Congresswoman Kat Cammack Statement On 25th Amendment & Impeachment

Press release from Congresswoman Kat Cammack

This evening, Congresswoman Kat Cammack (FL-03) released the following statement on H.Res. 21 and H.Res. 24, the resolution calling upon Vice President Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and the resolution to impeach President Trump, respectively.

“Our country needs unity now more than ever. Not only does this move by the liberal Left further divide our nation, it sets a dangerous precedent that subjects the impeachment process to political motivations, rather than serious, thoughtful deliberations. It took Speaker Pelosi six days to draw up this article of impeachment, foregoing the due process that the Constitution outlines. This has become a mockery of our congressional responsibility, and it only highlights the Left’s hypocrisy.

“At this very moment, Americans are hurting, both from the events at the U.S. Capitol last week and the COVID-19 pandemic; small businesses are closing, some never to open again, and Americans are filing for unemployment assistance in growing numbers. We must come together and we must find a way to move forward past this difficult time. It is up to us to refocus on the issues our constituents sent us to Washington to address.”

  • Thank you Cat for standing for this Republic and the Constitution of the USA.

  • Blame the “Left”. SSDD Coupmack is just bitter. She hitched her wagon to a dead horse and is now complaining about immobility. You locked your lips on Trump’s ample posterior and thought “Wow, as the youngest female CONservative Rethuglican in Congress President Trump will invite me to lots of White House parties.”
    Big letdown, the POS POTUS got unemployed. Just collect your $650 per day paycheck for two years and Go Away. Florida does not need Colorado carpetbaggers junking up the pace. Only you could make me long to have Yoho back.

  • Why, do you suppose, O.W. Douglas, that the Left always resorts to utter nastiness in its comments? In this case, it sounds a lot like sour grapes.

    • I know, I know!

      He does it because O.He’ll.Always.Be.A.Dumb@rse. He perfectly exemplifies the leftist’ hypocrisy by conveniently omitting who’s appendage he has his lips locked around.
      Many very vocal Dem supporters who have the 10,000 acre ranches – not offering any land back to the native Americans. Professional athletes who have multiple homes in multiple cities that have 10+ bedrooms, 10+ bathrooms – not exactly pulling people off the streets of LA & San Francisco for a couple nights. Ditto for many within the entertainment industry. A recent group, actually 2 groups, just signed on to revisit their original sitcom fame at a pay rate of $1,000,000 per episode. Wonder if they’ll be forking over that 60%, even as little as 40%, to help the “less” fortunate. I mean after all, how much does any one person need?

      What R.Dumb@rse continues to shout loudly is the very apparent hypocrisy in all his comments.

  • Thoughtful and civil discourse is appropriate as we are all reeling from recent events and politics; this vitriolic, reactionary social-media type commentary paralyzes communication.
    Thanks, Alachua Chronicle, for your objective presentations.
    I wish, instead of Leave a Reply, the comment section said “Leave your thoughts and reasons for others to consider; bear in mind they will reflect your rational and emotional states.”

  • The timeline of events reveals it was not possible for Trump supporters to be at the scene of the capitol building breech on Jan 6th — See the Jan 11 video at the THENATIONALPULSE channel on the Rumble video platform by Raheem Kassam. — Insurrectionists frequently stage events for coordination with CNN style media in order to establish a false narrative, using actors and imaginary scripts read aloud on TV by complicit news reporters… The breech was actually staged an hour before the bulk of Trump supporters were capable to being on-scene…. If you ask Rep. Cammack she may tell you the violence and insurrenction activities were associated with antifa-spirited progressives deceptively adorned with Trump gear, hats and American Flags (a False Flag event)… Those who appeared costumed as capitol police (even if they were actually CIA) were recorded by candid video waving people to enter inside the capitol building with no restrictions ad no weapons check… Damage to windows and capitol building structure was thus carried out by the insurrection “Hessian” left who attempted to blame this activity on Trump supporters who were united to perform peaceful protest in numbers so large as to make the point without resorting to violence… Expect the insurrection media to transmit and publish incorrect, outrageous and confusing reports on most all aspects of political activities.

  • All…just look at what’s coming down already.
    Douglas, you can see it. Is that what you truly want?
    If you do, you simply want to rewrite our Constitution and transform us to a society that an individual has no rights. They are simply subjugated to the will of the perceived opinions of a much smaller and politically controlled Group.

    Back to the original point of this discussion; Kat is expressing her beliefs as she as seen and expected them to be. I’m one of your 75,000,000 that has been labeled as was done during the “labeling period” that still exists. Do you have an Amazon shirt that says “Kill all Republications”?

    • His shirt probably just says, “I’m a Liberal, Prejudiced Bigot & Proud of It…Deal With It!”

    • My apologies. I’m better than O.W., I shouldn’t stereotype all liberals as being the prejudiced, bigoted idiot he presents himself to be. His lack of understanding/acceptance of conservative values are something that will always elude him and he will continue to use whatever soapbox he can to proclaim that to whomever will listen.

      Just as all conservatives are not white supremacists, not all liberals are hypocritical idiots.

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