CD3 Republican primary: St. George accuses Sapp of being a “Hollywood Democrat”; Sapp responds


James St. George, Republican candidate for Congressional District 3, recently sent out a mailer accusing his opponent Judson Sapp of being a “Hollywood Democrat.” The mailer (pictured above) claimed that Sapp registered as a Democrat and was a union member while living in California to pursue an acting career.

Sapp responded on his Facebook page, “Unfortunately one of my opponents, Dr. James St. George is spewing fake news with his negative attacks.

“I am a Republican. I have always voted as a Republican – for Republicans.

“I’m no liberal – and Dr. St. George knows it. I am endorsed by President Trump’s strongest allies. My unwavering support of our President, conservative candidates, and causes speaks for itself. No other candidate has put their money where their mouth is, supporting President Trump and Trump Republicans, like I have.

“I am the CEO of our family railroad construction company, and have worked in various roles at the company throughout my life. Dr. St. George highlighted my work in Hollywood. I did indeed work in Hollywood writing and editing scripts, as well as acting in small roles as a hobby. I was a member of the Screen Actors Guild – the same organization President Ronald Reagan was a member of and led. Unfortunately, it’s also an organization you have to join to get any real work in liberal Hollywood. I got my start with a Christian filmmaker in Jacksonville, Florida prior to moving to California. My wife worked for MGM Studios. I often traveled back and forth between Florida and California for several years, one of the reasons I reached 1 million mile status on Delta.

“Dr. St. George claims I am a Democrat. That is fake news. I was registered in Florida as a Republican, always have been. When I registered in California I was a Republican. Somehow a document dated December 6th, 2012 in California was incorrectly marked as Democrat. However, just 5 months later on May 24th of 2013 my registration was corrected to reflect my affiliation as a Republican. I then changed everything back to Florida in 2014 to vote in our elections.

“No vote was ever cast during those 5 months of incorrect registration. This mishap does raise my suspicion of California voter data.

“Here are the facts in regards to my voting record:

  • I voted as a registered Republican in California in 2005 (special election), 2006, and 2008.
  • I voted as a registered Republican in Florida in 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, and in 2020.

“Dr. George is desperately attacking me because I am leading the race for Congress. Perhaps it is because Dr. George moved into this district a few months ago, has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and has not garnered much support?”

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  • When Republicans cannibalize each other, it is not a pretty sight. But thank you, St. George, for showing us what a dirty mud slinger you are.

    • No mudslinging…the guy filled out his name,
      Initialed it , and marked the Democrat box…and that’s a fact jack! You’re just upset you couldn’t sneak a rhino in. St George earned my vote.

  • The verified document from the Los Angeles County Clerks office was in Sapps handwriting and has his signature. It was clearly marked ‘Democrat’. He said it in his own words, liberal Hollywood. Sapp jumped ship to Democratic Party to get more work. It was no mistake. Judson is an actor, his next acting job…conservative republican.

  • Nice try, Sappy. You’re in good company though – Trumpy Bear was a Dem supporter for years before he saw the light and decided to run.

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