“By us”


  • True. This was of their own doing.

    Ironic, he doesn’t appear to have tightened HIS belt.

  • Nice Jake!

    “By us, for US,” would have more descriptive but as always, FANTASTIC job!

  • You are on a Roll and keep Up the Good Work, Truthful and Educating.

  • Now….put the ones paying your salary first for a change and stop trying to make a liberal utopia for the homeless, criminals, & illegals.

  • Yep, by the 3% of city population who elected them, just like other commie one-party ruling classes in Cuba, N. Korea have.

    • You seem confused about the differences between the US and N Korea, and that level of ignorance is probably beyond repair. It should be noted however, that the party that keeps putting up road blocks to voters here and in other states is the GOP, not Democrats. Beyond the many laws they have passed closing down voting opportunities (Democrats would make the 2nd Tuesday a national holiday), we even had traitors like Rep Kat (I know how many writers – and cartoonists – here think personal appearance indicates political thinking and bad character, but I won’t reciprocate that low with comments on her) voting to throw out the votes of millions across America because they’re candidate lost.

      • Now that was very N Korea like and maybe were Trump learned it. He and Lil Kim had a couple of “dates” and no doubt shared tricks.

      • Meanwhile , back to the matters at hand, Gainesville’s Money Pit Burns Like a Wokey Brokey Biomass Plant. The kickback is gone like Phoof!

      • Maybe if the current administration would do something; anything to block the illegal immigration occuring the GOP wouldn’t be having to introduce legislation to strengthen the identification of legal citizenry in these United States.

        You would think a person who values our right to vote would be okay with that. Like many of your comrades, maybe you hope to allow the infiltration of what many consider to be our most treasured right as an American citizen by those not legally permitted.

      • Oh bologna! Those aren’t roadblocks. The GOP is about enforcing the already established voting law/requirements. Dems want to expand those to include non-US folks so they can expand their votes.

        • You are either ignorant of or complicit in the GOP targeting of voting by demographic groups it does not do well with. That would be blacks, the poor, and the young and includes closing locations, limiting days to vote, making registration drives difficult, making the new right of released felons in Florida eligible to vote through a constitutional ballot measure inoperative, and many other restrictions for which there is no rational basis or proven problem. Maybe you think it’s an accident that all these measures disproportionally affect blacks, the poor and the young, but if so, you are beyond naive.

      • All false woke stupidity there “jazz”! LOL By roadblocks to vote you mean cleaning up the voter rolls of the dead and long since moved so dem ballot harvesters can’t have hundreds of boxes of ballots dropped off where votes are counted, or do you mean providing a simple ID that everyone should have? Duh?

  • GRU’s credit rating is better than FPLs.

    When is Jake going to get a job?

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