m not sure what you guys want, but this is what I thought should happen in the first place.”

Carter said, “If we don’t terminate him, then for the love of God, let’s all get behind him.”

The motion passed on a 4-1 vote, with Lawson in dissent. 

Second motion: Ask Bielarski to resign and become Interim CEO/GM

Carter’s second motion was to ask Bielarski to resign after the board meeting and become the Interim CEO/GM, with the possibility of being named CEO/GM in the future. Carter added a second part to make Lawson the Chair, but that part was later split off into a separate motion. Director Chip Skinner seconded the motion.

Public comment was nearly evenly split, with the people who supported the first motion supporting the second motion and the same for those who had opposed the first motion.

Before the vote, Bielarski said, “I certainly would resign to take the position, just to let the board know.”

Looking toward the possibility of a four-member board, Skinner said, “I would charge the rest of the board members, if this motion passes, that we work together, listen to each other, and come together so we don’t have the division of seeing stuff on social media; don’t buy into it, don’t belittle each other. We all have our own thoughts, our own processes, and I think we have a good working relationship, and I would like to see that move forward.”

Carter said he hoped the Governor would appoint a fifth member quickly.

The motion passed 4-0, with Bielarski abstaining.

Third motion: Make Lawson the Chair

The board then took up the second part of the split motion, which was to make Lawson the Chair, with Haslam continuing as Vice Chair. Carter added, “Just to be clear, I don’t want to be Chair.”

The motion passed 5-0.

Fourth motion: Authorize the Chair to negotiate with the Interim CEO/GM

Later in the meeting, Carter realized that the previous motions had not specified a process for determining Bielarski’s salary, so he made a motion to authorize Lawson to negotiate with Bielarski and bring a contract back to the board. Skinner seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.

  • Can they just rename it “Gainesville Regional Circus”?
    Logo change would be simple.

    • Well played, Big Daddy Eddy B. You may won this battle, but the war aint over yet.

      • Wasn’t there a show back in the “Mr. Ed”? looks like it’s back on again! Mr. Ed, the horse’s a@@!

      • GRU is in a major debt rededuction crisis, so let’s give him a salary of 37k! Sounds about right!

  • The GRU board has become an absolute clown show. 🤡

    Carter should have been forced to resign based on his cram it comment. He and Larson have been obstructing and shilling for the City Commission since day one.

    Instead, Belarski just got played like a fool by Carter who is now back in control with Larson.

    • Exactly. Carter + Chair Lawson will continue on with the status quo since we once again have a four person board. They were the two holds up previously. Also the only two reappointed…

  • It should have been Carter who resigned.

    Didn’t he just tell DeSantis to shove it and that that he didn’t want to be on the GRU Authority?

    • Carter obviously likes being on the board, just not being in front as the chairman. He just wants to hide behind someone else’s coattails.

  • Our community is fortunate to have Bielarski back as General Manager.

    He has continually made our community aware of GRU’s looming financial problems from decades of excessive financial transfers to the City.

    Ideally GRU would start paying down debt and would end the transfers to the City.

    • Wake up! He’s the one who put us there. This was an extremely bad move and the insiders know it.

      • That’s not true (or accurate). The city commission directs the utility.

    • Bielarski agrees with transfers to the city which he noted were SOP for municipally owned utilities. They are both owned by the citizens of Gainesville which started their utilities with Boulware Springs in the 1890’s – free water was how it was chosen over Lake City as the location for the new state college – and downtown Kelly power plant in 1914.

      • I agree with that, Jazzman; however, it is and has been clear he doesn’t agree with the amount. THAT is the problem.

        • JD you are wasting your time trying to explain anything to the Jizz Guzzler, when he was kid he fell into a pool full of stupid and never got out. My momma always said stupid is as Jizzman does…..As the back-Ward Mayor of Gainesville I hate having to hit my own kind but Jizzy is one dumbazz.

