City of Gainesville requires all employees to get first dose of COVID-19 vaccine by September 14


Other provisions in Feldman’s memorandum include a requirement for the general public to be masked in order to interact with or receive service from GRU employees

A memo to all Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) employees yesterday from General Manager Ed Bielarski laid out the plan for getting all City of Gainesville employees vaccinated by October 14, 2021. That leaves employees just over 60 days to become fully vaccinated.

Bielarski wrote, “the direction of the Commission was clear and indivisible: All employees will receive the COVID vaccine. The only questions were when and with what exemptions?”

City Manager Memorandum No. 210040 is attached to the memo, with the full response from the City’s charter officers to the City Commission’s directive to implement a mandatory vaccination policy.

The August 12 Memorandum from City Manager Lee Feldman lays out the charter officers’ response to the City Commission’s 8-part motion on August 5. The plan to require vaccines for employees states that all employees will be required to attest to their vaccination status, including proof of vaccination, by September 7. All employees who have not provided evidence of vaccination will be required to demonstrate that they have received at least the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by 5 p.m. on September 14. “Any employee who fails to meet this condition of employment, shall be subject to progressive disciplinary action in accordance [sic] Personnel Policy E-3… and their respective collective bargaining agreements.” All employees must receive the final dose by 5 p.m. on October 14. “Employees may request accommodation for medical or religious reasons, in accordance with State and Federal law, upon presentation to [Employee Health Services] (for medical) or Human Resources (for religious) of sufficient documentation to demonstrate the need for the accommodation.”

Other provisions in Feldman’s memorandum include a requirement for the general public to be masked in order to interact with or receive service from GRU employees: “Non-complying individuals will first be offered a mask, then service will be denied if a mask is then not worn.”

The City Commission voted to provide a paid day off to all employees who get vaccinated, but the charter officers decided that “Since the definition of leave (paid time off) varies among employees based upon hours work [sic] and leave classification, the Charter Officers will implement a $250 cash incentive to all employees who have demonstrated that they received the first dose of a vaccine by 5 p.m., September 14, 2021.”

Any employee traveling outside of Alachua County, involving an overnight stay on official City business, is required to be fully vaccinated.

The full memos may be read here.

  • Sounds like a MASSIVE strike and shut down of the City of Gainesville on 14Sept2021 in order!!!! Grow some balls people, push back!!!!

    • they will just pay them not to work…
      They need to protest in front of city hall and I would Love
      To attend! Everyone get out your horns & body paint!
      It may end up like the capitol. Let’s plan on 90 days from today…and to quote Tom Petty..”and we won’t back down!”…

      • My bad…Let’s plan on sept 14th! That’s 09/14/21
        City hall…dress for the occasion…horns, paint, pitchforks. Please wear your mask for this occasion!!

        • Remember this is a peaceful protest just like antifa or a BLM peaceful protest.. 09/14/21 City Hall.
          We have the right to assemble peacefully…
          This is a peaceful protest. All GRU employees,
          Union members, city workers are encouraged to attend and participate. Members of the public,
          Please tell your friends, & family…now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their city and country. God bless America.

        • Leave the pitchforks home, though… A massive entirely peaceful protest is what is needed.

  • They should be used to getting jabbed like the rest of the city residents…the Communist City Commission and GRU jabs it up our @rses every day.

    To borrow an idea from Wacko Saco, maybe someone will “assist” with jabbing the commissioners with their vaccinations.

    All you liberals, keep on believing…

  • If the vaccine works, why are they still wearing the
    Masks? Vaccine passports pleeeze! And what about
    Natural immunity?— The test is violative of the 4th
    Amendment and isn’t my medical info private? Are they
    Creating a national data base of who’s vaccinated?—-
    In Germany there was some graffiti that said: “gas the
    Unvaccinated”… we will not be able to do anything If
    We don’t get the “mark of the beast”. I am healthy and
    Have a perfect natural immunity and the mob wants
    To grab me at gunpoint and put something in me that
    May cause blood clots, inflammation, & kill me? All
    Neighbors are welcome in GNV? Not Christian ones.
    If you don’t take the shot, you will get run down a cold steel
    Rail and nailed to a cross…”they know not what they do”…

  • The local economy will not recover from another
    Lockdown. People love it when they get paid not
    To work. Welcome to hell. There’s no freedom with
    That control…and the children will have major psychological issues…

    • At the 9/14/21: turn the whole downtown into an autonomous zone. It can be like another Woodstock at
      Bo Diddley plaza. Our song can be “we won’t back down” by local rebel T. Petty. The peaceful protest
      Will end when we get our freedom back. No tests, no shots! No tests! No Shots!

