Congresswoman Kat Cammack’s Statement On Today’s Events At U.S. Capitol

Press release from Congresswoman Kat Cammack

“As of this writing, my staff and I are safe and in a secure location after evacuation by Capitol Police.

“Today, while objecting to the electoral college certification of states with explicit election irregularities, the Capitol was breached by protesters. The situation escalated quickly with members being notified that nearby buildings were being breached. Midway through debate on the objection of the Arizona certification, protesters began attempting to breach the House Floor. In response, Capitol police barricaded the doors and Members were instructed to prepare their evacuation hoods in anticipation of tear gas being deployed. As attempts to gain entry into the chamber grew in intensity, I witnessed fellow Members joining with Capitol Police to further barricade doors by piling furniture. They also began breaking furniture to provide themselves with any means of defense they could find. Within minutes, the sounds of shots began coming through the door. We then began evacuating quickly out of the chamber to a safe location.

“I am currently with my staff and colleagues and will share with you what I have shared with them.

“I am irate.

“I am heartbroken.

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“What has transpired here today is unacceptable. Anything less than a full condemnation of this violence is unacceptable. My constituents sent me to Washington to fight for their rights and to be their voice.

“In the midst of fighting a legitimate and most serious objection to the certification of the states with egregious election violations, we were stopped. We were stopped by people not intent on fighting for our Constitutional Republic and our constitution; instead they wanted to tear it down. 

“We as a nation have lost too many in the name of service to our Republic. My own family has given much in service to our country from my grandfather who served and was a POW in Nazi Germany to my own brother who served overseas in Iraq. As I write this statement, my husband, who is a first responder, is by my side. 

“Anyone who believes that the violence our country has seen as of late is okay, is wrong. Any groups promoting hate or the overthrow of our Republic is, in fact, trampling the flag and Constitution we hold so dear. It is also a slap in the face to every serviceman and woman who has given so much to our nation. Any violence, past or present, I have condemned and will continue to condemn.

“My message is simple. Violence will not be tolerated. If you attack the Capitol, you attack this country. I will fight endlessly to protect our Constitution and the Republic from tyranny. I condemn in the strongest of terms any violence perpetrated by any group.”

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  • “We must do everything in our power to fight for all Americans’ right to a free and fair election. This is not a partisan issue; this is an American issue. It is our responsibility to bring integrity to this process, and through that, restore faith in the fundamental cornerstone of our republic.”

    • It was a free election…kind of. Many service members fought and gave their lives for that freedom. Thanks to those who served and to those that serve to protect that freedom.
      Fair…by the majority of accounts. There have been many accusations, deemed to be false by investigations and courts throughout the United States. Anyone who has evidence proving such falsehoods have been found to not be credible. Arguably, the person who continues to fan the flames has done more damage to the conservative base in the past 2 months than during any time in American history. That same person has continually vilified anyone who has expressed disagreements and made threats towards them and/or their careers. Time to close this chapter and move on.
      Sad day in America yesterday. One is not remembered for the good that may have been done but for the bad that occurred.

  • kat. you’re all lip service…total BS. the USA
    is now USSA or UCSA…yeah, print more $…

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