Buchholz High School math team wins national championship by record margin

Press release from Alachua County Public Schools

The Buchholz High School math team has won its 13th national championship in record-breaking fashion.

Buchholz won top honors in the 2021 Mu Alpha Theta national competition, which was conducted in person at each of the participating schools, with all schools competing at the same time. The Buchholz team won the championship by more than 900 points, earning 7,324 points. The second-place team, American Heritage Plantation, earned 6,418 points. Previously the biggest win margin was 459 points, also earned by Buchholz back in 2019. 

The national competition is made up of 39 different events, with teams earning points based on their performance in each event. Buchholz students took first place in 31 of the 39 events, another competition record.

Buchholz head coach Will Frazer, who has guided the math team since its first national championship in 2007, credits the hard work of his students for their championship performance, especially during the pandemic. The 2020 competition was cancelled due to COVID.

“While everyone else was hunkering down, our kids kept working crazy hard and persevered,” he said. “We’re already working on the coming year.”

The national win comes just three months after the Buchholz team took it’s 14th state championship, also by a record margin. 

Buchholz students won a total of 255 trophies and certificates in this year’s national competition. The first-place awards include:

Theta division(Algebra 2 and Geometry)

Billy Yang-Circles & Polygons

Hailey Lin-Area & Volume

Richard Feng-Applications

Billy Yang-Equations & Inequalities

Hailey Lin-Analytic Geometry & Conics

Theta Individual-Hailey Lin

Theta Team-Hailey Lin, Billy Yang, Richard Feng, and Kailyn Zhai


Alpha Division(Pre-Calculus)

Daniel Wang-Math in Physics

Tucker Shea-Matrices & Vectors

Emmanuel Zheng-Trigonometry

Tucker Shea-Applications

Ahan Mishra-Equations & Inequalities

Daniel Wang-Analytic Geometry

Zach Xiao-Sequence & Series

Alpha Ciphering-Ahan Mishra

Alpha Individual-Daniel Wang

Alpha Team-Daniel Wang, Tucker Shea, Ahan Mishra, and Zach Xiao

Mu Division(Calculus)

Samuel Kim-BC Calculus

Kevin He-Limits & Derivatives

John Sin-Math in Physics

Kevin He-Applications

Erick Jiang-Combinatorics & Probability

Sean Han-Comprehensive

Jake Frazer and Samuel Kim-Integration(tie with perfect scores)

Sharay Gao-Area & Volume

Sam Antonyan-Sequence & Series

Mu Ciphering-Jake Frazer

Mu Individual-Kevin He

Mu Team-Kevin He, Sean Han, Nicholas Dang, and Samuel Kim

Open topics:

History of Math-Chris Han

Jeremy Griffin-Number Theory

  • A well deserved congratulations for these students who excelled despite being a minority in these United States.

    What’s the problem with some of the other minorities? It starts in the home, that’s the problem. Equity my @ss.

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