Candidate forum available for viewing

The Alachua Chronicle Candidate Forum for the City of Gainesville City Commission At Large Seat B for the November 16 Special Election is now available for viewing. The forum was attended by candidates Scherwin Henry, Matt Howland, Patrick Ingle, and Gabe Kaimowitz.

Topics Discussed:

Candidate intro: 00:00
What viewpoint do you bring that is not represented on the current commission: 7:00
Role of city government: 12:45
GRU: 18:48
Development – Single family homes: 29:30; St. Michael’s: 35:10
Crime: 41:38
Vaccine and mask mandates: 47:33
Closing statements: 54:20

  • Well done, Jennifer. After viewing, my vote is torn between either Ingle or Henry, the ones with most common sense and knowledge of what the 97% of city residents want (the ones who don’t vote, as only 3% vote in city elections). We should disregard any candidates who speak like globalist “climate change” pods, who don’t understand “affordable housing” but just say talking points, and speak to the Haves on special interest matters (butterflies, bikers, “experts” and yuppies). The problem with “affordable housing” is it’s always rentals, subsidizing non-local corp. landlords and non-profits (who live in mansions themselves) — when the focus should be owner-occupied housing with simple floorplans designed for single adults (not couples shacking up having kids we have to support, too). Only Ingle and Henry would get that.

  • Thanks Jennifer, I thought your questions were very good. The candidates were given lots of opportunity to separate themselves.

  • Kamowitz and Howland are complete loons and would fit right in either the other ignorant commissioners. Real experienced people don’t run in this town because they can’t waste so many hours per week on the nutty issues these loons debate to death. Until responsible, experienced people are willing to run, we’ll continue to sink further down the tubes.

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