Christopher Chestnut allowed to “unregister” to clear election fraud complaint

Christopher Chestnut
Christopher Chestnut


An election fraud complaint regarding Christopher Chestnut has been cleared by allowing Chestnut to relinquish his voter registration in Alachua County.

The complaint alleged that Chestnut “fraudulently voted in Florida in the 2018, primary and general elections while a resident of another state, Georgia.” When the complaint was referred to the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections, State Attorney Bill Cervone wrote, “As State Attorney I have received sufficient information to establish probable cause that this individual does not currently and has not for several years lived at his claimed address or within Alachua County, Florida.”

Now Cervone has settled the charge by asking Chestnut to relinquish his Alachua County voter registration. Cervone wrote, “To make a long story short the law is not as clear regarding this area as I’d like or you’d think although Chestnut’s situation is more egregious than some other similar cases we’ve had over the years.” Cervone went on to write that even if prosecution were successful, it is unlikely that Chestnut would face any penalty other than a possible fine.

Cervone concluded, “Chestnut will not be voting here in the August primary or thereafter unless he resumes actual residence in Alachua County.”

    • That depends on what your party and family name are in Alachua County.

    • So did I. But it would seem that only poeple of a certain viewpoint are forced to pay a price for breaking the law.

  • I hope this isn’t interpreted as a green-light signal to those who would commit voter fraud in November. This looks like no consequences for a deliberate crime undermining our election process. Cervone’s a good guy, I hope he publicly clarifies this debacle with a reasoned explanation.

  • U.S. citizens from any state will now be allowed to register and vote, including by mail, in any of the 6 FL counties in the 8th circuit by simply “unregistering” if caught AFTER the fraudulent votes are counted.

    Get ready for wholesale voter fraud in N. Central Florida to swing the outcome of the state and Electoral College vote.

    Remember Bush-Gore?
    – 537 votes –

  • Come on mr Cervone . At least he would be convicted of voter fraud , which he should be, paid a fine and once again shown what a fraud he is. Just another connected democrat family getting the thumb of justice placed on his side of the scale of justice.

  • Well. Did he vote is both states? Does he have Homestead Exemption on property owned here? Maybe Mr Cervone should look into that.

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