“Chaos should frighten you”: City Commission and Utility Advisory Board host discussion about Clemons’ local bill


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Gainesville City Commission and Utility Advisory Board (UAB), along with Rep. Yvonne Hinson, hosted a rare Friday night meeting tonight to discuss Speaker Pro Tem Chuck Clemons’ local bill (HB 1645) that would create a governor-appointed board to govern Gainesville Regional Utilities.

UAB Chair Barry Jacobson said his board had requested the meeting because the draft bill was a “general outline,” they had questions, and “it’s time for everyone to talk.”

Mayor Harvey Ward said, “The bill before us doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me… How it’s implemented, I couldn’t tell you. I expressed that concern to Rep. Clemons, and he told me it would be fine, don’t worry about it. I do worry about it, and it’s my job to worry about it because we, the City Commission, were hired to worry about such things. I’ve heard some ideas about it, that are not accurate, that it will lower rates. Nothing in there that says it’s gonna lower rates, and I will tell you what I probably should have been saying more often, is that I would be the most popular guy in Gainesville if I could lower your rate responsibly… Our staff makes a pretty darn good case that lowering your bills just to lower your bills, to be popular, is a really bad idea, that we have a utility to run, and we need to run it responsibly.”

Ward continued, “We are told by our bond counsel… that there are many questions they have about this bill, and those questions aren’t answered in the latest version of the bill. They’re simply not. That means that the folks who buy bonds from us are going to be nervous, realistically. That means when we have to borrow money, which, by the way, we do regularly and so does every other utility, they’re likely to charge more money to buy our bonds. That means that’s going to be passed on in your bills, more than likely. That could be incorrect, but that’s what the odds are.”

UAB Vice Chair Jason Fults said he had hoped that more members of the legislative delegation would be at the meeting and that limiting citizens to 30 seconds at the April 19 House State Affairs Committee meeting was “shameful.”

“There’s a dark side to it”

City Commissioner Ed Book asked Hinson if she wanted to say anything, and she said she just wanted to listen but then added, “It’s a local matter. I’m fighting this fight because I’ve seen it for ten years. I mean, it didn’t just begin. It began in 2012, I know, and maybe before that, when I became a commissioner. It’s not like this just began, that’s how I know there’s a dark side to it. I know that. I’ve been to Tallahassee as a commissioner twice, to fight this same kind of legislation from these same legislators, so there is a dark side to it and I’m not sure what it is, but it exists.”

She said she had filed two amendments to the bill, which were voted down: “This is par for the course. When it hits the floor, they’re gonna vote lock and step together. I’m thinking what could be done, short of getting a very stubborn governor to veto it–nothing, except legal consequences.”

City Commissioner Cynthia Chestnut asked the people in the room to write the governor and ask him to veto the bill: “Start it now. But let’s not stop with Gainesville, because there are 37 other utilities in the state of Florida that are owned by the public, so I want you to call your cousins, your aunt, your uncles, have them also write to the governor to veto this bill. He needs to see a campaign, not just in Gainesville, because this doesn’t affect just Gainesville. This has implications for all 36 other utilities across the state.”

Chestnut continued, “And I won’t get to the issue of democracy and having a voice and not being silenced… Start tomorrow. All of you are excellent letter-writers; I can look at your faces and tell. I know you are… Let’s have letters from Key West to Pensacola to the governor’s office.”

City Commissioner Bryan Eastman questioned assertions made in Tallahassee that various amounts of money were taken from GRU above its earnings: “The fact is, we don’t take more money from the utility than we spend… It’s a made-up statistic… What is being forced upon our community, to me, is clearly unprecedented… I wanted to just run a city; that is what I ran for, that is what I wanted to do. I wanted to make a good city, and instead I’m sitting here, just trying to make sure, how do we mitigate the pain that my constituents will feel, and it’s very frustrating.”