  • Trust the science? Yeah, you Darwinians & Covidians came out
    Of the primordial stew from algae. Us creationists
    Were made by god. Our inalienable rights are from
    God. Our US constitution was framed by people
    Who believed in god. We have freedom of religion.
    The great deceiver is so good that he makes you
    Think he does not exist. I hope that shot doesn’t
    Turn you all into leper’s…only those who have faith
    As in a mustard seed will be healthy. God bless America
    And the US constitution!

  • The workers and organizers need to start a “go fund me”now so
    People can be fed and other patriots can be bussed
    In…money needs to be raised so the event can be
    Advertised on tv, radio, & print. Musicians need gas $,
    Signs need to be made, etc. what’s the attire for 9/14/21? Barbarian…it will definitely make international news and will be the shot heard around the world.
    We are in control of our own medical decisions!
    Freedom! freedom!!

  • Hey! Wait a second!! —-Didn’t Desantis say something
    About NO Covid Passports for Florida in an executive order?
    Forcing employees (coercing) them to get the shot by
    9/14/21 may be violative of his executive order and it’s
    Unconstitutional too!… damn these commie bastards!
    They use the fear and death card in their propaganda…
    “ but people are dying!!!—-it’s all “the big lie” and the road
    To a commie fascist one world government where everyone will be equally miserable…”papers pleeeze”!
    My health info is private , it’s between me and my doctor, not
    Fascist politicians! Desantis needs to put the city & county on notice that he may withhold state funding if they don’t comply with his order!

    • Digital ID attached to a digital $….they are trying
      To do away with cash and control every aspect of
      Your life…it will have your medical history. Can even tell your temperature, heartbeat, location, microphone, etc.
      Yeah, big brother new world order reset. All under guise
      Of pandemic…you been hoodwinked!!

      • Of course you know that everyone who’s on “da welfare”
        Is for the ID2020 plan. Hey, kitty kitty kitty, —hey kitty kitty kitty…I’m surprised old Kat BigMac hadn’t brought this up…meeeow!!!

  • Let’s request copies of the City and County Commission vaccine documents including those who qualified for exemptions.

  • I listened to a podcast recently where Brad Dacus from the Pacific Justice Institute said that his organization would defend people in any state regarding vaccine mandates, and they don’t charge money.

    • The religious exemption for Florida may not work
      In other states like NY who are now requiring proof
      Of Vax to go into a restaurant. Does anyone know
      If a “medical exemption” would suffice in place of
      Proof of vaccination in other states? Religious exemption and medical exemption are two different things…question: if you are a Florida resident and
      Florida doesn’t require Covid passport, does our status
      As a Florida citizen give us any special rights if we
      Travel to another state like NY? Is their a safe passage
      Act between states? Is this something a “convention
      Of the states” should address?

      • I would like to see someone challenge the “proof of vaccination” requirement for everyday things, such as going to a restaurant, on the basis of being a HIPAA violation. If an employee requires it, that is one thing. I’d like to see someone submit a letter from the doctor stating that the vaccine(s) were given, but withhold info such as manufacturer, lot, etc, since working for a non-healthcare type entity (for example, you work for City of Gainesville) bc it really is a HIPAA violation if it’s not for protection on a regular basis from people whom you serve. In the hospitals, for example, you regularly encounter people sick with any number of maladies and have a very significantly higher risk of illness. The city employees in most positions, public safety the obvious exception, will rarely encounter someone who is sick and infectious with Covid and there is little data regarding transmittability of those who are positive, but asymptomatic. The science, historically, shows that those cases rarely result in transmission if normal PPE (as needed) and proper distancing are followed. I’d bet that the courts would agree that there are limits to what info an employer may receive with regards to vaccines if they aren’t in a high risk profession. In that case, a short note or letter from the doctor should suffice.