        • Glad we agree on the principle question JD, the answer to which can reasonably be a matter of opinion, and not a hard fact. Given the Florida Public Service Commission is tasked with overseeing rates, and thus GRU not in violation on that measure, the transfer amount should be decided by the citizens’ elected leaders and their hired staff.

  • Not sure why there is so much doom and gloom over these decisions. Actually a good move to put Bielarski back in a position that he knows well, including areas that could be trimmed.

    • GRU will get fixed either way, with Bielarski on the outside (GRUA) or the inside (GRU), and honestly it will probably be faster with him on the inside, but it is riskier–the GRUA can remove Bielarski after all, or decide that they want to keep the GFT.

      The risk is not huge, but it’s not zero either. If GRUA follows the intent of the law it will be fine, but we have at least 1-2 members that have proven they are weak to the city commission’s fear ‘n smear tactics.

    • Bielarski is also the first person actually qualified to run a utility brought to this position in a long time.

  • Jennifer, is it possible to post an article sharing the terms for each of the GRUA members. I think they start as 1,2,3 and 4 but roll to 4 at renewal. It is also my understanding at the end of a term the member stays in office until a replacement is appointed. However, if one resigns their term ends with the resignation date. Thank you.

    • 7.05 Member nominations and terms. (3) If a member is appointed to complete an unexpired term…. and shall continue through the remainder of the unexpired term. (4) The Governor shall fill any vacancy within 60 days…. if the remainder of the term exceeds 90 days.

        • Sure, another loser appointed by those who also would lose in Gainesville. That frames it perfectly.

          • A leftist calling someone else a loser… that’s freaking funny!

          • Both Belarski and Konish lost city elections dummy. Like Trump, it is a matter of fact that they are losers.

          • Pos46 lost twice before that plagiarizing waste of oxygen won! You people are sooooo pathetic!
            Regardless, anyone that votes for ever expanding, wasteful, intrusive, authoritarian government due to the fact that they need other people’s money or some elected parasite to hold their hand in order to successfully navigate life is a pathetic loser! In other words… leftists!

  • BREAKING NEWS! Mayor Ward will fire Ed again, sorry Ed:( Cunningham will be rehired at a 30% increase in salary. Then the board will ask the Governor to assign Fareed Johnson, their up and coming Carter protégé to bring diversity to the board. Good plan Mr. Carter, good plan.So there you go, you CAN make this stuff up. At least until it happens…SAIEW…

  • One puppet motioning for another to be fired while motioning for the Board Chair to become GM of the same entity the Board is tasked with correcting, and thirdly motioning for another puppet to become Chair, thereby becoming the superior of the person previously serving as Chair.
    Just can’t make up this much crazy.
    On one hand, Ward must be happy; on the other, having a coronary. If it’s the latter, maybe the A/C is out in the ER and the doctors are working from home.

  • So.. Cunningham says two days ago he is in it for the long haul. He is onboard.

    Could someone explain to me why Carter is so concerned about Cunningham’s family? What business is his personal affairs??

    So now, because of his Carter’s concern to his family, the utility will buy out his contract?? The prudent financial thing to do would be to make him quit. This is business!

    It’s another bizarre thing in the saga.

    • That’s actually a very good point. “Under the bill that created the Authority, the board is required to consider ‘only pecuniary factors and utility best practices standards’ in their decisions.”

      I don’t see how making a decision based on personal concerns doesn’t violate that mandate six ways from Sunday. Carter should be fired.

      • 7.08 Removal and suspension. …. by the Governor in accordance with s. 112.501…. (or) by a vote of three members (excluding the subject member)

  • This is ridiculous. Ed Bielarski was fired before, failed at his run to be mayor, and came back to this board simply to try and ruin GRU. There is no better reason that this to pass the charter amendment to get rid of this board. Once that is done, Ed Bielarski can quickly be fired again and the GRU can hire someone who actually has the best interest of Gainesville and its utility in mind – rather than their own self interest. Thank the thieves in Tallahassee that stole control of Gainesville’s utility away from its citizens and appointed these culprits to their positions.