During public comment, 18 people spoke against Clemons’ bill, and three people spoke in favor of it. Many of those who spoke also spoke at the House State Affairs Committee on April 19. Many expressed the fear that the bill is a thinly-veiled attempt to sell GRU to an investor-owned utility.

During public comment, Ward gave Hinson the opportunity to respond to a comment. She said, “I know we’re not supposed to be speculating, but they left me scared… Can this board sell, or can we make sure this board can’t sell the utility? [Clemons] said this board can do whatever it wants; it will be the Authority.”

What does the bill say about selling assets?

However, the bill language states in 7.03(1), “The Authority shall have the following powers and duties, in addition to the powers and duties otherwise conferred by this article:… (f) To dispose of utility system assets only to the extent and under the conditions that the City Commission may dispose of such assets pursuant to section 5.04 of Article V.” That section states: “The commission may not, in any manner, dispose of or agree to dispose of the following city utility systems, or any part thereof… Unless the commission first adopts an ordinance approving of the disposition and submits that ordinance to referendum vote and such referendum is approved by a majority vote of the qualified electors of the city voting at the election for the purpose of approving the ordinance.”

Ward said he got a “great idea from some of this… A thing I’m going to work on this weekend is writing an editorial that–I love the Gainesville Sun. I love the Gainesville Sun. I miss being able to publish in the Gainesville Sun in the op-ed section. Some papers, not a lot, but some papers in Florida continue to offer that opportunity, and I’m going to reach out to each one of the papers that do, that have a municipal utility in their community, and offer them an op-ed. You might consider doing the same.”

UAB Member Tim Rockwell said, “I truly hope, barring working this out through the democratic process, I truly hope there are legal actions that can be taken if this goes through because people have been put out from the process, and I don’t think they have any intention of bringing people into the process.”

Ward concluded, “I would again urge you to speak your mind to your representatives, your senators, and others, to reach out to your cousins, your aunts, your uncles, your brothers, your sisters, your old friends, anybody you know, reach out to them and let them know what’s going on here. And I would urge you again to focus on the reality that this thing is a mess, and chaos should frighten you.”

Chestnut added, “The strategy for Rep. Clemons is to have the governor sign this bill as soon as it passes, so that means it’s going to be signed in May… But that is the reason that we really need to get to people across the state to help us.”

Hinson concluded the meeting by saying, “I want to remind you that the best offense is done in quiet. I know this is a publicized meeting, and it has to be publicly noticed, but whatever strategies that evolve based on someone’s recommendation–there should be a strategy; it should not be publicized. I’m just saying.”

  • staff makes a pretty darn good case that lowering your bills just to lower your bills, to be popular, is a really bad idea, that we have a utility to run, and we need to run it responsibly.”
    No the city wants the rates to stay high so they can continue their woke lifestyle that the money GRU makes affords them I personally don’t care if the rates don’t come down as long as the state is in charge and no money is being transferred to the city but being used to pay off the debt

    • Nailed it GH! As long as ignorant small town city commissioners aren’t making decisions on how to run a regional utility, they have zero experience, no training, and are conflicted by the money they want to waste on useless radical ideas. Hinson just showed her ignorance having not even read the bill, as she stated they could sell it or do “anything” while the bill plainly includes various limitations. Some commissioners probably haven’t read it either. I think they have no chance of stopping it. They’d do better by going on FB Live or TV and crying their eyes out! LOL! Say goodbye money wasters!

      • She knew exactly what she was saying. At this point it’s just throwing $hit against the wall hoping to fire people up. Doesnt matter to them that it’s all lies.

        Unfortunately (for them), they are going to run out of time before any momentum can get started.

  • All this concern about the how GRU is going to be ran but no accountability on the how got to this point. Ward saying we have a utility to run responsibly, what a laugh. When the people was calling for the commission to be responsible with GRU, they all said Let Them Eat Cake in the Dark! Libs created this situation and now the state has to clean it up. Simple as that.