        All of these places mandating vaccinations and the stories about the mandates keep mentioning the first shot and the talking head(s) for the employers (in this case, the GCC) keeps saying first shot. What about those who take one of the one shot regimens, such as J & J? If they are mandating a two shot regimen as the only acceptable, I would fight that and demand to know if the municipality is receiving any money from Pfizer or Moderna in return for mandating only those vaccines? Obviously, they aren’t following the science!!! Many studies, since the first from Penn State University was released, have found that if you’ve had symptomatic Covid and your doc draws an antibody test and the result falls above a certain level, then you only need one shot of any vaccine. The case of having had symptomatic Covid acts just like the first shot in the two shot regimen and has begun production of the antibodies and, to a certain extent, has helped to increase antibody production. The first shot would act like the second shot in someone with no exposure and push the body to make antibodies quickly and maintain accelerated and increased rates of production. This is often the stage where breakthrough infections occur bc the body is being pushed to the limit for antibody production and the larger amounts can overwhelm the body. I had two different bouts of symptomatic Covid, July-Sept, 2020 and Dec, 2020-Feb, 2021. It wasn’t fun, but Id also worked in healthcare for a long time. Two months after the second bout was over, my doc had an antibody test run. The results were astounding: my antibodies were off the chart. I knew I’d get a vaccine, but wasn’t sure which. After discussing it with my PCP, I elected to get the Johnson & Johnson one injection. The reasons were simple and based upon science and the statistics. First, J & J uses already tested and used technology (it uses the same technology for annual influenza vaccines). Second, my antibodies were actually already at a level that most of the studies showed I didn’t need any vaccine. Frankly, I didn’t want to risk the possibility of the antibodies degrading or declining in number, as many researchers were suggesting would occur. I contacted people I knew at the CDC regarding the studies to see if they were planning to adjust in response to this hard data and in keeping with the promise to follow the science. No changes were going to happen at that time and a person getting a two shot vaccine could not be considered fully vaccinated unless taking the 2nd dose, regardless of what their lab tests showed. It’s been almost 5 months since I took my one injection. Two weeks ago, we did another antibody test (my doc is trying to follow as many people willing to help her data collection so she can show if any single vaccine is better in antibody production, longevity of antibodies, and the effects of the vaccine in those who had symptomatic Covid versus those who didn’t have it). My antibody levels are still about 25 times higher than the pre-vaccine test and an analysis of the antibodies show that more continue to be produced and they are lasting much longer than anticipated!! I’m quite happy to only have taken the single dose regimen, as I’m worried about if my body might have ramped up production of the viral spike protein would I have possibly faced a third symptomatic case via a breakthrough infection?

        I urge people to do their research and talk with their docs and decide based upon research and consultation. Don’t do it just bc political or media hacks are screaming that the sky is falling. There are many groups of people who should NOT take the vaccine, but should only do so after consulting their doc. The doc may have other options, such a different vaccine from the many out there, that would be better based upon your health issues. Someone who’s had symptomatic Covid, is immunocompromised, or has had strange things occur from other vaccines should most definitely consult their physician bc each type of vaccines being offered uses different vectors of action and some, such Moderna and Pfizer, are the very first meds/vaccines of their type. Those are the ones that people really need to research, ask questions, and converse with your docs to get the best information for you!! Don’t be scared by groups on side of the issue for those newer technologies and stick to conversations by knowledgeable people. Anyone who comes forwarded just beating up on people who may disagree with some of the points should send up red flags, since no one right now has every single answer yet. Additionally, anyone not willing to discuss little things or concede that they don’t have all the answers yet or the fact that there very well could be negative effects in the short or near term still waiting to be discovered, in my opinion anyway, are people to avoid bc they’ll do more damage or good!

  • Cold Strike: Start calling in “sick” now, as much as you can get away with. Give them a “taste” of a strike.

