Buchholz High School says there will be consequences for students involved in morning brawl


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Video from a fight at Buchholz High School this morning is circulating on social media. The video shows several girls fighting while a school district employee tries to break up the fight. One of the girls punches the employee before turning her attention to another girl. As other students try to break up the fight, one girl’s shirt is stripped off, leaving her in shorts and a bra while she continues to try to get past administrators who are trying to stay between her and the other girls. Administrators and a School Resource Officer eventually separate all the students. The video lasts about a minute and a half.

Buchholz sent the following email to parents: “You may be aware of a fight that occurred during class exchange this morning that involved three students. School staff and our School Resource Officers quickly broke up the fight. During the fight, one student brandished a taser, but didn’t use it. All students involved will receive consequences per the Student Code of Conduct and charges from law enforcement as appropriate.”

  • Quickly broke up the fight? NOT! Taser was used you can hear it! Why does the school lie about such things. No place on a school campus for these jerks!

    • This behavior happens in the middle and high schools. The school board needs to put their big girl panties on and do something about it. Harsh consequences will send a clear message to these students that this behavior is unacceptable. These schools should be a safe place for students.

  • Anyone interested in ‘teaching’ these ‘students’ needs to have a black belt and a psychiatric examination too.

    • Not enough money on earth to pay me to teach these “students.” Shame they are allowed to disrupt others who might actually want to learn.

  • The fight amongst students is concerning but the most alarming is the violence directed at the individuals in a position of authority at the school. These are the types of behaviors that are being bred and condoned in today’s youth. Hopefully the parents didn’t reward those involved with ice cream and video games.

    Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them. Proverbs 13:24.

    Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline drives it far from him. Proverbs 22:15

    Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you strike him with a rod, he will not die. Proverbs 23:13

    The rod and reproof give wisdom, but a child left to himself brings shame to his mother. Proverbs 29:15

  • And then there are the kids from Buchholz who manage to actually learn valuable things while they are at school, in spite of the chaos and the disruptors…
    Year after year, Buchholz kids take first place in a renowned national math competition.
    I hope the kids who caused this chaos actually face deterring consequences, or get moved to A Quinn Jones so atmosphere at the the school is conducive to learning…

    • Well you have to remember, Mike DeLuca getting fired as the Principle for inappropriate conduct towards a minor/Student, the fake bomb threats, and the drug bust they all had going on at Buchholz High School. Some staff should be looked at more or locked up for actions, or mental help. Did anyone do jail time or get kicked out and sent to A Quinn Jones for that, when Causing the whole school to shut down more than once? The fight was not the whole school shutdown. Just saying, bomb threats, Mr. DeLuca a lead staff member. We should be able to trust our kids are around Good adults. All around let’s see if anything happens to the girls, bc bomb that guy still didn’t get put to a bad school with meds, and DeLuca didn’t do nothing but step down. No mental evaluations to neither.

  • I told my daughter yesterday if I was the principal at Buchholz I’d put all their behinds in suspension who is showing this video around. This is a shame to be happening at school.

  • Folks. While your suggestions may seem logical to you – they are not as easy to be executed. You have to think about the scrutiny the district faces from the state should too many African American students be suspended, expelled, or transferred to another school. The state watches this data VERY closely and intervenes. School administrators’ hands can often be tied when what we see as appropriate punishment isn’t executed. Such data is often misinformed to the state in an effort to keep them off their backs. Bottom line: it’s not as simple as one would think it is to just transfer or expel a student.

    • The scrutiny comes more from the district than it does the state.
      Let’s just say the proportion of offenses as compared to the demographics within the district do not correspond as one might expect.
      Simply put, the district’s quest for equity would rather that inequity not be revealed.

    • After the first few dozen are expelled, the problems would likely become much less severe. Of course people will misbehave if there are no apparent consequences.

  • Just another lesson for these high schoolers about what a strength diversity is to our community. Leftist educators and their unions like the NEA promote false ideologies like the “school to prison pipeline” that allow idiots like these to remain in public school to terrorize those who actually wish to learn. For those who actually care about their children’s learning, sending them to public school is doing them a disservice.

  • Ever notice this behavior is consistent with the kids from the ghettos? They cannot separate out when they are at school vs in their ghetto. To them every day is a war, every encounter is a confrontation. These are the future school to prison pipeline imbeciles.

    • This is a racially motivated comment. Anyone is ignorant to think that anyone coming from any area has only one track. Whoever feels this way, should live on an island by themselves with other people that have hatred in their hearts. There is no good thing that comes from a heart that hates!

      • Yes, send them all to an island. Great idea. Then, as they kill each other off, it will make room to send more. Problem solved.

        • you just down bad all they need is disi[line yall cant just say they needa shock collar or they needa do this and that and kill each other they’,re people also but i thibk theyll learn from they mistakes and things i just dont understand how cruel some of yall people can b on here

  • Some of these comments sound racially motivated. First off, I know a lot of the children in Buchholz and their families. The fighting, drugs, bomb threats, are not only coming from African Americans. There is a population in this school that has a diversified demographic, race, and gender, that participate in this type of behavior. So, let’s act like adults and ask for children to be evaluated and get the proper help, no matter their race or demographic.

    With that, there are many African Americans that are in this school that live in the ghetto (as someone put it), that are doing extremely well!! Let’s not be ignorant to think that GHETTO is synonymous with BAD. If that is your understanding, then look at History and how America started off. It sure wasn’t good! Now that we got that understanding, let’s spread love and not hatred of anyone. It will only bring you more of the same what you are putting out.

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