  • The UAB should be renamed: They’re going to kill the golden goose, stop them council.
    And “Rep” Hinson saying “there should be a strategy; it should not be publicized. I’m just saying, “ says it all.

  • Wow , what an intellectually challenged Mayor , Commissioners past and present. The UAB is totally prejudice and Bias towards Wokesville. Who cares how many minions at your “specially orchestrated” Friday Night s$$$t show of a meeting spoke in favor of the same ol same ol. This group and this group alone is totally responsible for a failed , bankrupted GRU debt chart like Pikes Peak and are still in denial and act in bewilderment about what the big deal is . The other 37 Utilities were manage with common sense, not Lets Go Brandon values like this group mandates. Those 37 other well run Utilities have nothing to hide or fear. They laugh at you and despise you for getting them involved though. I am writing the Governor to make sure a full 2 decade deep dive of the City Governance and spending is revealed and holds them accountable in every way possible. Stop the Charade and Parade . Read your Google reviews , and for once as a Democrat sit down and hush. I am no longer embarrassed for your self inflicted chaotic issues and failures.
    Is Hinson suggesting to meet secretly ?

    • And to think this town is full of degreed “experts” and city leaders STILL clueless about their bankrupt budgetary value$

  • “. . .that we have a utility to run, and we need to run it responsibly.”, says the man responsible for taking more money from GRU than it makes. The ‘genius Eastman said, ““The fact is, we don’t take more money from the utility than we spend… ” Huh? His next quote, “What is being forced upon our community, to me, is clearly unprecedented… ”

    And to finish it off, Mayor Ward lamented that he, “I love the Gainesville Sun. I love the Gainesville Sun. I miss being able to publish in the Gainesville Sun…” He hasn’t realized that even his base hates the far left Sun. He would do well to write here, but wouldn’t like the rebuttals from intelligent people.

  • Hinson, one of the original harbingers of the current situation, wants the current commission to continue to be the torchbearers for the continued burning down of GRU and Gainesville. Why aren’t we surprised? After all, the looting and riots of 2020 were peaceful protests weren’t they.

    Ward is a liar. Plain and simple. What the commission has done is what doesn’t make any sense. The only reason is their fiscal incompetence and ignorance. Perhaps some degree of malfeasance? How many new positions have been added to the city payrolls to support their far left ideologies? Increasing their own salaries gave them another reason to spend. That’s their justification for taking more funds from GRU.

    What they’ve been doing hasn’t been good for the city or the users of GRU. I’m one of many “owners” and when I told them I didn’t think our rates should be going up 5% per year for 5 years they laughed. Told them the BioFiasco was a bad idea, they chuckled.

    Contrary to what they say, we do know one thing – the Commission of Clowns will no longer have the keys to the henhouse. It may not work but it’s gotta be better than what they’ve done.

  • And the people of Gainesville continue to vote for these recycled politicians like Chestnut & Hinson.
    The voters should be scared! The thought of the city commission hanging onto GRU is frightening!
    Maybe, just maybe, the new board will be able to save GRU and the people it serves from absolute destruction.

    • I voted for none of these clowns but there are too many libtards that keep voting for losers. Everyone I voted for had too much common sense for Gainesville libtards.

  • “there should be a strategy; it should not be publicized. I’m just saying.” Creepy, and illegal?

  • The City Commission, GRU UAB and clueless Rawls wrote the book on Chaos. They just don’t get it and That’s why they are being fired.

  • Rep. Hinson and others speak dark shadows melodrama, but the bill published in the story states that only the city commission can write a proposal to sell GRU, which then must be approved by voters. No bump in the night, just plain as day.

    “The commission may not, in any manner, dispose of or agree to dispose of the following city utility systems, or any part thereof… Unless the commission first adopts an ordinance approving of the disposition and submits that ordinance to referendum vote and such referendum is approved by a majority vote of the qualified electors of the city voting at the election for the purpose of approving the ordinance.”

    • The utility authority will do what’s best for the utility….no ESG…no net zero by 2050. It will be great. Have you tried calling GRU customer service lately? Ha ha! They’re the worst!

