City commission declares Juneteenth holiday tomorrow for non-essential City workers


During discussion about the agenda at today’s Gainesville City Commission meeting, Mayor Lauren Poe asked that commission comment be moved from the end of the afternoon session to the beginning of the afternoon session because the commission needed to urgently give direction to staff.

During commission comment, Poe said that President Joe Biden is expected to sign a bill today that will make Juneteenth (June 19) a federal holiday, so he wanted the city commission to vote on whether to make tomorrow a holiday for non-essential City staff. The commission unanimously agreed.

City Attorney Nicolle Shalley asked whether it would be a paid holiday, and Poe said federal holidays are paid, but Shalley pointed out that the City policies list the paid holidays, so she would need instruction to update that list. The commission provided that instruction. It is unclear which services will be impacted; we will send out information from the City when it arrives.

  • Now they are even making up Federal Holidays – maybe they should just name the days they work… easier…

  • Another fake woke holiday using taxpayer money. Easy to spend if it’s not your money.

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