Congresswoman-Elect Kat Cammack Names Senior Staff & Campaign Team

Congresswoman-Elect Kat Cammack

Press release from Kat for Congress

U.S. Representative-Elect Kat Cammack (R-FL-03) has announced the members of her powerhouse team in the Washington, D.C. and district offices and her Florida campaign operations team. 

The top-notch legislative team includes Cammack’s chief of staff, deputy chief of staff, legislative director, communications director, constituent advocacy director, and veterans and military liaison. The experienced, dynamic campaign team includes general consultants, fundraisers, and PAC experts.

“I’m proud of the strong, talented individuals we have brought together to form the FL-03 team. The constituents of Florida’s 3rd District deserve the best, and I believe we have put together a senior political and policy operation designed to deliver superior service and representation in our Nation’s Capitol. We’re excited to pursue an aggressive and meaningful legislative agenda during my first term in office, and I know this team will be instrumental to our success,” said Cammack of her Capitol Hill and district team. “I also look forward to working alongside the powerful political team led by Derek, Kevin, and Andrew as they continue to build an unparalleled fundraising and networking operation for the campaign.”
Official Federal Staff Biographies:

Larry Calhoun, Chief of Staff: Calhoun joins Congresswoman-Elect Cammack’s team as chief of staff with over 12 years of Capitol Hill experience. Most recently, he served as chief of staff to Rep. Ted Yoho prior to his retirement. Calhoun is a graduate of the University of Florida and was born and raised in the Sunshine State.

Jessica Norfleet, Deputy Chief of Staff: Norfleet joins Cammack’s team after eight years of service as district director on Rep. Ted Yoho’s staff. She is a licensed general contractor and longtime business owner with extensive working knowledge of the industries in FL-03. Norfleet is a wife and mother to two children and a vocal advocate for small business and agriculture.

Joshua Woodward, Legislative Director: Woodward will continue his service to Florida’s 3rd District as Cammack’s legislative director. Born in North Carolina and a graduate of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, he started his congressional service with former RSC chair Mark Walker and worked on agriculture and trade issues for Rep. Yoho until Yoho’s retirement.

Adeline Sandridge, Communications Director: Sandridge joins Cammack’s team after working at D.C. public affairs firm Hamilton Place Strategies. In this new role, she will oversee all communications efforts for Congresswoman-Elect Cammack’s office, including digital and social media, press, and more. Sandridge is a proud graduate of the University of Virginia’s Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy.

Dorothy Richardson, Constituent Advocacy Director: Richardson joins Cammack’s team with eight years of service to the constituents of FL-03, overseeing constituent relations, casework, and advocacy. She is a proud graduate of the University of Florida, devoted wife of 23 years to husband Brian, and mother to three children.
Dave Hill, Veterans and Military Liaison: Hill serves as the Veterans and Military Liaison on Cammack’s team, introducing his 26 years of experience in the Air Force and 22 years at Florida’s Department of Veteran Affairs to serve veterans across the district. Hill works to navigate the cumbersome benefits system to deliver results for Florida’s heroes.

Campaign Staff Biographies

Derek Dufresne & RightVoter Team, General Campaign Consultants: Dufresne is a partner and co-founder at D.C.-based firm RightVoter, where he and his team served as then-candidate Cammack’s general consultants during the 10-way Republican primary and general election in FL-03. Dufresne and his team will continue their work on the campaign side, advising Representative-Elect Cammack in all campaign-related political, fundraising, and communications activities.
Kevin Hofmann, Florida Fundraising: Hofmann is the owner of the Archmann Group and will join Cammack’s team in the new year. Hofmann has raised money for some of Florida’s most successful Republicans, including Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, Gov. Ron DeSantis, and Reps. Rutherford, Waltz, and Díaz-Balart.

Andrew Theodore, Campaign PAC Fundraising: Theodore is the owner of the Theodore Company, serving as Cammack’s PAC fundraiser during the general election in FL-03 over the last cycle. He will continue in this capacity, assisting Congresswoman-Elect Cammack with her national fundraising efforts.

Congresswoman-Elect Kat Cammack (R-FL-03) will be the youngest Republican woman serving in the 117th Congress. She is a small business owner with grit, who grew up on a cattle ranch. She is a third-generation sandblaster, an alumnus of the United States Naval War College, and was the former Deputy Chief of Staff for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District prior to her election.

Kat is married to her husband Matt, a Gainesville native, who is a Firefighter/Paramedic & SWAT Medic. Together, they co-founded a non-profit organization called “The Grit Foundation,” whose mission is to support local law enforcement, veterans, and first responders.

  • So glad you will be representing us in Congress! PLEASE help to drain that cesspool that is DC!

  • This is exactly what is wrong with our system. 30% of her staff is working to get her re-elected from day 1 instead of working for we the people to improve our government. Term limits are a necessity for our government to work for the people. Retirement and lifelong benefit packages need to be done away with for these elected officials.

  • What she is supposed to do full time: Represent the best interests of all the FL-03 residents, Florida residents, USA residents, and Planet Earth. At this I predict she will be a dismal failure.
    What she is NOT supposed to do full time: Be a partisan hack arse kissing defender of the treasonous Donald Trump and the Trumpkin toadies. At this I predict she will excel beyond all expectations.
    What she will do: Be a darling of the national press corps every time they need a quick sound bite from an illiterate Florida CONservative Republican redneck. “Let’s go interview Phat from FL-03, she’s guaranteed to say something dumber than even Louis Gomer or Gym Jordan.”
    Sad. Yoho was a huge embarrassment to the nation, but at this point I would trade her and the horse she rode in on to get Yoho back.

    • Well here you go riding or should I say sucking on O.What.A. Dumb@rse. Maybe you two are related. Her job is not to do what is best for planet Earth however it is to represent the 3rd District that elected her. Much the same way you idiots clamor and gripe about the elected county and Gainesville city Commissioners were elected by a liberturd base, Cammack was elected by a conservative base to represent those. But you already knew that and you’re terrified. You can do as most voters will do during Harris’ presidency, hint…same as we did during Obama’s, or you can do as you partially suggested…MOVE or shut the “you know what” up.

      • In a district heavily gerrymandered by the horrible Republican Florida Legislature to be a safe Rethuglican district, 42.9% of the 3rd District did not vote for her failed conservative Trump arse kissing agenda. She is to represent everyone not just her Springs BS County Bircher/Klan base. The 2022 election cannot get here soon enough to vote Her Phatness out of office. She is just another out of state carpetbagger moved to Florida to ruin it.

        • O.N.C.E. A Dumb@rse always O.W. Dumb@rse – keep opening mouth, keep sucking on those appendages. Reeking of the leftist’hypocrisy as always. Isn’t that what the Communist Alachua Commission is supposed to do as well? Don’t know who’s worse, Cammack appealing to Trump or you’re continuing to remain a Dumb@rse. Yes I do. You continuing to be What.A. Dumb@rse.

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