Career offender arrested for hitting woman with chain at GRACE Marketplace

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Taverous Lorenzo Williams, 46, was arrested yesterday and charged with aggravated battery, drug possession, and resisting arrest with violence after allegedly hitting a woman with a chain at GRACE Marketplace.

A Gainesville Police Department officer responded to a report that a woman had been hit with a chain and reportedly found Williams in the woods nearby.

A search incident to arrest reportedly produced a baggie with drugs that were not identified in the arrest report and a chain with a padlock attached. While the officer was walking Williams to the patrol car, Williams allegedly pulled away and tried to headbutt the officer in the face.

Williams, a designated Career Offender, has eight felony convictions (six violent) and eight misdemeanor convictions (one violent); he has served five prison sentences, with his most recent release in 2019. Since his last conviction on a felony battery charge in March 2022, charges against Williams have been dropped in two battery cases and two aggravated battery cases.

Bail information is unavailable on weekends.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Career Offender? That sounds so soft. Career Criminal sounds appropriate. What a resume. The last paragraph of the article says it all.

  • The city wants to stop crime the first place they need to close is market place and stop wasting millions of tax payers money

    • If the city closed down GRACE Marketplace, these people would be hanging out in your front yard

      • Not for long. I’m not the inviting or accommodating type.
        In case you haven’t noticed, neither are the city or county commissioners. The homeless population isn’t camped out on their front lawns or dumping trash on their porches. The city won’t even allow them to hang out at City Hall. Why is that?

  • Grace strikes again! Should move it to Archer Rd/I-75 or Newberry Rd /I-75 just so people with common sense will know to keep going instead of stopping.
    Gainesville is proud of it, might as well put it out there for everyone to see instead of just the residents who say, “look what we got here, come on!”

    • A thumb’s down? Either someone doesn’t want it closer to them or they choose to condone these types of behaviors. They’re either the liberal hypocrites we’ve come to know so well or just another liberal voter who doesn’t know any better. Either works.

  • His normal response is to strike someone violently if things don’t go his way..After a couple of events, he still has not learned that behavior is not appropriate. Time to put him away where he is not a danger to civilized people.

  • Welcome to Gainesvillecisco! They need to bulldoze Grace Marketplace to the ground. If they forget to notify anyone inside, that’s fine…
    That would take care of multiple issues all at once.

    • wishing death on people who have been failed by society. you think you’re any better? you’re lucky to sit where you’re sitting and yet you still have nothing but hatred. do us all a favor and bulldoze yourself.

      • How about posting a couple pictures on here after you go to market place and invite a couple to come home with you to sit at the table with your family make up a couch a folding bed or two if and when you do this I truly believe this bill$hit your saying just like every other dam democrat telling us how we should feel but not willing to do it yourself

  • We need a new tax — on lawyers, courthouses, bail bondsmen and other crime magnets.

  • Wonder if the commission could be charged with aiding and abetting criminal behavior by maintaining Grace…

  • GRACE Marketplace is just a beacon for violent criminals. I wish our governor would bus these people to sanctuary cities like New York, San Francisco, etc.

    The people that volunteer there are just like the people who feed seagulls at beachside restaurants, leading to an aggressive, dependent population that just craps all over everything.

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