    • Want to hire people who have the best interests of Gainesville residents in mind?
      May want to elect other people besides the idiots masquerading as commissioners. It could be the “D” is more indicative of a voter’s intelligence than their political affiliation.

    • seriously, let me see you come to the poor communities and ask them how they are paying the GRU bills when they continue to go up… which by the way the city commission chose to continue to boost rates through 2027 and beyond. What the board has done is give a bit of relief to those communities. Admit it you don’t agree with any of this due to the money being eliminated from your pocket because your precious groups continue to be funded by the city. There is more than enough proof. And it is always the same people who claim to be for the customer yet when have any of the low-income communities ever seen your faces to be asked questions rather than spoon-feeding them the lies they continue to get ticked off about but try to believe you? I don’t think you can answer that honestly. Sit down and hold on it’s going to get deep.

    • “…the thieves in Tallahassee that stole control of Gainesville’s utility away from its citizens….” a fact, except the thieves were led by the Representative from Newberry, Trenton, and Williston and the Senator from Ocala and Williston. When do we get to tell their local governments what to do?

      • When the local Governments forget that they serve the best interests of their CITIZEN’S, you don’t seem to understand that concept J.

        • Sure I do Gene. In a democracy the voters elect someone else, they don’t turn over their government to absentee control.

          • It’s obvious, the degenerates that vote in cog elections are idiots!

      • They have been telling local governments what to do for years. Some of us have finally been heard.

      • When they start forcing you to pay their city’s expenses with no say in the matter.

      • Well, the thieves have been stealing the profits from the citizen owned utility for far too long now.
        Past time for new management.

    • If only the leftwing trash in Gainesville had not run the utility as the degenerates run government… into a financial crisis!

  • As a retiree of GRU it is disappointing to see this rollercoaster continue to disintegrate further into the dumpster fire it has become. Cutting positions without even knowing what you are cutting just shows a total lack of understanding of what it takes to run a utility. Spreading those cuts across the various areas in the term of fairness does not take into account the areas that have added positions or deleted positions during the downward spiral that has been occurring for many years. Entire meaningless departments have been created while other departments have been flat lined or nearly gutted.

    Cutting many budget items and delaying others in such arbitrary ways is the reason large sections of GRU infrastructure is well beyond life expectancy and why employees are in many cases forced to use equipment that far exceeds industry norms as far as age. This causes equipment to be unreliable and drives O&M costs to further grow substantially. This pattern started under Ed and has only worsened.

    I hope the interim GM does not follow his previous habit of just relying on the Executive Management suite for his information. It would be good for him to remember that those were installed by the very individual whom he feels is/was unsuited to lead GRU.

    • “Entire meaningless departments have been created while other departments have been flat lined or nearly gutted.”
      That’s pretty much the way Democrat controlled governments work.

    • You already know this if you worked there….anyone who was talented/ smart or had half a brain already left. There are a few exceptions like Tony who stayed due to a misguided feeling of loyalty to the utility. Anyone who worked there and was capable of saving the utility has left. It’s a death spiral and Ed is so arrogant he thinks he is smart enough to pull it out. Not without help but there’s no help to be found because anyone who could help is gone…. It’s a Greek tragedy writing itself.

  • SHB I remember driving a truck in such bad shape the dash fell in my lap when going over the railroad tracks. Another truck sat broken down for months until a replacement steering gear could be found. The truck was so old they no longer made parts for it so a steering gear had to found in a junk yard across the country. From what I’ve heard from current employees it has only gotten worse. Our old group has lost a lot of people and positions, I think it’s over 15 now and I was told they were restructured recently to knock down the group a level and punish them for fighting for what they were due. I’m glad I got out when I did. Feel sorry for those that remain. I know some of them are looking for something else as fast as they can to escape the circus those Johnny Come Lately’s have created in an effort to make themselves look good to their boss regardless of who it affects below them or what condition it puts the system in long term. Old man Kelly is turning over in his grave.

