Bryan Eastman Announces Run For Gainesville City Commission

Press release from Bryan Eastman for Gainesville

On Tuesday, February 8, Bryan Eastman announced that he is a filed candidate for Gainesville City Commission, District 4.

Bryan Eastman is a father, small-business owner, Democratic organizer, and former workforce development program manager who has been a local leader for years. He has managed campaigns for dozens of progressive candidates and causes, oversaw Obama administration workforce programs following the recession, and been a local advocate for environmental protection, homeless services, and municipal broadband.

“I’m running because our city is at a crossroads. Our next commission will decide if we rebuild back into the vibrant cultural city we were prior to the pandemic, will decide if we invest in renewable energy, if we address our homelessness crisis. I believe that we can, and I believe I’m the right person to represent District 4 into that brighter future,” Bryan says. 

Read more about Bryan on his website: BryanEastman.com

Bryan launched his campaign with a video talking about why he’s running for Gainesville City Commission. Watch the video here.

  • Aren’t we already “invested” beyond our means in the wonderful biomass plant that we are now the proud owners of, even though we didn’t have any say in it? Until some of this “renewable energy” starts showing us some benefits, how can we possibly afford any more of it. We are already going downhill so fast your head will spin. Just how do you plan to “address the homelessness crisis”? We have become a mecca for transients and until we cut off that flow, we will never be able to get a handle on it. I am not seeing ANYTHING new and refreshing here whatsoever!

  • Just what we need. Another poor idiot without real job skills but ready to lead us all to his personal vision of utopia. It’s only YOUR money. Keep that in mind when you vote.

  • Per his campaign web site, he his proud of his efforts to keep GRU customers outside of Gainesville from having a voice in its operation.

  • Wow, That is great information on censoring GRU’s county tax slaves. What a genius. GRU might not be in its present state by the time this election comes.I hope the State Audit continues to wipe the smirk of the disillusioned penniless, and clueless. leaders that have caused the insolvency of GRU and COG . Nothing is bright for COG and GRU Finances.


    “B. Eastman” sounds like something bad out of the Book of Revelation. Don’t we have enough problems already? No more tyrannical woke loons, please!

    • The guy’s a two face mask wearing commie…probably won’t let citizens address their government without wearing a mask…all great reset talking points for commie global totalitarianism…fascist 5IR types.
      You’ll own nothing & be happy.

  • Who else is running for that district 4 seat and when
    Is the election and what’s the deadline to run for that

    • He owns a PAC called Fair Florida, located at 413 NW 3rd Avenue. This article mentions him and his business.


      In Alachua County, there are at least 18 locally-based PACs that donate to candidates, send mailers on their behalf or advocate for specific issues. Over the years, they have become a funding source for candidates trying to send out mailers or reach voters.

      “They become more important every year as more money is dumped into politics,” said Fair Florida PAC chair Bryan Eastman.

      As the November election nears, two PACs are out to sway voters on a referendum that will dictate the future direction of city-owned Gainesville Regional Utilities. It is arguably the most-debated local initiative on the upcoming ballot.

      Eastman, a campaign manager who has helped several local candidates get elected, has helped the PAC raise about $3,000 since August 2017, though he says it’s just starting its donation campaign.

      The group wants voters on Nov. 6 to shoot down the GRU referendum, which calls for the creation of a “GRU Authority,” or independent utility board, to run the city’s utility. Currently, GRU decisions are made by city commissioners.

      • And we see how well that has benefitted the residents.

        If he supports that legislation that alone is reason enough to vote “NO.”

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