City schedules virtual sessions with Gainesville neighbors and business owners about upcoming disparity study

Press release from City of Gainesville

The City of Gainesville’s Office of Equity and Inclusion invites members of the business community to two virtual informational meetings via Zoom to learn more about its upcoming disparity study.

Noon-1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 18; Register in advance via this link.
5-6:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 26 via this link; Register in advance via this link.

The study is designed to identify disparities in the utilization of minority- and women-owned businesses (MBEs and WBEs) in City procurement. It also will assess whether MBEs and WBEs have the maximum opportunity to compete for, and participate in, the City’s procurement of prime contracts and subcontracts.

The City has secured Griffin & Strong, P.C. to administer the study and interview local business owners about their experiences doing business or attempting to do business with the City and within the Gainesville marketplace.

Registration for the meetings is free and recommended but not required to participate.

  • By far the biggest FUBAR I have ever seen come out of City Hall! What a joke they are!!!!!!!!!

  • The biggest disparity I see is the lack of common sense exhibited by city leadership as compared to many of the 5 year old children I see. I’ve actually seen ostriches that have more common sense than they do.

    Intelligence too! They are also missing that.

    Ward and Poe, they are also missing courage. They’re cowards.

  • “Defund The City of Gainesville’s Office of Equity and Inclusion”

    • Better yet, defund the “city” of Gainesville by 50% tax reductions and zero transfer from GRU. These elected idiots create disparity in the entire city by higher taxes, fees, building requirements, misguided spending, idiotic zoning, on and on. They create the most disparate city in Florida: poor mostly black in east and affluent mostly white in west. Everything they do just cements that, like wasting more funds on a study to tell them what a high school senior could. Pure and simple: Ignorant lying boobs!

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