City Commission to hear first reading of the General Government budget for FY2020-21

A press release from the City of Gainesville

Tonight, the Gainesville City Commission will hear the first official reading of the General Government budget for FY20-21 during a special meeting beginning at 6 p.m. in the City Hall Auditorium.

Gainesville residents have called on their elected leaders to explore uncharted territories — fair wages, sustainability and equitable access to transportation, economic opportunity and cultural amenities. Those priorities are reflected in the FY20-21 budget. Allocations in the budget also align with the city’s strategic priorities including providing economic opportunity; cultivating social resilience; establishing a strong foundation; and encouraging environmental sustainability, the four pillars of the city’s strategic plan. The city began its budget process in February and throughout the spring held a series of public workshops that focused on funding strategic priorities in addition to core services.

Among the highlights in the city’s FY20-21 budget is the implementation of a long-awaited pay study that allows the city to pay competitive wages to its workforce, especially public safety and first responders. Other budget highlights include investments in transportation alternatives and reimaging the delivery of homeless services in our community via the closure of Dignity Village. The creation of a single-district CRA via the creation of a new city department will significantly expand the city’s capacity to select, fund and complete key capital improvement projects in East Gainesville.

A second reading of the budget ordinance on Sept. 26 will follow tonight’s budget meeting. The City Commission will review the final reading before adoption.

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  • I watched most of the commission meeting last night. It is my opinion that all decisions/ votes were predetermined and that none on the board would be swayed by public input.
    Helen Warren talked down to the public as if they were too stupid to understand how hard the board worked. She wasted a lot of time speaking in parabels.

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