    • But the City can pay retention bonuses to a select group of employees twice a year none of whom are the least bit marketable. They aren’t going anywhere because nobody would hire them. They also implemented a total rewards study and piled on wage adjustments in the union contracts when they could not afford to do so. Sure, let’s just keep increasing pay for certain people meanwhile they got sued because with all those city public works employees they couldn’t keep the damn sidewalk level. But the dash of a truck for GRU falls down when someone drives over the railroad tracks. Assbackward logic and absurd priorities. GRU making all the money and the city pissing it away. Please take over the City, Governor DeSantis!!

  • Stop the presses! Are you surprised? GRU Authority (V2) bought and paid for by ????

    Governor DeSantis needs new advisors when it comes to appointing the GRU Authority!

    Four out of the current five are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing (ties to GNV City Council), the former GRU CEO/GM is hell bent on revenge, but now faces being fired a second time!

    Tools for the AC Democrats! Bought and paid for by?????

    I pity Mr. Haslem, probably the only trustworthy, honorable, member!

    Turn the lights and AC off and let this piece of crap city/county burn up in the heat!

  • The other two members besides Lawson and Carter should make and second a motion that would restrict the Chair from voting during times when there are only four board members, making all votes 3-0, 2-1, etc., and avoiding the possibility of a 2-2 tie. The Chair would probably have to recuse himself from that vote, and hopefully it would pass 2-1, with Carter in dissent. It might work.

      • That’s the current rule, but Mr. Peabody is correct in his assertion that there needs to be a mechanism in place to eliminate tie votes. That is a formula for gridlock and cannot be the intent of the law creating the Board.

  • What a clown show, circus.

    I mean Dick Cheney is impressed, but no one else.

  • Bielarski INHERITED a utility that Hanrahan, Poe and Ward turned into a political tool with their multi BILLION dollar biomass/tree burner incinerator plant, for power we did NOT need, and an unnecessary HIGHLY paid GRU “so-called Sustainability Manager and staff” on the backs of GRU customers.

    Seven litigants, all Democrats and Environmentalist, filed FIVE legal actions against the City to try to stop the madness and the City used taxpayer money to shut them down.

    After FIFTEEN plus years of the City Commission taking a wrecking ball to our utility – I cannot think of anyone better than BIELARSKI to start turning it around.

    Yes, we still have a few members on the Authority who care more about protecting city workers and other special interest groups over GRU customers – but we NO longer have a GRU/CEO/GM who will be promoting the City’s Agenda at Authority meetings.

    Let’s hope the new Authority member will be another Haslam & Bielarski who puts GRU customers FIRST.

    • 100% agree. The history of GRU demise began with “woke” Mayor Hanrahan as she promoted her partners in crime, the Rockefeller Brothers with whom she was working with at the time.

    • But is Ed going to be under the control of the now-tied-Board direction going forward, or will he have the latitude to truly manage GRU? This has “hidden shenanigans” written all over it…

      • Unless I’m missing something (i probably am) I do not see why the authority cannot simply vote to fire him as CEO once he takes the position, if they so desire. And we’re also back to 4 members again. I must be missing something obvious on all of this shell game.

  • Amen! In other words Ward wasted precious time by firing Ed, time that could have been used to get GRU back to the future 🥳🍿🇺🇸

  • Interesting strategy. Bielarski is certainly more qualified than just about anyone to run GRU, but my only concern is the GRU Authority lost its strongest guiding light.

    As long as the GRUA follows its mandate things will work out.

  • One major reason a new industry chooses a location is their utility rates. That’s why so much tech popped up in the Northwest, where cheap and abundant hydropower is. They also need water, a captive labor supply, etc.
    Gainesville not having UF as ratepayer has been regressive. It’s forced G’ville progressives to hike rates and taxes to pay for their trendy pipedreams.
    I think we can control only ONE of those variables, if more voters show up.