  • This bill will become law in the next 40 days.
    The City of Gainesville will be bankrupt within 3 years.

  • My thoughts:

    1. Hinson-Rauls: You don’t need to say “uhh-uhh” into the microphone after every sentence is spoken on the dais. Incredibly annoying as was your constant head nods.

    2. Hinson-Rauls: Probably not a good idea to reveal your private conversations with fellow members of the delegation (who are quite popular in the halls of the Capital).

    3. Where was Saco? Why wasn’t her name even mentioned as being absent.

    4. Mayor: Cut the bs about wanting to hear comments from all sides. It’s absurdly fake.

    5. Write newspapers? Are you kidding me? That’s so 1998.

    All in all, the meeting was a scripted rally that provided lots of joy and entertainment. I look forward to continued fun !

  • I have to tell you poor guys that live within the city limits of Gainesville: that the more I see of the city, and the GCC, the more happy I become with my decision to live rural in the county. Out of reach of the GCC and their corruption and flat out stupidity.

  • Reminds me of the stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. They are screwed.

  • We were never afraid of chaos. We are afraid of what the City Commission and that idiot Mayor will do.
    They and their far-left progressive predecessors have saddled GRU with a generation of debt. The natural reaction when inflation goes up is to cut back on spending. Instead, these commissioners have increased spending, taken on more debt and voted numerous times in favor of things counter to residents’ wishes. It’s in the same mold as the federal government. Harvey can be happy, he supports his child and their grandchildren being saddled with the continued debt he endorses not only by his actions in his so-called “best interests of the city” but by his voting as well. Anyone who thinks otherwise is as naive as he is an idiot.
    He encourages people to speak to their representatives but he and his master Poe turned a deaf ear and dismissed our concerns for years. Now he wants our help, I’ll be sure to jump right on that.

    Let’s see if he reads the Chronicle…Mayor Ward and the City Commission, as residents and utility users in Gainesville, we ask that you do not increase property taxes or special assessments during the current times of economic uncertainty and the high inflation we are currently experiencing.

    We’ll see if any of them have the character and integrity to hear our requests and make a commitment to do that.

  • Amusing if not also depressing that everyone posting here seem to be supposed “conservatives” cheering on the taking away of local citizens rights and voting by hostile political leaders who could never get elected there. Let the city and it’s voters take the responsibility and the consequences of it’s actions, past, present, and future. We call it “democracy” and you big government statists, who hate Gainesville, just like your leaders Clemons and Perry should move to Lake City or Wellborn. You’ll be happier there.

    • What rights are being taken away? How often has the commission listened to the people they claim to serve of late? The public didn’t want them to double their salaries, didn’t want them to raise utility rates, didn’t want to change the zoning, didn’t want the biomass plant, didn’t want more careless spending. How much attention did those requests garner? Saco gave them some attention…🖕. That’s what most do just not so openly.
      By the way, Clemons and Perry were elected here by a majority of those who make up their districts. Your local rulers, those who command your fealty, would never be elected in Gilchrist, Levy, Union, Escambia, Pasco, Hernando or Columbia counties if that makes you feel better.

      • The right to vote and decide who makes decisions. Look up democracy if you’re confused.

        Unlike you, I’m not trying to make decisions for people in Trenton and Keystone heights, which by the way, are who elect Clemons and Perry, not Gainesville and not Alachua County. They even had more Alachua County voters moved into other districts because it was getting too close for them and they wouldn’t have been elected against Enneking without illegal dark money from FPL.

        • This is the State of Florida… not the State of City of Gainesville.

          Gainesville’s “values” are incompatible with our state.

          You want to live in a California-like society…. Move to Cali.

          This is Florida – where woke goes to die… and likely will for SEVERAL generations !!

