City of Archer and NAACP formally oppose GRU solar farm in Archer

Neighbors of the solar array attended the Archer City Commission meeting on April 12


Neighbors of a proposed solar project in Archer are continuing to pressure Alachua County to deny a zoning exemption for the solar array, and they’ve had some recent victories, including a resolution from the City of Archer and a letter from the NAACP.

The zoning exemption is being sought by Origis, which won a Power Purchase Agreement from Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) to build the array. Archer residents first showed up at a Gainesville City Commission meeting on March 4, asking the City to select a different site for the array. 1,574 people have signed a petition launched by the neighbors. A March 23 public hearing to consider the zoning exemption was postponed and the planning hearing process restarted; the hearing has not yet been rescheduled. An April 12 joint meeting between the Alachua County Commission and Archer City Commission was also postponed, reportedly because of technical issues.

On April 8, the Alachua County Branch of the NAACP issued a letter to the Alachua County Commissioners and Alachua County Manager, stating that “the NAACP stands in support of the citizens of Archer in opposition to the Sand Bluff Solar Project in Archer Florida,” and on April 12, the Archer City Commission unanimously passed a resolution opposing the proposed solar facility.

  • Again my reply is that the property that currently provides biomass destruction for energy production should be used. The City/GRU also have other areas to place panels that are already used to facilitate power generation, potable water, waste water and other activities.

    Where’s the feed in program that are more beneficial to owners to help bring in solar….it’s where they scrapped it.

    I will sign the petition!

  • I think we should raze every city and county commissioner’s home and give the property back to whoever are the indigenous owner’s descendants. Combine that with putting a solar panel farm on an elevated platform on University Ave. and we will have accomplished a portion of the “woke” community’s agendas.
    We’ll have a roof over the heads for the homeless community, a path that can be maintained as pedestrian and bicycle only, a clean energy source and people can feel better about themselves.

    I guess they’re not that “woke” but they still reek with hypocrisy.

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