  • Since I don’t know any of these people, except for Carter, only very briefly, I will not comment.

    • Narcissist much? If you didn’t feel the need to comment, just don’t comment. You’re probably also the guy who states online “That’s it, I’m leaving this group!”.

      Oy vey..

  • Wow. What a development. I didn’t see this one coming, but Bielarski will be much better for GRU. And hopefully things can be fixed that the CORRUPT city commissioners have destroyed.

  • Wake up call, all UNION’S ARE GOOD for, is to house Socio-Commies, I do have some experience with them, belonging to the largest Chemical workers Union for several years. They have only one interest, THEM.

  • Not sure what to make of this yet. Good move to get Ed back as General Manager (he was a good one) but not so sure of having Carter a sorta’ king pin on the board. He has fought reducing the transfer significantly because, as he says, he’s afraid the city commission will raise taxes. He, Carter, that is THEIR problem and decision. Not yours. Yours is to direct the utility in the best manner possible. At least the ‘tax’ will no longer be hidden as it was when the transfer was so massive. Mind you, I have no problem with the concept of a REASONABLE transfer of PROFITS from the utility to general government but not at the risk of damaging the ‘goose.’ And, why was he crying and even if he was, why tell anybody? Jeeze. Get him off the board, he said he didn’t want to be there anyway. Put Nathan Skop on the board.

  • Wow! What a turn of events! It’s unfortunate that I can’t afford popcorn and soda because the electricity bill is so high (it’s basically like a second mortgage) to watch this circus. I’m leaning towards supporting Ed Bielarski. I’m trying to figure out whether Bielarski should stay on board or become interim. What are the pros and cons of each option?

    I have a feeling that if he becomes the interim, they can easily fire him, right? If he stays on board, he has more power, right?

  • Carter, you did no-one any favors! Good intentions or not, you sold the soul of GRU to the devil!

  • How about Jim K for board member??

    Careful what you wish for….its now obvious that EB has a reel control issue, with almost 0 kilowatts of concern for anyone else.

  • The history of GRU demise began with “woke” Mayor Pegeen Hanrahan as she promoted her partners in crime – the Rockefeller Brothers, with whom she was working with at the time. – https://tinyurl.com/3a5fsuee

  • I guess Ed wanted to add another chapter to his book. Edition 2 Pre-Sale coming.

  • The winners last night were GRU ratepayers and GRU employees. None of the appointees other than Carter are to be blamed for the current state of affairs. Bielarski made the best of a bad hand then oversold it. Adherence to the oath to uphold the State Constitution and duties of members as prescribed by Article Vll of the City Charter is obligatory for all GRU Authority members. The “City” has not lost control. The City Commissioners (or Authority members) who take orders from political bosses have lost control.

  • What is with all the bawling and weeping? You are a board member of a utility, not some old lady in a book club.

    What’s worse than being a clown? Being a sissy clown.

  • Additional Quotes of Interest

    Carter: I’d like to make the motion that we adopt the agenda with one SMALL MODIFICATION, if you don’t mind, sir, I would like to make some comments and possibly a couple of motions just prior to Chair comment. This way the Chair can comment on that, and then the citizens can comment on that, if you’re okay with it.

    -Motion Vote-
    [Unanimous “aye”]

    Carter: I’m going to make two motions.
    Carter: So, Monday night was fun, and I do publicly apologize for losing my cool. Mr. Bielarski and I have had a talk, which we’re allowed to, about our feelings for each other, and I did apologize to him, and I rubbed myself wrong. I did call the Governor’s office and apologize.