    • Yes. Excellent idea. Start calling in sick now…give them
      A taste of a strike..time is of the essence… a

      • Calling in sick makes their coworkers work harder to pick up their slack and those people who called in don’t get paid… Sounds like a terrible idea

  • FYI “vaccine passports” are a required document for a customer to obtain service from a business (FL cruise lines to board the ship & NYNY restaurants to enter) They were banned in FL by the governor but Carnival Lines won a court injunction allowing them to require it of their passengers.
    Vaccination requirements by an employer are permitted (Shands requires employees annual seasonal flu vaccination)
    No idea how medical & religious exemptions work? (or don’t?)
    Normally employers wait for a vaccine to receive full FDA approval. COVID vaccines are still “emergency use” but Fauci said he expects full approval by end of August.
    The story is evolving!

  • Yes. Let’s coerce doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, police, firefighters, utility workers, etc. to accept an agent that induces cells to make a potentially lethal toxic substance in multiple tissues throughout their bodies, and for which there is no data regarding long term complications — what could possibly go wrong?

    • Yes. We are being coerced to take the shot, or else?
      What are we to do?— When they come knocking on
      Your door, and you’re backed into a corner and have
      No place to go, there’s always the castle doctrine…

  • Don’t all government employees deserve special treatment and selective enforcement because they are essential, so they should receive extra reparations and exemptions because they are better than the lowly General Public? Blacks, Jews, and all government employees should not be subject to the same lethal Experimental Injections that the General Public is going to be forced to take.

    Bottom Line is only Straight White Males who don’t work for the government and don’t have special Rockefeller ties should be forced to take the Experimental Injections. Equity For All Privileged Essential Workers and All Perpetually-Victimized Special Interest Groups in their War Against Whitey Goyim!

    Can’t the Special Privilege Essential Worker People just go through the motions and get a Saline Injection (maybe like the one Fauci/Biden/Kamala got on camera for proper Corporate Covid photo op scam)? Maybe the Privileged Essential Worker Class can get the Saline Injection and pocket the $250 cash incentive and make out like a real masked bandit.

    Phonies and Slobs of the Arrogant Mobs Quickly Transformed to Covid Cult Snobs

    • Fake ballots, fake election , fake president, fake pandemic, fake Covid card….

  • savethemales: According to Chabad, Jews themselves are “God”. Usury is permitted and encouraged against non-Jews (This is the motive of the NWO bankers). Chabad’s movement book “The Tania” is all about the Jews being God on Earth and non-Jews as being no more than animals – inferior without souls. If they do have souls their souls are demonic and satanic and originate in the “Klipot A’thmeot” i.e. the unholy spheres or the “Sitrha Achra”

    savethemales: Gentiles are animals without souls in their eyes.  The “Jewish Soul” is God incarnate.  Every Jew is a “God” in flesh. The entire universe including the trillions of galaxies, stars, and planets were created solely for the Jews and by the Jewish God YHVH who is actually a manifestation of the Jewish people itself. One fingernail of a Jew is worth more than the entire non-Jewish world populations (That includes Europeans, Muslims, Asians, and Africans) according to Chabad

    savethemales: Chabad is nothing more than a manifestation of the Jewish racism that fuels the NWO agenda. Israel’s founder and former prime minister David Ben Gurion envisioned the Jews as being at the center of the One World Government (Illuminati Satanic NWO) dream. This will be the fulfillment of the promises of the Bible where the Jews will be the controllers and rulers of all the nations of the world in the time to come.

    Which Tribe is Gainesville City Manager Lee Feldman rooting for?

  • Informed consent…informed consent!….informed!! consent!!!
    We are being coerced!!! No travel, no job, no restaurant
    If don’t get experimental vaccine that’s not FDA approved!
    Now they want to pay you $100 or $250 to take the shot.
    The spike protein shortens your telameres. What
    Does this mean? It means that you may die of old age
    faster or that you may age faster. DO NOT BE COERCED
    What happens if you have an adverse reaction?
    Who indemnifies that? I don’t want to end up with
    Parkinson’s or turrets syndrome or be in a wheel chair
    With a drool bucket for the rest of my life or dead.
    —I want to wait until it’s at least FDA approved and I’ll
    Think about it then. I am in control of my own medical
    Decisions. Take the vaccine or else? Or else what?
    You should be terrified of the mob grabbing you at
    Gunpoint and giving you a medical procedure that you
    Don’t want. Lobotomy is a procedure, sterilization is a
    Procedure…they can stick their test and the shot, and
    A recital thermometer all in the same place. —Get up!, stand up!! Stand up for your rights!!! We have Constitutional rights, if we don’t have them, then we have nothing. I don’t trust the political establishment! When will the Covid
    Experiment end? If you take the shot, it should end, right? No sir, there’s no end in sight. It’s medical tyranny
    To control the planet. You should be terrified what the future may hold…these may indeed be the end days.
    I’m sure you’ve all seen that cartoon of the old guy with
    The beard holding the sign (the end is near)… —yeah, we’re from the government and we’re here to help. The test and the
    Shot may be a biological weapon to your immune system.
    And then there’s the religious reasons too…they don’t
    Care about the religious reasons because government wants to be your god.

