City of Gainesville selects Dan Zhu, Ph.D., as community’s first Chief Climate Officer

Press release from City of Gainesville

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The City of Gainesville is pleased to announce the selection of Dan Zhu, Ph.D., as its first Chief Climate Officer. Zhu moves into this new position from the Department of Sustainable Development, where she has worked since January 2022. 

“This is an exciting new position and Dr. Zhu is an exceptional choice,” said Gainesville City Manager Cynthia W. Curry. “She knows local government and has a deep understanding of how to approach change in a way that supports all neighbors. She’s an expert in creating equitable ways to promote efficiency and sustainability. And she has lived in Gainesville for more than 12 years.”

While working as a planner for the City, Zhu has interacted with partners at every level, from officials making decisions to speakers attending meetings and neighbors requesting permits. She also serves as the liaison for the City’s Development Review Board and is involved with the Environmental Justice Subcommittee.

Zhu begins in her new role on February 27.

“It’s my great honor to serve the wonderful City of Gainesville. Gainesville is already ahead of the curve when it comes to climate mitigation, but I feel it can benefit more by having a climate action plan in place. My vision is for Gainesville to not only be a climate action leader in Florida but to be the climate action leader of Florida,” said Zhu.

Since joining the Department of Sustainable Development, Zhu has worked on the City’s widely publicized lighting ordinance. Adopted earlier this year, the revision outlined new guidelines for sidewalk lights to meet Florida Department of Transportation lighting standards. This change improves safety and visibility while preserving the local landscape and protecting wildlife.

Prior to joining the City, Zhu did supervisory and research work as a planner in Marion County, where she pushed for policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. She also has traveled the world, preparing the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified campus in Shenyang, China, and developing a plan to fight sea level rise in Pangkalpinang, Indonesia.

Zhu earned a Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Florida. Her research focused on environmental science and sustainability. She has a LEED Green Associate credential, an achievement that signals a high level of knowledge about how to use urban efficiency and sustainability to mitigate climate change.

Today, Zhu is pleased to move into her new position and looks forward to continuing to serve the City of Gainesville.

    • You mean like a hole in the head need? Duh, maybe “Dan” can call up Al Gore and go over more Kyoto Protocol measures, like the Biomass plant fiasco from King Po and Queen Peking Hanrahan? Only another billion dollars again!

  • What the heck is this? What is that office they are coming from? And if the city is so pleased, how about telling the taxpayers how much the salary is.

  • 1. Knows local government ✅
    2. Expert in creating equitable ways to promote efficiency and sustainability ✅
    3. Involved with environmental justice ✅
    4. Climate mitigation ✅
    5. Climate action plan ✅
    6. Pushed for policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions ✅
    7. Prepared a LEED campus in China ✅
    8. Developing a plan to fight sea level rise in Indonesia ✅

    Yep, checks all the boxes and uses all the “catch” words. She obviously doesn’t really know local leadership, (then again maybe she does.) Let’s see if she can increase the efficiency and efficacy of city leadership.

      • Yeah Lyn. Around here they all seem to be super liberal zealots, about 2 times as nonsensical as Kamala Harris! The only person on earth to pick for VP that would make less sense than a senile and dishonest 80 yo who has a son who take bribes from our primary threat/enemy to spend on crack and whore$ while reading dad’s classified papers lying around his “B-zhing” built think-tank office. Then has the nerve to call US companies (Alcoa) and sell them classified info on Russian oligarch.

  • About time! The fog this morning was an absolute “climate emergency”. Please get on this right away before someone gets killed or injured by an unseen oak tree. Oak tree violence is out of control.

  • At least they didn’t persecute her for being Asian and not a victim-crybaby. They’ll probably have to try to humiliate and fire her at some point, Poe-style.

    • I thought “her” name was Dan. Why is everyone calling Dan a “her”? Something fishy here.

  • I wonder what our Governor will say about bringing a mainland chinese person in to our Government?
    I believe that this position serves no useful purpose. What will she be paid?

