Brooker man arrested for trying to steal generator and boat from family member


ALACHUA, Fla. – Chace Jeremy Beville, 39, was arrested yesterday for allegedly trying to steal a Generac generator from the home of a family member; he reportedly said he would have also stolen a boat if he’d had the time.

Alachua County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a home in the unincorporated part of the county after the homeowner called to report that cameras on the property showed Beville backing up to a pole barn, then unboxing a Generac home generator valued at $6,000 and trying to load it into his pickup truck. When he couldn’t lift it, he reportedly climbed into a boat that was under the pole barn, removed a chain hoist from the boat, and set it on the ground next to the generator. Deputies reportedly arrived before he could hoist the generator into the truck.

The homeowner also reported that the main pump head for the water system was broken off and had fallen down the well head.

Deputies arrived and made contact with Beville, who is related to the property owner; post Miranda, he reportedly said he was mad at the victim, so he decided to unbox the generator and give it to a friend who needed it. He reportedly said he climbed into the boat with the intention of stealing it, and he saw the chain hoist, so he took it out of the boat with the intention of using it to lift the generator into the truck. He also reportedly said that after he loaded the generator, he planned to hook up the boat, drive it to the river, and give it to a random person so the victim could not use it. Beville also reportedly admitted that he purposely backed into the well head to break it.

Beville has been charged with attempted burglary, attempted grand theft of a motor vehicle, attempted grand theft over $5,000, and property damage over $1,000. Beville has five felony convictions (none violent) and four misdemeanor convictions (one violent). Judge Susan Miller-Jones set bail at $135,000.

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  • Lawd save us from such relatives (article doesn’t say whether the “relation” is by “blood” or marriage).

  • He kinda looks happy that he got arrested and going back to jail.

  • Well he’s honest, “I’d have stolen the boat too if I’d had time” ROFLMAO

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