City satisfaction survey results now available

Press release from City of Gainesville

In May, the City of Gainesville, in partnership with market research firm ETC Institute, launched a city satisfaction survey to gather insight about perceptions of city service quality and to learn more about our community’s priorities and concerns. ETC is a national leader in market research for local government organizations and has surveyed more than 2 million people in 900 communities in 49 states since 2010.

The survey was mailed to 7,000 randomly selected neighbors across the four commission districts. A total of 1,042 responses were received, with a minimum of 250 responses per commission district. On Thursday, ETC Institute presented its findings to the commission.

Key Findings

Residents Have a Positive Perception of the City

  • 83% rated Gainesville as an excellent or good place to live; only 8% gave a rating of below average or poor
  • 79% rated Gainesville as an excellent or good place to raise children; only 8% gave a rating of below average or poor

Satisfaction with City Services is Higher in Gainesville Than Other Communities

  • Gainesville rated higher than the U.S. average in 30 of 45 areas
  • Satisfaction with the overall quality of city services rated 20% above the U.S. average

Top Community Priorities Over the Next Two Years

  • Traffic flow on major streets
  • Overall cost of living
  • Employment opportunities

 The study results will be used as a benchmark for future surveys. Survey data will also be used to help enhance organizational performance and set priorities.

View the complete report.

  • They didn’t publish mine…THE CITY OF GAINESVILLE SUCKS!!!
    High taxes, high utility rates, corrupt leadership. THE CITY OF GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA SUCKS!!!

  • This survey is crap. There are over 124,000 people
    Who live in Gainesville and they took a sample of
    7000 and only 1042 people responded? These results
    Are not valid or representative of taxpayer satisfaction…I wonder how much of our money they spent for this
    Biased survey. If I did answer, my answer would have
    Looked like yours realtruth…they bought this junk survey
    To pat themselves on the back and try to make themselves
    Look good…anyone with any brains can see the results of
    This survey are a total farce.

  • they must have circulated this survey among the city commissioners and those who voted for them.

    • You are correct Tony…Their sample was .8% and this is supposed representative
      Of what’s going on? How much taxpayer money did they
      Spend on this survey?

      • Not as much as they spent on the “Be a Hero, Wear a Mask,” BS signs. Our wonderful corrupt leadership.

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