City observes Juneteenth on June 19

Press release from City of Gainesville

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – In observance of the Juneteenth holiday, City offices will be closed Wednesday, June 19.

The Regional Transit System (RTS) will provide its holiday service, which runs between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Please visit the RTS website and schedule pages for more information.

Residential curbside refuse collection services will be not be affected by the holiday.

All three city pools will be open regular hours on the holiday.

  • When is ’emancipation’ day for me? When I don’t have to fund this welfare BS anymore?

    • Look up the stats before you blabber racism. Majority of government benefit recipients are white with majority being republicans (the irony of them hating poor people).

      • Kracken: yep, a little more “welfare” goes to Whites, something like 39% verses 38% to Blacks. Given that Whites are 70% of the population and Blacks are 13% there are clearly more Blacks on welfare than Whites. Or don’t you get that “proportional” thing?

        As to “the majority” of welfare recipients being White Republicans oh please dude, link us to something to back up that absurd statement. You can’t do that of course, because it isn’t true. It’s YOU who need to “look up stats” before you comment.

        • I suspect Kracken is one of those Biden believers…you know….”truth before facts” kind of guy?

      • The ONLY way your BS statement is remotely true is that you are including PAID for SS & Medicare! Those are PAID for genius! It’s you leftists that vote for FREEBIES to you PAID for by someone else!

  • What troopers these people are, willing to take another day off for our benefit.

  • Ironic, the entity that claims to want to celebrate the end of slavery actually keeps their constituency in chains by the incessant raising of GRU rates and taxes.
    Hey, you can’t fix someone who doesn’t want to be – or people really are that gullible. Sad, really sad.

  • I am curious as to why the leftist run governments find it necessary to celebrate for a MONTH, the freedom of a single ethnic group, while spending a single day for the freedom of the whole nation.

    • Controllers worship the cosmos (fallen stars) and especially our Sun. Both of these celebrations are astrologically based…Juneteenth is tied to the Summer Solstice and Fourth of July is tied to the Sirius constellation’s conjunction with our Sun (Sirius is the Blue Star or the Dog Star, hints Dog Days of Summer). The LGBT stuff is just to irritate and confuse people and obviously it must be held in the sixth month!

      I don’t put much energy into any of these federal holidays, as they’re mostly tied to pagan Sun worship.

      • The old logo for Sirius Satelite Radio was a dog with blue font.

        New Sirius/XM logo is a blue serpent (S) wrapped around a star/pentagram.

      • Uh dude, Christianity’s major holidays correlate to ancient fecundity celebrations and solar events. Christmas – with the tree – is within a few days of the winter solstice and Easter – with rabbits and eggs is in tune with spring time fertility celebrations. “Easter” gets its name from Eostre, the goddess of spring.

        New religions sought to rope in practitioners of the ancient celebrations and the symbolism of renewal at both those major holidays is right in tune with them.

        • I know this…Which is why I said “ I don’t put much energy into any of these federal holidays, as they’re mostly tied to pagan Sun worship.” Read the list of Fed Holidays…Christmas is included.

          Not all Christians blindly follow the Roman-inspired holiday calendar.

          • Exactly, Jazzman is obviously not familiar with Orthodox or true Protestant Christianity.

          • OK, but the vast majority of Christians celebrate these holidays and the “Fed Holidays” follow them, not visa versa. This is not some conspiracy of the federal government as you imply but of the mainstream Christian churches trying to capture the popularity of ancient holidays of their time. In fact Christianity shares certain themes with these ancient religions beyond dates of celebration, primarily in the sacrifice of a king or god to ensure the harvest.

        • Jesus was crucified right before the Jewish Passover. That completely explains the timing of Easter. It’s not tied to any pagan festival or any other such nonsense. Easter really should be the same time/week as Passover, and usually it’s within a few weeks or so.

          • Given that the gospels were not written contemporaneously with the crucifixion and so can be questioned for accuracy, the Romans, not the Jews crucified Jesus, though Passover can also be viewed as a springtime celebration of rebirth and renewal.

          • Passover commemorates the first Passover feast when the Angel of Death killed the firstborn of anyone who hadn’t put the blood of a lamb around their doors as instructed. While the descendants of Jacob/Israel were slaves in Egypt.

  • Why do BOTH hardcore Dem voter blocs get month-long celebrations? Pride and June 19 (which begins in mid-May here) are used to indoctrinate voters and children, to normalize the gaslighting they’ve grown accustomed to. So they won’t question what’s really happening to the entire community 👹👺🤡

    • They can’t make up their minds about what day to have a parade? Seems the logical choice seeing as how they have difficulties making other decisions.
      If that’s not it, I don’t know.

  • They schedule the Gay Pride Parade on the same weekend in October as Tom Petty’s birthday, which is when they have the annual Tom Petty festival. They can’t let that dead straight white male have his own weekend.

  • The comment section of this site is vile. A bunch of keyboard warriors…

    • Not much variation in the regulars, from normal right wing, get off my lawn types to full blown MAGA imaginary warriors. Personal insults are the most common response to challenging any of their ideas.

      • And then there’s you, the expert on Easter who doesn’t even know it happened during the weekend of the Passover.

        • Uh, since I married into a Jewish family and have been to many Passover dinners where the service was read (and a setting for Elijah put out) – and as an ex-Christian, am also well aware of when Easter is each year, I know when these holidays occur – in the spring and both celebrate renewal just like the ancient fertility religions which flourished then and before them.

  • Sorry but the cover graphic is reedikyulos. Juneteenth is the day celebrated because a tired old and not that heroic white general arrived in Galveston to announce that the civil war was over and that Lincoln’s Emancipation proclamation applied, but only in confederate states like Texas. Slaves in Biden’s state of Delaware were still legally enslaved until the 13th Amendment was adopted on Dec 18th 1865. Anyway, Florida had nothing to do with Juneteenth, and, altho there were many brave andAfrican Americans who fought heroically in the US civil war, there was no breaking the bonds by the enslaved, it was a bureaucratic announcement after roughly 500,000 mostly white people had died in combat over the issue. It would make a lot more sense to celebrate on Dec 18 every year, . . . but that’s so close to Christmas, or Solstice, or whatever, so yeah, let’s do Juneteenth!

    • Lincoln announced the Emancipation Proclamation on Jan 1, 1863 and by the end of the CW 3.5 million slaves were freed as a result as Union forces advanced with many slaves joining the Union army, and helping to snowball it’s successes. It also demoralized southerners in conquered areas and caused many slave holders to flee.

      Sounds like something to celebrate to me.

      PS Something like 360,000 of those CW dead were Union soldiers – including some blacks – while the approx 260,000 Confederate dead were fighting to maintain slavery, not end it.

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