Cammack calls for ensuring “the integrity of our election process”

Kat Cammack

Press release from the office of Congresswoman-elect Kat Cammack

As Americans, we are in a critical fight to ensure the integrity of our election process and defend against efforts to undermine legitimate votes cast for President and other races down the ballot.

No matter what, it is crucial for us to make sure that only legally and timely votes that have been cast are counted toward an election, and that voting results are not announced without observers being fairly present and able to do their job appropriately.

The integrity of our voting process is crucial not only for this election, but for the many others in our Nation’s future.

  • Back in the Good Ole Days when Ted Yoho was my congress critter I used to be so proud to live in the 3rd district with the worst congress critter in the county. Now I long for Ted Yoho. Because now I am in the district of Phat Cammack. The dumbest Trumpkin I have ever seen.

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