City commission to discuss DH2 conversion, shopping cart retention, mugshots


The Gainesville City Commission will hold its regular meeting virtually at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 18. The meeting may be viewed on the City’s website or on Cox Channel 12.

The agenda includes:

  • A presentation from Sheriff Darnell on how she investigates allegations of excessive use of force and inmate abuse
  • Approval to spend $12.5 million to convert Deerhaven Unit 2 to a dual-fuel plant (natural gas and coal)
  • COVID-19 verbal update
  • A discussion of how the City might publicly recognize Black Lives Matter
  • An ordinance requiring that businesses use one of 5 shopping cart retention systems to prevent customers from removing shopping carts from their premises
  • A resolution from Mayor Lauren Poe, urging Florida legislators to approve Medicaid expansion
  • A discussion requested by Commissioner Adrian Hayes-Santos to discourage the publication of mugshots by asking the Sheriff to no longer publish them on the Jail website
  • A presentation on Responding to Racial Tension in the City
  • A request from Commissioner Harvey Ward to convene a Citizen Public Review and Reform Recommendations Panel

The City has provided this information on how residents can comment on any issue before the City Commission.

  • Why don’t these dimwits address what matters to all city residents, the high taxes, the high utility rates, the political bias that exists?
    If they were really interested in helping…ALL RACES, they would reevaluate the high GRU rates. They would stop raising taxes. They would stop disenfranchisement of predominantly African American communities. These leaders will not be happy until they have taxed and put utility rates beyond the reach of working people. When everyone has moved out and these leaders have given everything away, people may wise up. They reek of hypocrisy and the democratic lemmings keep reelecting these people.
    When will the “highly” educated of Gainesville see the truth?

  • Tomorrow agenda:
    200051. Commissioner Adrian Hayes-Santos – Use of Mugshots in Our
    Community (B)
    RECOMMENDATION The City Commission discuss and take action
    deemed necessary.

    City must be going after the Chronicle, since the Gainesville Sun shut down their mugshot web link. I wonder which Chronicle article ticked off Mr. Adrian? Glad to see COG does not need to worry about taxes and GRU rates when there are more important things like mugshots and drinking straws and shopping bag construction materials to worry about. And don’t forget the masks. Can the city collect all the used masks and recycle them by burning them as fuel in the biomass plant?

    • Mr. Adrian and the COG’s thinking is as follows: If we get rid of mugshots, we get rid of black crime. You know, out of sight, out of mind.— Same thing with confederate statues:
      Remove it, it never happened. Rename JJ Finley, JJ who?
      Nobody knows who JJ is anyway, but I’m offended!
      Wasn’t JJ the black guy from good times? —Uh oh, don’t
      Tell anyone you went to a BLM protest because that
      Will explain why Covid is spiking!

  • The students elected the commissioners they wanted. Those that give away the store and get involved in petty issues or non issues. What do expect from those that have never had a job or a need to work. They do not value the opinion of property owners and taxpayers. THAT IS WHY WE CANNOT SPEAK AT THE MEETINGS!

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