City Commissioner Hayes-Santos proposes legalization of toplessness


During Thursday’s General Policy Committee meeting, Gainesville City Commissioner Adrian Hayes-Santos proposed that female toplessness should be permitted in the City of Gainesville.

The agenda item was titled “Making the code of ordinances gender-neutral,” and it was clear that few, if any, commissioners other than Hayes-Santos had read the backup. Mayor Lauren Poe had excused himself from the meeting a few minutes before the item came up, saying, “I absolutely support making our entire City organization, ordinances and everything else, gender neutral, so if that comes up I am absolutely in support of that.”

In introducing the topic, Hayes-Santos said, “This was brought to me by neighbors early last year about their concerns about the gender discrimination in our City code. I believe our laws in our city should not discriminate based on gender, and our laws do discriminate based on what gender you are. We should change our codes… to allow any gender to do what are currently allowed by men. Men have the most rights in our community, and every gender should have the same rights that men currently do in our city.”

He also said that any portions of the code that specify gender should be replaced with gender-neutral terms because “there are many people in our community who are not reflected in our City code, neighbors who are non-binary or gender fluid, and that should change.”

Commissioner Gail Johnson said she had just looked at the backup and “I was excited and then I was completely horrified.” She said she supported making the language in the codes “more inclusive specifically around identity,” but when she saw the research about toplessness laws, “like my jaw dropped, and it is about revising language around public nudity to make female toplessness legal with what I feel is under the guise of being discriminated against because of their gender, right? So I’m personally offended because I wonder where this came from and why we are talking about it.”

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Johnson continued, “Women do not care right now whether or not they can be topless in public. What we care about is equal pay for equal work. We care about, you know, the compassionate treatment of rape victims and sexual assault victims, we care about the child care crisis happening in our city… So like why are we talking about female toplessness?”

Hayes-Santos replied, “There are multiple women that I’ve spoken to who do feel discriminated against. I understand your thoughts, but there are other people in our community that have different feelings.”

Commissioner Gigi Simmons said she agreed “100%” with Johnson.

Commissioner Reina Saco said she didn’t want to put words in Hayes-Santos’ mouth, but “we might have people who identify as non-binary but who might be penalized by our penal system as male or female, as how they present themselves, and that is part of the whole ‘Can I go topless?’ issue… It might be a concern for those of our transgender neighbors who police might identify as male or female, and that could have consequences… I was at first a little horrified as well, saying it is two different issues, but I could see where de-gendering that part is part of protecting our transgender and our nonbinary neighbors who police might not have the appropriate empathy at the moment to identify a person as non-binary or their appropriate gender based on, you know, whether a person has breasts of a certain nature.”

During public comment, a woman who was identified as Hannah Hill said,  “I am in favor of this. You see, society for a large time, for all of history really, has been centered around the man and, like, this patriarchal society, and not only by making this language more inclusive and de-gendering it, are we promoting inclusiveness and eliminating the inequality between the binary genders, but we are then including the non-binary genders left in the gray matter of these language structures, so it is really important for me, as a female who grew up in this society where it is man, man, man, man, man, to kind of see us go forward… They were asking why topless laws are being talked about in this gender neutralization… As a female, the sexuality, the inherent sexuality that comes with nudity needs to be culturally depleted, like we need to get rid of that. And the only way to do that is to neutralize it… Europe being a leading example… You see less problems with sexual assault, with rape, you see these topics being talked about in a more open fashion, less taboos are being generated around this subject. Ultimately, you are curing generations of trauma going forward.”

The commission voted unanimously (with Ward and Poe absent) to ask staff to do a full presentation on the topic for a future General Policy Committee meeting.

  • Can someone please do something about Stupid Santos? Every single day he reveals just how much of an idiot he truly is. I hope people don’t want the “equal” stupid he displays. I don’t know if he’s married or has kids but my God, if he is/does, they must cringe every time they go out in public. Where did he go to school? Did he even graduate or did his teachers just push him through the system? What an embarrassment he must be to his parents. If he doesn’t have children, I hope he never propagates. We don’t need stupid people like him making decisions for those of us who have not only more intelligent thoughts, but a whole lot more common sense.

    On second thought, he may just be a pervert and need to see women running around topless so he can get his rocks or whatever he believes he has between his legs.

    The only ordinance that needs to be implemented is preventing him or someone like him/her, (gender neutral), from even holding a publicly elected office.
    If his fellow commissioners had any common sense of their own, they would censure him.

  • I find this thread amusing. Technically, he is probably correct in that the law against toplessness is discriminatory. If people want to be topless, let them. Probably not the most important problem facing our city – I think the right to breath would be more important than the right to being topless, but sometimes it is nice to have a distraction from real problems.

    • Bare breathed ladies would definitely be a distraction. What would we do then to the distracted drivers who run over pedestrians driving around University Ave while gawking at the views? Better yet, with some who would sit in their vehicles and jerk off lusting upon the women who choose to exercise their newfound “right” to bear all?
      A fresh new can of worms would be opened up around Gainesville but I guess it is appropriate…it is turning into quite the $h!t of a community.

  • glad I moved to N Ga in 2015, disgusting city/county of Gainesville Alachua Fla

  • I’m in total disbelief at this proposal. Like congress and senate too busy to read a law change just go with it. The city economy is already suffering from covid-19 can you imagine how many parents would pull their children from the colleges rather than exposing them to the moral decay they would be seeing here in Gainesville. Enough of the the liberal ideas.

    • They’ll never pull their children. In fact, it is the infiltration of liberal ideas being imposed and taught in so-called “centers of higher learning” that is the greatest cause of moral decay in this country. Take a look at the recent election mapping results and you will see that the central locations of liberal voting was centered around college-aged populations. Between students who don’t think they should pay for a college degree and others who think it is the government’s job of providing things to it’s residents, no wonder we will soon see the United States as not only a fiscally incompetent country but a country that has no social or moral values.
      Need proof? Look at the mass exodus of people from the Northeast and Northwest, yes, even that eutopia of California, who are fleeing for locales of lower taxes, less crime and more freedom from government. The only problem is they are bringing many of the destructive ideals to the states they are relocating to. They resemble a swarm of locusts that destroys everything in their path and move on to the next victim.

  • I’m disgusted at this. I have a 3yr old daughter and I don’t want her growing up around this crap. I’m sorry we moved here. It’s getting worse and worse. You want equality have men put on a shirt! Not allow women to take it off.. why are we catering to mental illness & enabling it ?? I was a psych nurse & you know a thing called dsmv5.. it’s an illness all this transgender stuff. To each his own but why change everyone’s lives to suit theirs. It’s maddening.

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