Candidates Qualify for 2021 City of Gainesville Special Election

Press release from Alachua County Supervisor of Elections

Qualifying for the 2021 City of Gainesville Special Election ended at noon on Friday.

The candidates who have qualified to have their name appear on the ballot, as well as the seat for which they are running, are listed below.

At-Large, Seat B

  • Cynthia Moore Chestnut
  • Scherwin L. Henry
  • Matt Howland
  • Patrick O. Ingle
  • Gabe H. Kaimowitz

All registered voters who reside within Gainesville’s city limits are able to vote in this election, which will be held November 16. The election is for the At-Large, Seat B.

The list of candidates and additional information can also be found at:Candidate Reports (voterfocus.com)

  • Wow! When Gail Johnson ran for reelection she had only one opponent: Gabe H. Kaimowitz
    Now Gabe is running again plus 4 other candidates.
    Cynthia M. Chestnut, Gabe H. Kaimowitz & Sherwin Henry all 3 well known names in local politics / elections!

  • Hopefully it will be someone who will partner with others who are not part of the Three White Woke Commissioners (Ward, Poe, Hayes – who falsely claims minority status). Then maybe the city manager won’t just be a lackey/suck up to those three ignorants like the last two city managers.

  • So which of the five candidates is the certified conservative Republican I’m supposed to vote for?

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