Commissioner Warren wants to get rid of your Prime deliveries


During late-night commissioner comment on June 20, 7.5 hours into the video of the meeting, Commissioner Helen Warren said that she wants to talk about limiting shipments of items purchased through online shopping:

Warren: “The increased number of trucks that are out there is related to the use of online shopping, and some of the conversations are also talking about trying to get your big online shoppers to coordinate packages instead of sending individual packages five times a week, to maybe have them do something where they send packages to the same household once a week or something. We’re talking about trying to reduce packages and land waste, the amount of boxes that are being created by that type of convenience. This is certainly something that we would want to have a discussion about because there are a lot of unintended consequences of what that’s putting on our economy and shipping on the highways.”

The item was referred to the General Policy Committee meeting for discussion. The next GPC meeting is on July 25, but the agenda for that meeting is not yet available. 

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