        • You’ve got to on the payroll if not for anything else but a comedian.
          Gainesville makes decisions for every outlying community genius. That was the whole reason behind Single Member Districts. Those same communities voted in favor of Single Member Districts and the current leaders are in fear of losing their power. That’s why that little Kenny is trying to get it overturned.

          Keep braying in that field.

        • Well, now that Alachua County voted for single member districts, we will see in the future how the county votes! 🤣 Gainesville no longer decides who represents all of Alachua County!

          • Hopefully the County Commission reverses the single member district rule. It was introduced for partisan reasons, not on principle – most counties in Florida are not run by single member districts – or for someplace to keep Clemons and Perry pulling down government checks, since they could never win a county wide race and Newberry City Commissioners don’t make that much. SMDs was also passed on very small margin with a dirty tricks campaign of a big lie pushed right at the end without time to refute it. Dirty tricks and dirty money is how Clemons and Perry usually operate, so no surprises there.

          • The fact that the former “CEO” of GRU is now apparently a food truck rally organizer speaks for itself. What do you think Ward would do if he left office? I don’t think a big, successful company would seek him out to be their CEO. But I guess that’s painfully obvious. Maybe the PBS station would take him back as a fundraiser or whatever he did there. Since you seem to miss the point about half the time, I’ll tell you… They aren’t qualified to run a huge company, and it’s not even close. I’m glad I don’t live in anything you built, with your eye for “quality.”

          • I’m certain they will try! The useless degenerates on the county commission know some of them will lose their cushy tax payer funded jobs where they do absolutely nothing of worthy of collecting a paycheck! They are as useless as the gas bags on the city commission! Useless scum couldn’t make it in the private sector like most politicians!

          • Wait, wait, wait. So just like 2 comments ago you are all “democracy democracy democracy” and now you want the county to overturn something a majority voted for because you don’t like it? Color me surprised when an Authoritarian slips up and reveals his true colors.

    • The flip side all you woke believers could move to California I hear they have plenty of homes

        • I don’t like the city of Gainesville and they’re woke ideology Ways that’s why I live in the county I don’t shop in Gainesville I don’t spend money inside of Gainesville now with Alaucha County going to single-member districts the counties will be a better place to live in the next few years

          • Well GH, FO. Why would anyone in gainesville care what you think, other than Clemons and Perry, who also don’t like Gainesville Gainesville or Alachua County and regularly vote against their interests.

    • Democracy is rule by the will of the people. Unfortunately, for the last 20 years, the Democrats running the city have totally ignored the will of the citizens and bloated the city with “big government”. As usual, the left says, “My way or the highway”. Sad.

    • The city leaders do NOT possess “local” values. But act as clueless pawns of a globalist doomsday cult (false prophets of doom). As is plainly obvious now.

    • What “democracy” is that Jazzman? What democracy? doesn’t allow 40% of its people a voice? You sure love your own brand of Authoritarianism.

    • Hmmmmm, interesting! I do believe Clemons has more rights to this place than you do… secondly, you have spewed enough lies, and I couldn’t tell you if you were behind the massive texts or not.. but I can tell you they were straight lies! I can also tell you that as a “conservative “ , my place as a republican has only been since December but apparently has been most of my life. While I was independent, I apparently had a lot of the rational views of my current party. I mean the crazy chaos you all are showing right now, well just isn’t rational… wow, and as for those numbers you spewed let’s talk about where those came from, certainly not the FMEA!

  • During the decade in which the commission sold off our assets to foreign money interests and Wall Street bankers, the Gainesville Sun backed all the deals and the mayor’s and commissioners who voted for them, as well as most of the current incumbents. When a town’s media becomes the voice of, by and for local government rather than a neutral, accurate observer of government, everyone in the town loses, as we here have.

    • Well, thanks for kicking that dead dog. You must be thrilled it is now the walking dead and case closed, problem solved. I’m not and I recall many guest columns and letters with opposition opinions, including you.

