Congresswoman Kat Cammack Statement On Collapse In Afghanistan

Press release from Congresswoman Kat Cammack

This morning, Congresswoman Kat Cammack (R-FL-03) issued the following statement on the situation unfolding in Afghanistan: 

“Yesterday morning, I was on a call hosted by the White House with Secretary of State Blinken, Secretary of Defense Austin, and General Milley. More than six times, all three officials stated, ‘we are engaging in an orderly and safe withdrawal’ and we have ‘planned for all contingencies.’ Finally, they said ‘the Taliban isn’t in Kabul.’ They cut off questions from Members, leaving us with few or no answers. 

“This morning, we woke to the news of a fallen Afghanistan, now in the hands of an American-armed Taliban with chaos at the Kabul airport, thousands rushing the tarmac to board aircraft out, and Americans frantically attempting to evacuate our embassy.

“I, along with most Americans, believe that our time in Afghanistan should have ended long ago. I have long supported a smart, strategic, and well-thought-out withdrawal, but what we are witnessing is anything but.

“War termination is arguably one of the most important aspects of military planning and strategy. In fact, it’s one of the first things we’re taught at the Naval War College. Despite the administration’s ‘plans and contingencies’ having been in place for months, this hasty withdrawal only demonstrates that this administration is more focused on woke politics than meaningful policy. For that, this administration is fully responsible and will be remembered as such forever.

“To all the men and women who have dutifully served our country in Afghanistan over the last 20 years: thank you. You’ve done everything you could. To the bureaucrats in the White House: you should be ashamed. You got this wrong in so many ways.

“Being commander-in-chief means being the chief decision-maker. No matter how many fingers Biden points or how many agencies he throws under the bus, he and his administration are 100% to blame for this failed withdrawal in Afghanistan. While American troops have been scrambling to withdraw to meet an entirely political deadline, the president’s been at Camp David, not saying a word on the situation since last Tuesday. President Biden’s lack of response and poor leadership has only proven what we know: this administration is weak, lacks accountability, puts America last, and leaves people behind. Look no further than the fact that this administration not only armed the Taliban, but was caught flat-footed trying to evacuate Americans and our allies as an afterthought. We are witnessing the consequences and our adversaries are watching.

“To every single American who has served in Afghanistan—as military or as civilians—our nation is in your debt. Your service and sacrifice will never be in vain.”

This statement was released at 12:05 p.m., before President Biden’s speech.

    • We are a train wreck.

      There is a reason the United States of America has zero relevance or mention in the Book of Revelation. We as a nation are in a state of moral and ethical decay. If God were to allow us to emerge from this, he would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

      I don’t think that will happen.

      • We don’t need no, education… we don’t need no, thought control…no dark sarcasm in the class room..
        Hey!, teachers! Leave them kids alone…all in all, it’s
        Just another brick in the wall. —You can’t have any
        Pudding if you don’t take the shot! How can you have
        Any pudding if you don’t take the shot?— Never thought the mark of the beast would happen in my lifetime…what’s the elephant in the room? Holy wars and the triumph of good over evil. The devil is so smart that he makes people think he doesn’t exist…
        He’s hiding behind the environment…we all want to save the planet, right? Book of revelation? Yes.
        Control = the devil…the devil wants to control the planet. And those face coverings provide the perfect
        Environment to incubate rhino viruses…—take the devils shot? Yeah, right…Jesus would not wear a mask and Jesus would not take the shot…they had to
        Crucify him. What do we learn about government?
        That government kills good people…god bless America and the US constitution!

        • Next:

          “Congresswoman Kat BigMacs statement on the collapse of the United States”…

          • Did you hear about the collapse of the Trump Loving Movement?
            Yes, it was terrible. Phat Cammack sat on it.

          • Bro, Biden is so much worse than Trump.
            Biden’s a Nazi like how Hitler did the Jews.

          • Keep Low Idiot…typical liberal hypocrite. Quick to point out others for personal attacks on others but as always, can’t see your prejudices because of your own political delusions.

            Keep on believing…

  • Agree on many points but I also think that the Afghan people should have mounted a defense of some sort.

    We gave them training and weapons. You can’t give them courage…you can’t give them heart. It’s sad what’s happening but the US can’t be the “provider” for the entire world and it’s needs and wants.

    Look at what’s happening in Gainesville and Alachua county now. All the homelessness, the crime because our leadership has said, “come on, we’ll provide for you.”

    $ociali$m is a disease and it’s in our community now.

    All you liberals…keep on believing. While you’re at it, volunteer to go help the oppressed in Afghanistan. Do that or shut up!

  • Afghan government & troops had 20 years to get ready for today! The Trump administration told them USA was withdrawing. Unfortunately their leaders choose corruption not preparation.
    So after 20 years babysitting this corrupt government what should USA do? 21 years? 30 years? 40 years? 50? 100?
    Every year we had troops in Afghanistan their leaders squabbled over how to plunder & loot!
    Look @ their government leaders: all gone! Ran! Fled! All abandoning their homeland! Probably with passwords to Swiss bank accounts!
    Why should USA support with blood & treasure a corrupt government while they fleece their country?
    Yes! Too bad for the unfortunate citizens who were fleeced & abandoned by their spineless corrupt “leaders”!

  • Hey, Kat!…we want to know about any legislation
    That’s out there when it comes to going cashless…
    Tell us about Visa & Microsoft having international
    Patents on “the chip”…you know, the injected chip
    That can do away with paper cash…the chip that
    Will have your medical history…the chip that can
    Tell your temp, heartbeat…it’s got the built in “Alexa”.
    Don’t give me the “Cincinnati shuffle”…there’s a fear
    Out there we can’t forget…always awake always around…ashes ashes all fall down. It’s name is global
    Totalitarianism. Meeeow!

    • Hmmm. Russia takes Ukraine. China took Hong Kong and next Taiwan. We left all that equipment, humvees, & guns and ammo in Muslim Afghanistan…Iran and Israel
      Are fighting holy war…so, who’s gonna take the US?
      Biden is going to give China or the United Nations the White House and 2000 Hong Kong police will come door to
      Door and take your weapons and make sure you have
      The vaccine shot which includes the chip so you can
      Operate in the great reset’s cashless society…you know,
      Solar, wind mills, battery cars, no traveling or going to
      Restaurants if you don’t have the Vax( mark of beast), etc…the new world order…one world CCP government…

  • Go find and read President Dwight Eisenhower’s 1961 farewell warning about the military industrial & scientific industrial complex. its all been clear for 50 yrs! endless wars enriching defense contractors and immoral grifting pols both reps & dems. its sickening!!

  • Afghanistan is a prime example of a failed US policy, “limited war”. Both parties have endorsed this concept of limited war, the humane use of our military…limited objectives…I call it BS. Never again should the United States commit their young men and women to arms, in such a hap hazard manner. If we “must” commit our troops, then we must be committed, to allowing them to win. If the side by side images of Saigon’s helicopter rooftop rescue, beside an eerily similar helicopter rescue from a Kabul rooftop shock you…pay attention…this is what retreat looks like…

    • anyone else remember how Ronald Reagan did this type thing? He sent 7,300 GI “tourists” to Granada in October 1983. In & out in about a week week! Left the place ticking like a Rolex! Have you ever heard any problems from Granada since?

  • NATO blames the ‘failure of Afghan leadership’ for Taliban’s swift takeover! Only thing wrong with that statement is it should say: “TOTAL failure of Afghan CORRUPT leadership”

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