Childers joins doctors speaking against vaccine mandates at Florida Summit on COVID


Local attorney Jeff Childers joined a group of doctors in Ocala on Saturday, November 6, to talk about vaccine mandates, child vaccination, and early treatment. The event was hosted by Dr. John Littell of Ocala and was held at the World Equestrian Center. 

Jeff Childers

Childers told attendees that Title VII gives protections to employees based on religious beliefs; employers may not discriminate against the religious beliefs of employees if those beliefs interfere with job responsibilities, and employers must provide an accommodation. Medical exemptions arise from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Again, the employer has to provide an accommodation. Childers said employers have been using forms that try to “shoehorn” employees into making admissions that disqualify them. 

Regarding medical exemptions, Childers said the key is that the law refers to a “recognized disability,” and recovery from COVID (natural immunity) is not recognized except during the first 90 days after infection. 

Childers said religious exemptions are “the stronger of the two… A plaintiff must show a sincere religious belief that conflicts with an employment requirement.” Childers said employers don’t want to grant religious exemptions, but if they don’t grant any, “that’s prima facie evidence of religious discrimination. I could win that case all day long.”

Childers said the forms that are currently being used by employers are built on existing case law, particularly one case holding that sincere religious belief “could be undercut by extrinsic evidence of conduct that is inconsistent with that belief.” So the forms try to gather information that will let the employer show inconsistent behavior, including asking about other medications you take, other vaccines you have received, etc. 

In another case that Childers described, the court found that the objections were based on “perceived health concerns and not sincere religious convictions.”

Childers then gave some practical suggestions with regard to religious objection requests:

  1. Show, don’t tell, your religious belief. Explain the basis of your religion, not what it teaches about vaccines.
  2. Avoid health-related points. “Don’t talk about the health issues on your religious exemption forms… If you don’t have a strong medical exemption, don’t even file for a medical exemption. Just go with the religious.”
  3. State on the form that you recognize that the vaccines are safe and effective. “Just take that whole health and safety issue off the table in your religious exemption letter.”

More information from Childers on fighting employer mandates can be found at his blog, Coffee & Covid.

Left to right: Dr. John Littell, Dr. Richard Amerling, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Mollie James, Dr. James Buckmaster, Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Heather Gessling, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Brian Tyson

The presenters at the summit included Dr. Paul Alexander, Ph.D., and medical doctors Peter McCullough, Heather Gessling, Ryan Cole, Robert Malone, Pierre Kory, Mollie James, Brian Tyson, and Richard Urso. Chinese defector Dr. Li-Meng Yan joined the panel for the final Q&A of the day. The doctors’ top three messages of the day were:

  1. Do not vaccinate the previously-infected.
  2. Do not vaccinate children.
  3. Do not block early treatment.

Dr. Peter McCullough said that Tracy Hoeg’s work has shown that it is more likely for a child to be hospitalized for vaccine-related myocarditis than COVID-19: “The CDC and FDA know this… Childhood COVID vaccination should be off the table.” He also said that instead of listening to a single doctor, Americans should be seeing teams of doctors discussing all aspects of our response to COVID-19. Multiple doctors at the Summit emphasized the point that discussion of how to best prevent and treat COVID-19 has been suppressed, and no dissent from the CDC’s stance that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective for everyone is permitted. Dr. Heather Gessling and Dr. Mollie James were both fired from their hospital jobs for expressing concerns about the vaccines. Dr. James Buckmaster has had his medical license threatened twice for treating COVID-19 with Ivermectin.

McCullough also encouraged healthcare administrators to start writing innovative policies that recognize natural immunity. He pointed out that the CDC, FDA, and NIH are not treatment organizations; treatment is the “domain of doctors.” He said it is immoral to block treatment. 

McCullough also said there is a “willful blindness” to adverse events from the vaccines and that if you experience an adverse event, you should demand that it be reported to VAERS.

Dr. Ryan Cole said that 42% of American children had recovered from COVID-19 as of June, 2021—before the Delta wave, which means that many more have recovered now. He asked why we are introducing the risk of the vaccines to all children when most of them have already had COVID-19. He pointed out that obviously not all children will have adverse events, but some will. 