  • So what do we have here, another climate change fanatic who purports to know how to control the wind and the rain to save the world? Is she merely another CO2 hysteria nutcase who would eliminate all local cows to control cow fart emissions? How many local woke wingnuts actually believe we need a high paid expert in “sustainability” to reduce cow fart emissions so that we can impact the alleged bovine influence on climate change? The answer? Probably half of Gainesville believes this tripe. Why? Because they have been gaslighted into being gullible idiots! Gainesville will NOT lead Florida in fighting “climate change.” It will however lead the way in woke stupidity and insanity.

    • Right on Paco! —why is our local government taking orders from the United Nations? Didn’t they take a loyalty oath to uphold the US and state constitutions? Did Governor Desantis and the state of Florida mandate this? NO—This climate change position is actually unlawful because it falls outside of the city’s urban services boundary line…the C of G has no jurisdiction in our biosphere…that falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government…what we have is great reset new world order global totalitarianism…yeah, it sounds nice…we all want to save the planet…the other items on the agenda are:
      1. End homelessness.
      2. End world hunger.
      3. Social Justice Score.
      4. Digital cash with negative
      Interest rate and destroy the US
      5. CO2 regulation to stop climate
      6. The WHO being able to shut
      down the entire planet and
      usurp the US constitution and
      our sovereignty for the “greater
      7. Destroy private property rights
      and redistribution of wealth in
      the name of equity.
      8. Take away our inalienable
      Rights to protects ourselves
      And protect ourselves from a
      Tyrannical government.
      9. Population control.
      10. Put technology inside your
      Body that makes us
      Transhuman and can
      Determine our carbon
      Footprint by 2030.

      There’s more: you can google Great Reset and WEF for more info…this is the end of freedom and Liberty…this is the most advanced system of global slavery ever devised by man.
      the devil is in the details. Mark of the beast.

      • Shwab from the World Economic Forum (WEF) also said: “ Covid was the perfect cover to implement the Great Reset”…

  • All of the woke buzzwords in all the right places. More virtue signaling costs taxpayers $89K… I bet the highest pollution in the city is midtown, where constant red lights one way roads snarl traffic. These idling cars will smog up the area in no time. Perhaps reparations for inhaling vehicle pollution will be paid to those standing on the street corners in that area protesting the arrival of Ben Sasse.

    • And what they did to Main St was idiotic. Let’s reduce 4 lanes into 2 lanes! That will make traffic move faster.

  • I think the lefties of Gainesville deserve another tax increase to help pay her salary and for the dumb ass policies they will try to implement on the citizens. They get what they vote for and deserve.

  • its just a evil religion to these psychotics! the arrogance & stupidity of a individual to think they can somehow effect a planet thats been around for billions of years just astounds me!

  • Another DEI hiree, two checked boxes. The only climate thing Gainesville should worry about? People in S. Fla. believing it’s the climate, and refugees flood in here!

  • The Chinese are the worst offenders when it comes to pollution. Makes a lot of sense to hire one.

  • City commissioners voted themselves a raise and now this? What a waste of taxpayers money.

    Didn’t they do enough trying to save the planet by mandating the paper straws here? How do you like them paper straws?

  • What a WASTE of TAX PAYER $$$$$$$$$. We DON’T NEED a “Climate Officer” Such Bull****. The demonrats have been pushing climate crap for 70 years now, they keep renaming it because nothing ever happens.

  • What worries me is the title of “Chief officer”. This implies there will be lesser “officers” spawned with this boondoggle. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • What is going on down at city hall? I just read the new salary increases to keep our interim managers on board. Thecity manager salary is going to be $300,000.00 plus. The city manager of Miami, a city of 6 million people, makes about 360K. Time to get these clowns under control. 2023 is to be the year of the people. Politicians take note.

  • o The Earth is not warming very fast.
    o The ocean is not rising at an alarming rate.
    o CO2 is not a potent warming agent. Most climate changes are due to solar radiation.
    o Increased CO2 is already increasing world food production by significant amounts. World hunger is being reduced.
    There are many scientists that think that man-made global warming is not based upon sound science.

    Friends of Science.org is the best website for all the issues of climate change. Amazingly in 2004, Michael Crichton wrote State of Fear about big government using the pretext of climate change to gain massive power.

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