Community law enforcement partners join faith community to address area gun violence

Press release from City of Gainesville

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A consortium of public safety agencies, community partners, and the faith community will gather at a workshop tomorrow to work collaboratively toward solutions to end gun violence in the community.

When: 9-11 a.m., Friday, Oct. 28

Where: D.R. Williams Fellowship Hall, 618 NW 6th Street

Joining Gainesville Police Department and the Department of Juvenile Justice and Community Support Programs of the City of Gainesville at the event will be representatives from the Alachua County Office of the County Manager; the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office; the 8th Judicial Circuit offices of the Public Defender and of the State Attorney; the Alachua County Christian Pastors Association; Project Turnaround of Alachua County; and People Against Violence Enterprises (PAVE), among others.

All area clergy are encouraged to attend. 

  • I applaud community organizations, ASO and GPD for making an effort but the ages of many offenders of late indicate that ship has sailed.

    It starts at home, better get out to the neighborhoods and spend time showing those youngsters the effects on families and bodies. Talk to people about the importance of the family nucleus and the foundation that can be laid if an effort is put forth. That’s where it starts and the school district usually has the first interactions with young children. The sooner the district stops blaming society and reinforces the family environment society will see a change…for the better.

    That’s ’bout all needs be said ’bout that.

    • It does all start at home and in the neighborhood where these kids grow up.
      Is the basketball cop still out there? Community policing might help, but local law enforcement is so understaffed these days, and there’s such a disrespect for police that they’re working knowing that they are targets out there.
      And that the state attorney and the 8th judicial won’t prosecute and sentence the true criminals appropriately, and the criminals get turned back out into the community again with a slap on the wrist.
      These are representatives of the key institutions getting together, so, maybe they will actually come up with some real solutions. We can only hope…

  • Learning right from wrong, consequences for your actions does begin at home. It has to be taught when they are young and stays in their developing minds forever.
    It’s not their grandmother’s job, their aunts job or anyone else’s but the parents.
    Aside from this, the streets will teach them what they need to know.

  • “Community law enforcement partners join faith community to address why is it one particular culture that creates most of the violence.” fixed it!

  • Most gun crimes use stolen guns. The community powwow should discuss that in relation to food deserts and how unprofitable businesses won’t locate in high shoplifting areas, too. Raise your kids right.

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