Commissioner Mary Alford Submits Resignation to Governor DeSantis

Press release from Alachua County

Alachua County Commissioner Mary Alford has submitted her resignation to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 

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In a memo to Alachua County Chair Marihelen Wheeler, Alachua County Attorney Sylvia Torres outlined next steps according to the Florida Constitution and State Statutes.

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  • By some interpretations it appears she deflected the real reason for her resignation. I’ve never been a fan of Ms. Alford’s but she displayed more character than the last publicly elected official who was found to be living in a district other than the one she claimed. Hopefully people will remember both come election time. Character and lack of…hopefully Ms. McGraw will recognize this as a learning opportunity.

    Now it appears the Governor will have to appoint a more, say it isn’t so, moderate person to fill the vacant seat. Can’t wait to see how the liberal lemmings spin this to blame the Governor. The other commissioners must be squirming in their seats.

    Whomever he appoints, it’s a sure bet the results of any vote before the commission will have at least one “nay.”

  • Commissioner Alford leaving is very good news! She and Anna Prizzia took a disfunctional BoCC and turned it into a three-ring circus. Currently there is nobody on the BoCC who is in tune with life outside of government.

  • the Sheriff needs to arrest her and charge her for
    Violation of her elected office. She should be jailed, find,
    & prohibited from ever holding public office again.
    Arrest that school board McGraw too..we can’t have
    Elected officials cheating…they were not looking out
    For the public welfare. They need to be punished
    For their wrongdoings, not let off the hook.

  • Any word yet if she’ll run for the seat when it comes up in August?

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