    • TELOMERES…research it!——And read the original
      Hippocratic oath…”…shall give no poison”!
      Shall do no harm”…and the oath was made between
      The doctor & the gods…

      • So what’s the problem? Spike proteins shorten telomeres…now you now.

  • Herd immunity works. If you want to get the shot,
    That’s your decision. Don’t force your political will
    On me using the mob. If you got the shot, then there’s
    Nothing for you to worry about, right?…if the shot works, then you don’t
    Have to worry about me being unvaccinated. You worry
    About you, I’ll worry about me…you’re not the boss of me…my life is in the hands of the maker…

  • Hippocratic oath: I shall do no harm.
    Is abortion a violation of the oath to the unborn child? Yes.
    Is a doctor giving you an experimental vaccine that may have
    Adverse affects on you a violation of the oath? Yes.
    Is this oath made before god??—if the shot is being
    Used for political purposes, or against your religion,
    Is this ethical? NO

    • That’s not even the hippocratic oath. Sounds like you’re just on this to spread misinformation…

      • Commie Alert!! You’re probably the commie that hates spring county…Of course it’s the oath…you are
        Spreading disinformation…post the original Greek oath! Go ahead… double mask, take the shot, & go to
        Your safe place you snowflake…

      • Mr Right is more evidence of how liberals are so WRONG! You can’t teach stupid.

        I would like to see how many of you liberal idiots are willing to go help the Afghan people escape the atrocities being committed against them by the Taliban. Bunch of hypocrites who claim to want to help people.

        Keep on believing the BS they keep feeding you.

  • Cold Strike: Just two days per week…call in “sick”…Start closing them down. Action….not words.
    “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can’t hit what the eyes can’t see.”

  • A friend just told me a story: his daughter who’s a lawyer was with a group of lawyers
    In a NYC restaurant last week. A few of the lawyers were
    Unvaccinated…they all had to leave the restaurant…this is BS. This is like Jim Crow for the unvaccinated.
    Yeah, Biden..this is discrimination and unconstitutional..
    Now I know how a black person felt when they couldn’t sit
    At the lunch counter. In fact, Rosa Parks wouldn’t have been able to sit
    In the back of the bus if she didn’t have the shot.
    If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black? Got it!
    So what about all the people of color who don’t
    Want the shot Joe??

  • I’m not taking the shot. But I will be traveling to NY next week…Is the nasal swab test thing safe?
    I don’t want them infecting me with something.
    Please advise. Are they putting that swab DNA
    On a national database?

  • Anyone know if Iran & Afghanistan have mandated
    Covid Jab? In Iran, there religion is their gov..

  • “PROGRESSIVE” disciplinary action…
    Of course! That’s the finest kind!
    And the only kind one would expect to receive in our little blue authoritarian city…

  • Dr. Robert Malone invented mRNA vaccine technology. He is warning everybody not to take the “jab.” In an interview beginning at the 35 minute mark, Malone gets into the heart of the dilemma we face. He makes it crystal clear that the authorities were wrong and that there is no hope that vaccines are the answer. He makes it clear that the delta variant is going to run through the population and no amount of vaccination, masks, and
    lockdowns can do anything about it. The focus must be switched to treatment. There are known effective treatments, and more are under development and testing. Malone himself was cured by Ivermectin. The pablum puking neurotic idiots on the city commission do not talk about treatment. They only insist on dangerous “vaccines” that are more likely to kill than COVID itself. Read about it here https://www.lewrockwell.com/2021/08/paul-craig-roberts/all-of-the-evidence-is-in-the-covid-vaccine-is-a-failure/

  • >