Colliers employees sue for the return of seized property


Three employees of Colliers International have filed a motion for the immediate return of the property seized when a search warrant was served on their office. The three have already sued the City of Gainesville and the Gainesville Police Department (GPD) regarding the raid.

Jason Hurst, Nicola Moreland, and Bennett Harrell, represented by attorney Jeff Childers, have filed an emergency motion in the criminal case pending against Lauren Edwards, Daniel Drotos, Rory Causseaux, Michael Ryals, Christian Oldenburg, and/or Colliers International.

The filing claims that the Application for Search Warrant leading to the raid was “deeply flawed – if not outright fraudulent… featuring materially false misstatements of fact and material omissions of well-known exculpatory information.” It also claims that GPD improperly characterized the search of a well-established business as a “high risk” search, leading to the SWAT deployment.

Hurst, Moreland, and Harrell say that they were “bystanders… who were unlucky enough to be in the building at the time that the illegal search was conducted.” None of them are involved in the civil lawsuit between Bosshardt, Daniel Drotos, and Michael Ryals, and none of them are suspects in the alleged crime (Hurst is listed as an “involved other” in the original incident report because it was alleged that his Tesla was stolen from Bosshardt). None of them were named in the Application for Search Warrant.

The filing requests the return of Moreland’s laptop and cell phone, Harrell’s cell phone, and Hurst’s cell phone, laptop, watch, backup drives, and memory cards.

Among other problems with the documents leading to the raid, the filing points out that the GPD police report alleging the theft of trade secrets (value $1) is either a wholesale fabrication or fraudulent. As evidence, the filing discusses the inclusion of Jason Hurst’s 2014 Tesla, listed as stolen property, in the report, which was dated July 31, 2020. However, Hurst purchased the Tesla in Illinois in December, 2020, six months after the date of the police report (the bill of sale is included in the filing). Therefore, the filing concludes that the police report, which included the description and tag of this car that wasn’t even in Florida in July, must have been altered or produced sometime after December, 2020.

  • This is so awful! Two months later, these people who weren’t even named in the fraudulent police report still haven’t had their confiscated personal property! And that Mr. Hurst was accused of stealing the car! Is this some tyrannical third world police state?? Is this corruption, incompetence or both? If something like this can happen to these people, it can happen to any of us. I’m so glad Jeff Childers is representing these people. If anyone can get to the bottom of this quicky, it’s him.

  • They should concentrate their investigative prowess into the raping of city residents. Conviscate King Poe’s and his henchmen’s, especially Harvey “Two-Face,” electronic devices and audit their financial accounts to see where they’re funneling the embezzled funds from taxpayers. While they’re at it, go back and audit Hanrahan as well.

  • The longer this drags on, the more the jury is going to award these victims of fraud and abuse by GPD and the SAO.

  • Sure wish these commies had this energy for election integrity…..psh!

      • It sounds like a big unfair competition lawsuit if they lied to have the police interfere with their competitor’s business.

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