Community leaders join Ed to “Swing big for Bielarski”

Press release from Bielarski 2022 Campaign

In less than a week since former GRU General Manager Ed Bielarski declared his intention to run for mayor, he has assembled a team of community all-stars which will guide his race. The Bielarski 2022 campaign is happy to announce the following individuals have stepped up to the plate:

Leading off the batting order will be former city commissioner Helen Warren. A life-long advocate for the environment, social justice, education, and LGBTQ rights, Ms. Warren’s passions and talents will be placed to good use.

Bill Conrad moves to the plate as an experienced policy maker. Mr. Conrad served as a five-term Mayor of Newberry; a former Chairman of the Board with the Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA); a Florida League of Mayors Board member; and a member of the American Public Power Association’s Policy Maker’s Board.

Well-respected pillar of Gainesville Scherwin Henry has also agreed to lend his talents to the team. Mr. Henry’s experience includes serving as a city commissioner, as well as a research scientist and teacher. For over a decade, he has paid it forward while serving as a mentor in the Taking Stock in Children program.

Finally, M Smith has agreed to round out the lineup as they bring their incredible perspective to the team. A lawyer, consultant, GRU’s former Chief Change Officer, and the University of Florida’s Assistant Dean for Inclusion, M is a force of nature. During the September 13th commission meeting, when hundreds of people from the community came out to protest my possible termination, M looked at the mayor and told him, “Ed is a beautiful fit for Gainesville.”

Bottom Line: With the formation of this Campaign team, the singular Ed for Mayor campaign has become plural. It’s no longer just about me. It is about we – Helen Warren, Bill Conrad, Scherwin Henry, and M Smith, and those who want to join the movement to:


      • I would like to see Nathan Skop run…he’s a turbo tower of power! He’ll fix things and let citizens access
        Government…Vote Skop for top man!

        • Oh brother! You can’t make this stuff up. Is Gainesville part of some bizarre experiment in the Matrix? GRU must be putting something in the water. The pot of water is getting hotter. Will the frog realize it is time to wake up and get out of the pot? Stay tuned. You have “Choices”.

  • Bravo. Now if we can keep it civil but brutally honest we just might be able to get our soul back. Thank you Ed.

  • Ed and his team will be the same old crap we got now.
    We need diversity of thought. Nathan Skop has my
    Vote. Skop is for the taxpayers and for the people.
    Skop is for government in the sunshine. Skop has
    Been fighting tirelessly for us and he can can lead
    The city & our utility to a brighter future.

  • Sounds like Ed is swinging too far left with “environment, social justice, and LGBTQ ” BS. Too bad, I had such high hopes we could get a more reasonable government in Gainesville.

  • Anyone who is willing to throw out the trash gets my vote. Ed currently has the greatest thing going for him – he’s very likely to have “Two Face” Harvey blow a blood vessel, I mean gasket, in that skull of his.

    If he wins, I’ll be first in line for the meeting just to witness that. Two birds with one vote.

  • I had hopes for Bielarski, too. But, with Helen Warren as part of his inner circle you can kiss any chance for a real house cleaning good-bye. I see Warren as a member of Team Poe.

    • Hopefully she and the Chief Change Officer are there just to help get him across the finish line. He seems perfectly capable of thinking for himself at that point. I’m sure we could do a lot worse (including Arreola and Ward).

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