Carjacking and high-speed chase result in crash at University and 13th

Schnyder Joseph


According to an arrest report from the Gainesville Police Department (GPD), Schnyder Joseph allegedly approached a female victim around 1:00 a.m. on Saturday at a storage unit at 2160 NE 1st Blvd., demanding the keys to her car and brandishing a long, silver knife.

After the victim handed Joseph the keys, he left the scene; GPD located the car a short time later and tried to conduct a traffic stop, but Joseph refused to stop and drove away at a high rate of speed. Joseph then crashed into a car at the intersection of University Avenue and NW 13th Street, causing minor injuries to both Joseph and the driver of the car he hit, as well as heavy damage to both vehicles.

Following the crash, Joseph fled on foot and was caught on the UF campus about 3 minutes later. Joseph remains in custody and has been charged with Robbery: Carjacking with firearm or weapon, Resist Officer-Obstruct w/o violence, Flee Elude Police: Fail to obey LEO order to stop, and Hit and Run with a failure to remain at a crash involving injury.

  • I doubt he will do any real time / have any consequences for his actions.
    No serious injuries, and consequences require courage on the part of judges and law enforcement and there’s not much of that to be found anymore.
    The dirt bag that hit and killed a middle schooler near Micanopy last year, severely injuring her friend and traumatizing her other friend, who was not injured but was with them, only got 7 years in prison. He’s probably going to appeal that seemingly “harsh sentence.” Seemingly harsh to him, but not to the families of the three kids who were walking the right way on a county road when he crossed over into their lane and hit the three of them last year. And then left the scene, after he stopped and looked at what he had done. Only to be turned in someone, about a week later.
    Thank goodness for the person who turned him in, and got him off the roads…
    This driver will get off with barely a slap on the wrist.
    These are the fun times we are living in…

  • Gannet no longer posting mugshots…I wonder why?

    • Their bot stopped working, and at the same time, Gannett decided to stop publishing mugshots for political reasons. We now publish them every day.

      • I see it now. Thanks for the important link. Will share
        With others. Thanks.

      • Maybe people would feel better if they were to post the negative instead of the developed picture. LOL
        I’m sure the local TV station will stop airing “Crime Stoppers” soon as well.

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