  • City Commissioner Bryan Eastman questioned assertions made in Tallahassee that various amounts of money were taken from GRU above its earnings: “The fact is, we don’t take more money from the utility than we spend… ”


    This is like promising my credit card company that I won’t borrow more money than I spend. For some strange reason they want to limit how much money they lend me.

    How dumb can Eastman be?!

  • I agree with Hinson. They desperately need to keep any plans or more meetings for that matter, a trade secret. Every time they open their mouth, the citizens of this once fair city has to accept the fact that we elect idiots to office over and over again.

  • Harvey is “So worried ” after he and his woke ilk ran GRU into the ground, preposterous!!

  • …Ward continued, “We are told by our bond counsel… that there are many questions they have about this bill, and those questions aren’t answered in the latest version of the bill….”
    Harvey, this is the investment bankers telling you that the city will be bankrupt within a few years if it isn’t able to continue siphoning funds from the utility. Y’all had a good run at it but Gainesville will never be a UN model city…now it’s time to either give it up or burn it down. And we know the route you and your kind gravitates towards.

    • Well said. Gainesville, like anyplace in America, offers municipal bonds to investors, who look to see if the “municipality” is well managed enough that they will receive return on their investment. As posters here write, Gainesville spends money like a drunken sailor on useless projects, not to improve the city, so investors become wary that they will take a loss.

      In short, spendthrift Gainesville’s offerings will become junk bonds.

      • Nice job ignoring one of the best things to happen in Gainesville in many years and very much due to it’s city government – Depot Park and the resurgence of South Main St.. If you haven’t visited, I suggest you try it during the day while the park is in full use, or evenings when many musical events occur and the First Magnitude Brewery is in swing. You might also enjoy the city promoted round-abouts that can get you from Waldo Rd to 13th St @ Archer, or from University at 6th St to S 16th Ave and Main without one traffic light and without coming to a complete stop. The city owns old GRU space around Depot Park and hopefully with a unified plan and private developers this transition will continue and expand.

        • It takes forever to go up and down SW 6th Street compared to how it used to be with an open road and no ‘traffic calming devices’. Unless you plan to crash into someone, chances are high that you’ll be stopping and waiting at those traffic circles. The city screwed up the biggest thing that went on at the park – the annual Tom Petty Festival. The businesses there are run by the owners of The Top. Can you imagine how the businesses would compare if they were run by Harvey, Reina, and Casey? The businesses are important to the overall park and why people go there. A lot of people go to The Top, too, but the city bears no credit for that. The palm trees and other “additions” to South Main mostly look ridiculous, like something you’d expect to see in Haiti.

  • You mean the “chaos” of GRU forgetting to read my meter and then finding someone to read it wrong and then I get a bill for two months instead of one followed closely by a letter from GRU stating my power would be cut off in 5 days if they didn’t receive it. Is that the kind of chaos they were trying to scare us with?

  • Ya know, I almost feel sorry for these people since they are in total denial… but …

    Then I remember these were the people that were verbally assaulting me in Publix when my useless face diaper was below my nose..
    AND who supported the gestapo sitting outside the doors of the same Publix.

    Screw em !

    • Oh my gosh David, you poor thing! Sounds like the Warsaw ghetto. I hope you didn’t melt, poor little snowflake.

      • Speaking of Meltdowns, Jazz is in a downward spiral clinging on to hope and denial while his regime is being fired. A lot of us shopped everywhere but Gainesville ,which went into full Bully Mode when the China Flue was released . They just cant admit they are loser zombies in the world that they live in . They are still wearing mask and recirculating there diseases. Works for me , I damn sure don’t want their incurable germs.

        • Now with Kroger home delivery available I don’t have to go into the city of Gainesville for anything I work outside of Alaucha County and trust me my money spent outside of Alaucha County

        • Hey captain, so sorry about the tens of thousands of anti-vaxxers who croaked during Covid. Those wearing masks still might be older and paying attention to the fact it is not over – I know personally a half dozen who came down with it in the last 2 months – and current expert advice which says wear a mask in crowded confined spaces. Here’s to none of us getting it, but don’t listen to DeSantis and his quack surgeon general who has been trashed for his “study” by fellow medical researchers at UF and nationally. The unvaxxed always lead in new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, though numbers for all are down from 2021 – thanks to science and the vaccine.

