Buchholz High math team wins 14th national championship

Buchholz Math Team at a Washington Nationals game

Press release from Alachua County Public Schools

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Buchholz High School math team has won its 14th national championship, beating its perennial rival to take the title at the national Mu Alpha Theta competition in Alexandria, Virginia.

The BHS team earned the championship by scoring 7,157 total points in the competition, compared to the 6,964 points earned by American Heritage-Broward. Teams earn points based on their members’ performance in a variety of both team and individual categories, covering such advanced topics as Analytic Geometry, Logs and Exponents, Open Probability and Combinatorics, and Calculus.

The Buchholz team won a total of 304 trophies, a record for both Buchholz and the competition. Many of the team members brought home first-place awards.

Coach and Buchholz math teacher Will Frazer said the school was behind after a poor start on the first day of the competition.

“I think we had a lot of complacency,” he said. “We had a team meeting that night, and after that everyone really elevated their attitude and focus and we kicked it into high gear.”

Frazer also says the older team members in the Calculus/Mu division performed as well or better than any group he’s ever had on the team.

The Buchholz team earned a spot in the national competition after winning its 15th Florida championship in April. The national title is the team’s 14th out of the last 15 competitions.

Coincidentally, the team’s win came just a day after an article in the Wall Street Journal chronicled the success of the Buchholz math team and its outreach to younger students under Frazer’s leadership. That article, available at the link above, is now updated with information about the latest national championship.

Buchholz Math Team seniors

The Buchholz students earning first place awards at the national competition include:

Sweepstakes (Relay): Kevin He, Hailey Lin, and Eileen Lai

Poster–Alpha Division: Katie He, Andrew Xing, Philip Matchev, and Thomas Wu; Mu Division: Jake Frazer, Kevin He, Samuel Kim, and Nicholas Dang

Vijay Hans-Theta Logs and Exponents
Vijay Hans-Theta Gemini
Ben Zhang-Theta Geometry
Ronald Zhang-Theta Circumference Perimeter Area and Volume

Katie He-Alpha Sequence and Series
Katie He-Alpha Complex Numbers
Katie He-Alpha Analytic Geometry
Hailey Lin-Alpha Gemini
Philip Matchev-Alpha Monumental Math
Thomas Wu-Alpha Equations and Inequalities
Andrew Xing-Alpha Trigonometry
Andrew Xing-Open Mental Math
Andrew Xing-Alpha Ciphering

Jake Frazer-Mu Integration
Jake Frazer-Mu Sequence and Series
Jake Frazer-Mu Ciphering
Jake Frazer-Mu composite
Jake Frazer-Mu Comic Sans
Terrence Han-Open History of Math
Kevin He-Mu Individual
Kevin He-Mu BC Calculus
Alan Qiu-Open Comprehensive
Tucker Shea-Open Probability and Combinatorics
Daniel Wang-Open Physics
Jeffrey Xue and Keen Zhang-Open Gemini

  • math is racist need to get rid of it, 2+2=7 2×5=471. these kids should be studying
    woke/diversity training for a real future. also as adults we better start learning the
    Mandarin Language.

  • Congratulations!!!!!This group of math teachers mut be awesome!! What a terrific accomplishment!!!

  • These students are amazing and devoted to their education. Looking at their multicultural faces leaves me hoping that they and their parents reaffirm the work and family ethics that built this country.

  • Wow. Gainesville Excellence! Well done!

    “The Buchholz team earned a spot in the national competition after winning its 15th Florida championship in April. The national title is the team’s 14th out of the last 15 competitions.”

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