City of Gainesville to Unveil New RTS Electric Buses

Press release from City of Gainesville

The City of Gainesville will unveil three new battery-electric buses at a ribbon-cutting ceremony with community leaders and neighbors. 

When: 3:30 p.m. Thursday, March 18 

Where: GNVCommons (City Parking Lot 10), located downtown at the intersection of SW 1st Ave. and SW 2nd St. 

Details: The zero-emission additions to the Regional Transit System fleet are 40 feet in length and each can accommodate up to 38 seated passengers. Traveling an estimated 150-200 miles per charge, the buses will be connected each evening to a ChargePoint charging station at RTS Headquarters. Each bus is powered by an electric drivetrain and 6 onboard batteries. 

Beginning next month, two of the battery-powered buses will service RTS Route 46 that operates from the Rosa Parks Transfer Station downtown to the University of Florida’s J. Wayne Reitz Union. The third bus is expected to be added into the RTS service rotation this fall. 

For the safety of our community, those attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony are encouraged to wear masks and practice social distancing. After the ceremony, attendees will be able to ride one of the new buses on a short loop while a second bus remains onsite for touring. #RTSgreenmachine is the official hashtag of the event.

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  • Nice looking bus. So how long will it be before it gets plastered with lawyer advertisements ??

    And, OH!, I almost forgot one thing about “Zero Emissions” vehicles. Where do you thing the electricity comes from to charge these things ?? Fossil Fuel Power Plants ?? No…. that just couldn’t be!!! LOL

  • the bus system needs to pay for itself…they should charge
    the appropriate fee to accomplish this….

    • oh!, and I hope RTS doesnt give away their old buses the way
      the alachua county school board gave away their old school buses!!!

  • >