City Leaders advocate continued exercise of preventive measures against coronavirus

Press release from City of Gainesville

Gainesville City Commissioners continue to urge all neighbors to follow CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of coronavirus, including the use of facial coverings. The appeal comes as the coronavirus positivity rate in Alachua County steadily increased in the last two weeks of March to 2.62 percent.

At its April 1 meeting, the Gainesville City Commission unanimously approved a motion to publicly acknowledge its renewed commitment to preventive measures in the interest of protecting public health. The motion also asked neighbors in support of those measures to contact their city and county elected officials to keep mask mandates in place.

Nearly 79,000 individuals in Alachua County had received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of March. Yesterday (April 5), vaccine eligibility expanded in Florida to include all individuals age 16 and older.

  • The “fools” leading the city met appropriately on…April Fool’s Day.

    We appeal to them to resign and move westward. Follow the science and shut up.

    Ironic they don’t call on persons opposed to their draconian orders to contact city and county elected officials. Typical liberal hypoCrats.

      • So says the “person,”…as your King and his/her/it’s court would say because let’s not forget else he/she/it may have you thrown in the dungeon for not adhering to gender neutrality, who doesn’t want to acknowledge it is current leadership’s policies that are causing financial hardships on all races…and sexes in the community.

        Speaking of 2020, you’ll be wishing it was when you get your latest tax bill.

        It really is sad that many of you liberals claim to be “progressive.” Progressively what? The only thing progressive about liberal
        agendas is the desire by which they want to covertly maintain social order over minority populations. In this town in particular, how they want to control what one is able to do on their property. Blame someone else for everything they don’t agree with unless of course that someone is themselves, then they tend to close their eyes. (See southern border)

        It is even more amazing that many of you believe the things the biased media feeds you. If only you could use half your brain, that may be all you use, but at least use it effectively to actually interpret the things you read, (correctly).

        One more thing regarding 2020. Hindsight really is 2020, hopefully we won’t but if we do see a path of destruction in 2022 lying behind us, you too will see the “realtruth2020” and remember this small conversation.

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