Dr. Robert Malone

Dr. Robert Malone recommended finding a doctor who will prescribe life-saving medications. He said it doesn’t make sense that if you go to a hospital and your oxygen saturation levels aren’t low enough, they send you home until you are more sick. “Does this make sense? Have we ever seen anything like this before?” He also said that children shouldn’t be used as shields: if others in the household are at risk, they have vaccines and treatment available to them. 

Dr. Pierre Kory spoke about the various medications that have been studied for the treatment of COVID-19. He said that in spite of a recent study that made headlines, showing that Fluvoxamine is highly effective, it is still not recommended by NIH for COVID-19. Kory said that Ivermectin is “almost perfectly matched with this disease” and that the government could inexpensively supply the entire country with Ivermectin. This chart from his presentation shows which agents have been found to be effective and how many trials have been performed on each (the farther left on this chart, the more effective; gray squares indicate medications with few trials).

Dr. Mollie James said that doctors must not be blocked from prescribing life-saving medicine in hospitals or for outpatients and that the doctors who say these medications don’t work haven’t used them. 

Dr. Brian Tyson said that he has treated over 7,000 patients with COVID-19, and none of the patients who started treatment in the first seven days of symptoms have died. He said doctors should be examining patients and treating symptoms: “All patients of all ages and all vaccination status respond to treatment. They need to stop blocking us from treating patients and saving lives.”

Dr. Richard Urso pointed to a list of studies on natural immunity that is kept updated at the Brownstone Institute’s site; the list is currently up to 106 studies showing that immunity gained from recovering from COVID-19 is superior to immunity gained from the vaccines. He also showed a slide of his current treatment regimen for Delta:

The full video can be found here, and individual talks can be watched here.

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  • “Religious exemptions” to science. Thus proving “religion is the opium of the masses.”
    So fitting they held it at World Equestrian Center. Folks who deny science yet advocate taking horse wormer.

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        • Bullwinkle – no medicine is not medicine. Just because its deworms horses does not mean it can de-Covid a person. If a lawyer needs to explain the religious exemption to you – you aren’t pious enough for the exemption.

          • Mark. You’re an idiot. Ask a veterinarian about animal medicines…a lot for people are the same for cats & dogs, etc.. they make ivermectin for people & for horses. Pain killers
            For people are the same for animals. So are
            Antibiotics. I don’t need a lawyer to explain me
            A religious exemption either. I believe in god & Jesus. I’m with Jesus.

        • Wow you really know how to slam someone. I guess accusing someone you don’t know of “having 2 covid shots and waiting for a booster” is the most nasty thing you folks on this board can say about another person. Pure vile and nasty. How do you do it?
          As for afterlife talk, some folks would say that sitting on a Heavenly cloud for all eternity next to YOU is the worse punishment Hell could dish out to a person.

  • MRI studies have shown that people who dismiss Ivermectin as “horse wormer” usually have a brain infected by worms. The worms enter the body through the mouth from infected food, such as lousy sushi. Thereafter, the worms populate the bowels and bore through the intestines into the blood stream. They instinctively seek out the brain to set up colonies, preferably very small brains since the worms seem to avoid large brains which seem to give off more energy than the worms can tolerate. The net effect of all the worms in the brain is a sort of mental dullness, kind of like syphilis.

    • A. Paco. Can you provide a reliable link to your sources? Ivermectin is a safe and effective antiparasitic drug. It also has antiviral properties – in vitro. No one denies this. The issue is that these anitviral properties do not seem to bare fruit in quality patient studies.

  • Eisenhower warned us in his farewell speech that this would happen: publicly subsidized “science” would become corrupted. It’s full on, mixed with doomsday cult “climate change” global Illuminati, who refuse to blame themselves, the real culprits. Because they control the MSM and fund fringe false prophets alike.

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  • from the web “Earlier this month, a few hundred free-thinking souls, including a number of actual MDs who should know better, held a gathering in Ocala, Florida, to gripe about how the COVID-19 virus is no reason to get all worried about things, because vaccines are useless and you should take the horse dewormer ivermectin instead.
    Dr. Bruce Boros, a retired cardiologist and one of the docs who proclaimed ivermectin a miracle preventative and cure at the conference, is now seriously ill with COVID-19, as are at least six others who attended it, the Daily Beast reports in the sort of follow-up to CovidCon that only seems inevitable. Boros, 71, fell ill just two days after the one-day conference.”

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