City Commission to discuss mandatory vaccines for City employees, mask mandate on City property


The Gainesville City Commission has an item on the evening agenda for their August 5 meeting to consider mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for City employees and a mask mandate on City property.

At the agenda review meeting, Mayor Lauren Poe said he wanted a “COVID public health discussion, and included in that–I’ve already talked to [City Attorney Nicolle Shalley] and [City Manager Lee Feldman] about this, but–a discussion of vaccinations for City employees, a discussion of mask requirements in City facilities, and on City–like, transit, other City services–and then a broader discussion about legal means to protect public health.”

City Commissioner Harvey Ward agreed, “I would like to have that item.”

Poe said, “We’ll do it… We need to talk about it. It’s reached crisis level.”

The discussion will be the first business item on the evening agenda (5:30 p.m.), after proclamations. The evening agenda also includes a resolution authorizing a lawsuit by the City of Gainesville challenging HB 1 (the Combating Disorder Act – the City Attorney has recommended that the City Commission not take any action on this at this time) and the repeal of the City’s Open Container Ordinance.

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  • “Last Chance Two-Faced” Harvey…We need an item too. Stop being being a coward.

    King Poe…How does that idiot propose to keep people off the streets and sidewalks. What a dumb@rse he is. People are living in the breezeways of buildings in eyesight of city hall and he does NOTHING. Shows his worth to society…NOTHING!

    If they mandate vaccinations it doesn’t hold any weight if they don’t hold people accountable. Oh they’re used to that, criminals get away with just about anything in Gainesville and city leadership gets away with being stupid all the time.

    You liberals…keep believing.

    • Yeah, “you people wanted renewable energy”…that’s
      Why we pay the highest utility bills in the state. They
      Think employees are going to take mandatory vaccines?
      First off, it’s Unconstitutional, 2nd, they can’t keep
      Panhandlers out of Street medians…I’ll stop right there…

  • If Poe wants to “protect public health”, he needs to put more money in people’s pockets so they can afford to buy healthful food and sleep stress-free after paying their artificially-inflated GRU bills, rent or mortgage (incl. property taxes), etc. He’s a big joke. He should have himself committed to a mental institution for the remainder of his term if he truly wants to protect public health. If he starts talking about “the leaked memo” from the CDC, that’s BS. While it is more CONTAGIOUS, the Delta variant is less dangerous in terms of causing deaths (a lot less dangerous). Maybe it’s not a good idea for a fatty like in the above picture, but contracting Covid-19 and gaining natural immunity is not necessarily the end of the world or even a bad thing.

    • If the Covid Vax works, why wear a mask? Sigmund
      Freud would say it’s a Masochist/Sadist thing…
      Harold Saive had it right early on when he talked
      About “psyops”…psychological operations….

          • The “Pink Ladies” in “Grease” were rebels as well. Not saying she’s a rebel but what exactly is her “role” for King Poe?

          • And, it’s 5 against one…5 men vs. 1 lady…she’s a “Wonder Woman”…A picture paints a thousand words…

  • And now, just to go too far: The guy in the hoodie could be the one doing the
    Drive-bys…who wears a hot hoodie sweater in summer time and a mask? If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck….It could be the offices are very cold or something…one thing for sure, none of them are very snappy dressers…

    • They would probably just use fake results as a means of maintaining their tyrannical rein over the “dumber than they are” voters in Gainesville.

      Poe found out the hard way. Santa Fe finally discovered he was NOT smarter than a 5th grader.

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