Commissioner Manny Diaz, Jr. Announces April Books of the Month

Press release from Florida Department of Education

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Florida Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz, Jr. announced April’s chosen books for the Commissioner’s Book of the Month, a monthly reading challenge to promote literacy and reading engagement in pre-K-12 schools. Each month, Commissioner Diaz highlights five recommended books – one per selected grade range.

“It was great to watch our students undertake the first installment of the book of the month,” said Education Commissioner Manny Diaz, Jr. “This month, we’re highlighting Civil Rights icons Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges, while also emphasizing the importance of perseverance and resiliency.”

The Commissioner’s recommendations for April 2023 are:

  • Pre-K – Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins
  • Grades K-2 – I Am Ruby Bridges by Ruby Bridges
  • Grades 3-5 – The Life of Rosa Parks by Kathleen Connors
  • Grades 6-8 – Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt
  • Grades 9-12 – Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton

The selections, along with guiding questions for educators and parents, can be found each month on the Commissioner’s Book of the Month page of the FDOE website.

  • Just once I’d like to see them name a bus station for someone who GIVES UP their seat for someone else!

    • Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, name a bus station for someone who’d been polite? That, no doubt, would be “politically incorrect” aka non-woke and won’t be happening.

    • As opposed to someone who faced incarceration and violence for taking a stand against racism? Seriously?

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