          • No one, even a democrat can deny the China Flue was real. The timing was incredulous to the bogus election of an utter fool. I think most of us accepted Donald Trumps incredible reaction to shut down China travel and develop a vaccine with world leading pharmaceuticals. You probably never heard of Operation Warp Speed , but as many of Trumps accomplishments he made it happen . When someone you know dies from the China Fauci Flue you know it is real. When someone you know has issues along the way you step back and evaluate.The assumptions you make speak volumes to your categorical hate and sad outlook. Please mask up and partake in any boosters , vaccinations Joe Biden presents in his garbled messages. One round was enough for me.

          • Your response is incoherent and good luck with your strategy going forward, whatever that is. Try not to give anything you catch to others.

            By the way, all due credit to Trump for Warp Speed – of course I know about it – which was the only sensical thing he did about Covid. Credit to the scientists who brought forward the vaccine, which idiots like DeSantis and Ladipo attack for pure politics.

            I repeat – the unvaxxed have led new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in America from Covid.

  • If any local elected leader thinks the status quo is defensible, they should resign. Either they’re being very insincere or very ignorant, a danger in leadership.

    • Poor Poe hasn’t shown his face once at any of the proceedings. He had his first international food truck rally downtown today. That seems like a good match for his skill set.

  • It’s funny how Ward refers to this issue as chaos and it should frighten you. Maybe he should gave the same approach to the rising violence and criminals plaguing Wokeville and Alachua County. That should scare you that the City Commission could care less about citizen safety and worry so much how much money they are taking from citizens with utilities.

  • Anonymous Democrat: “Hey, let’s have a meeting and only invite Democrats to speak out against the loss of our cash cow!” The chorus line of Democrats who spoke Friday night: “Great idea! We’ll spread some BS on the wall and our sheep will believe it!”

    From Chestnut to Ward, the BS flew long and hard, but not one mention of Clemons comment on rebutting the attempt to spread disinformation during the 19 April discussion (and vote) in Tallahassee: “In closing, Clemons said he needed to respond to “so much disinformation” and said, “The Charter prohibits City Commissioners or any others from disposing of, agreeing to dispose of, in whole or in part, the City’s electric or water production. It cannot sell GRU with this new board… We want to make sure this is good for the next hundred years, and the only thing we are doing is taking away the checkbook from the seven City Commissioners and the previous City Commissioners, who have put Gainesville Regional Utilities in this position.”

    Isn’t it funny how the only people speaking against HB1645 at this Friday night discussion were all registered Democrats? You can verify them yourselves on “voterrecords.com”. I guess the answer is, “Why would anyone drive 4 hours from Tallahassee to Gainesville to listen to a bunch of small town clowns cry in their beer and blame it on everyone else but themselves? That is our current political parties standard mode of operation!

  • Fear is always one of the first tools used to control you. Have you noticed how since government spending and mandates have mostly went away – you don’t hear 24×7 about those scary variants?

    • The variants – as predicted – are less lethal and by vaccines and natural immunity the rate of new cases lessened. They do occur however and are no fun. I know 1/2 dozen people personally who have had it in the last 2 months. A couple, no big deal, the others were not anywhere near death – all vaccinated I think – but the dazed lethargy lingered for a month.

  • Really disgusted with the dishonesty and hypocrisy from Harvey Ward: “Our staff makes a pretty darn good case that lowering your bills just to lower your bills, to be popular, is a really bad idea, that we have a utility to run, and we need to run it responsibly.”

    The entire reason we are in this mess is that corrupt politicians like Ward, Poe, and the rest of the Gainesville City Commission past and present have not run the utility responsibly and cannot be trusted to do so in the future.

  • >