Congresswoman Kat Cammack Statement On Today’s Inauguration Celebration

Press release from Congresswoman Kat Cammack

This morning, Congresswoman Kat Cammack issued the following statement regarding her decision to attend Inauguration Day celebrations in-person.

“Today, I will attend the inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris in Washington, D.C. In our Constitutional Republic, Inauguration Day is a celebration of our sacred values and principles as a country, chief among them the peaceful transfer of power from one executive to the next. As a U.S. Representative who has sworn an oath to upholding and defending our U.S. Constitution, I am proud to attend on behalf of the constituents of Florida’s Third Congressional District.

“I look forward to joining my colleagues for today’s events, whether they are in-person or virtual, as we usher in the next president and vice president of our great nation. I join them in the hopes that we may work with the new Biden-Harris administration in a bipartisan fashion to accomplish our shared policy objectives in the coming years. I am grateful for the work, accomplishments, and service of the Trump administration over the last four years and wish President Trump and his family the best in this new chapter.

“I’d also like to express my gratitude for the United States Capitol Police, National Guard, and other law enforcement agencies working to keep today’s events safe. We are grateful for your service to our nation.”

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  • Now if you really will work with them. We need peace and health for awhile.

  • It didn’t long for Cat to lose her defiant vioce. Not one mention of a stolen election. She’s lost in the matrix of eternal compromise.

    • Actually, I think and hope, that she has come to the conclusion that it is time for this country to heal. I hope and pray that many others will as well. This country is more than a single man. Many others have preceded Donald Trump and each have had a hand, whether good or bad, in maintaining this republic we call home. Time to get over it. I for one dealt with 8 years of Obama, I can deal with 4 years of Biden.
      I’ll say this, as I said 4 years ago to those who disagreed with the results of this election, either get over and deal it, or move. I don’t say that to be mean or spiteful. I say it because I care more about this country than I do for pampering a child who lost the “game.” We as a country, are better than that and if we go down this road, we are no better than the liberals who protested 4 years ago.

      God is still in control and nothing happens unless it is His will.

      • Real Truth— I agree with you 100%! We should come together! I respect the Office of the President but I can not respect the MAN! It is now “kumbaya time”, according to Mr. Biden. Yet, he singled out & demeaned Caucasians as so-called, “white supremacits” in his Inauguration speech! BLM has terrorized cities, burned, looted, attacked & killed police & civilians, yet he made no mention! He brought & insinuated “race” into content of his speech. I would have respected him, had he not made race an issue. How does he expect to bring people of all races together? He is a “sham”!

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