    Kungle: Mr. Chair, I was advised that it may not be prudent to state it in the form of making a motion. But instead of saying, “this is what I say…”…

    Carter: So my motion, the motion I will be putting in front of the board, will be to terminate Tony Cunningham, this is with his knowledge, not his happiness. The reason for this motion is so this utility could move forward. – I’ve talked to headhunters. They said we’re not going to get anybody ‘till we are stable – bring in an interim, bring in a change manager. So that will be a motion I’ll be making.
    (cont.) My next motion would be following this meeting tonight. Mr. Ed Bielarski resigns from this board and takes the position as INTERIM General Manager, CEO of this utility, which is legal, as long as you’re not on the board. In that motion, I would also want that Eric Lawson becomes Chair of this board, and David you stay vice chair. It is my feeling, if we’re going to make a change, that Ed could probably help us make that change, because he has seen it from the public side.
    (cont.) I wanted to turn the ship very slowly. That’s been my preference. I’m feeling the sense that the ship needs to be turned faster for a lot of reasons… And quite frankly, as I helped jerk the wheel a little bit tighter, I felt relief…. I would like to make the first motion now that we terminate Tony Cunningham, and it’ll go into effect not immediately, but when either the chair or the interim negotiates his exit strategy… I feel confident that he’s gonna be running this utility, you know, through the night and probably into tomorrow or something.

    Haslam: Yeah, I’d second that motion.

    Bielarski: You would or you do?

    Haslam: I do.

    -Motion Vote #1: Termination of Cunningham-
    [Haslam, Skinner, Carter, Bielarski: “Aye”]
    [Lawson: “Nay”]

    -Motion Vote #2: Lawson as Chair-
    [Unanimous “Aye”]

    Carter: The next motion that I made or that I would like to make would be that Chair Bielarski resigns from this board, effective immediately, after well I guess he has to draft a letter after this meeting tonight. This board expects Chair Bielarski to be General Manager/CEO interim, he would be allowed to apply like any other person would or the board at any point could appoint him PERMANENT if they’re satisfied with his services. I would also like Member, – Director Lawson to be the Chair of this board, and then Director Haslam still stays as vice chair as that combined motion.

    Lawson: I will second the motion.

    Bielarski: No, I certainly would resign to take the position.

    Carter: Mr. Bielarski and I never talked about this before, he’s probably more blown away about this than anybody on this board, so…I’m an ethics freak up here.

    -Motion Vote-
    [Unanimous “Aye”]
    NOTE: Bielarski Abstained from the vote.

    Benton: On December 14th, the board approved staff development of an RFP for legal services to come back to the board for approval on January 10th. The RPF was posted, it reviewed by an evaluation team, it was composed of the CEO, COO, and Chief Customer Officer on February 9th. A notice of intended award was made in favor of Gray Robinson. The RPF summary and selection recommendation was rbought back before the board on March 27th. At that time, the board motioned to table the item and no selection was made. It’s important to see GRAY ROBINSON HAS SINCE INFORMED GRU THAT THEY ARE NO LONGER INTERESTED IN PROVIDING SERVICES TO THE UTILITY IN THE SAME CAPACITY AS WE PRESENTED IN THAT RFP.
    City attorney submitted a memo outlining concern over the scope, in his opinion the comprehensive legal representation for just the authority is illegal and comprehensive representation for all of GRU is both illegal and inconsistent with the City’s Charter.
    So as the CEO/General Manager mentioned, we have a two-part recommendation with these parts running concurrently. Number one, that you approve GRU staff sending a request for an opinion to the Office of the Attorney General revolving around our ability to retain separate legal counsel beyond the City attorney and two, approve us moving forward to hire a third party to review some of these significant legal outstanding concerns, some of which were noted on that previous slide. We’re looking to provide Attorney Services that, you know, hopefully they would have experience in Florida constitutional law, home rule, and some other areas.

    Carter: Mr. Chair, I’m on a roll. No problem, I get paid by the motion… I’d like to make a motion that we move recommendations presented by staff in part one and part two.

    -Motion Vote-
    [Unanimous “Aye”]

  • >