Buchholz takes first place in Science Olympiad State Competition

Press release from Buchholz High School

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – On Saturday, Buchholz won first place in the State Competition for the Science Olympiad, successfully defending last year’s state title. The Science Team has now qualified to represent Florida in the National Science Olympiad.

Last year’s State Competition was a nail-biter, and this year was a blowout: the Buchholz team won by one point last year and won by 44 points this year. In a competition where the lowest score wins, the Buchholz team’s score dropped from 138 points last year to 64 points this year.

Also, 64 is the lowest score for a Florida state champion going back through 2009, and no Florida team has ever cracked the top ten at Nationals in either middle school or high school. The team intends to work hard to change that.

In 22 scored events, Buchholz team members made the Top 12 in every event, made the Top 6 in 20 events, made the Top 3 in 17 events, and were named State Champions in 10 events.

The following students are members of the Buchholz Science Team, and the team is coached by Marc Moody:

  • Andrey Nikitin
  • Laurie Wang
  • Nick Dang
  • Emmanuel Zheng
  • Richard Feng
  • Ahan Mishra
  • Michael Wei
  • Anish Patel
  • Hailey Lin
  • Nathan Wei
  • Kelsey Morey
  • Timmy Jin
  • Jennifer Wang
  • Luke Xue
  • Terrence Han
  • >