Children abducted from Missouri in 2022 located in High Springs

Press release from High Springs Police Department

HIGH SPRINGS, Fla. – On February 1, 2023, High Springs Police Department located two abducted Missouri children and their abductor after a routine vehicle tag check indicated the vehicle owner was a fugitive.

Officers located the trio shopping in Winn Dixie, after disguising their identities.

The non-custodial mother, Kristi Nicole Gilley, DOB 01-01-1987, was detained and arrested on an active kidnapping warrant out of Clay County, Missouri.

The children were turned over to the Florida Department of Children and Families and will be reunited with their birth family.

Brooke and Adrian Gilley had been missing since 3/15/2022.

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    Children must have been abducted – can’t envision anyone willingly going on a trip with her.
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  • My understanding is that this was the children’s mother who did not have legal custody of the kids.

  • The mother may have been removing her children from an abusive father. But that’s speculation. She still should have followed the legal channels for child custody. You can’t be allowed to kidnap your children.

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