Construction to begin on Lincoln Yard Trail project

Press release from City of Gainesville

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The City of Gainesville’s Wild Spaces & Public Places program and the Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs are pleased to announce that the Lincoln Yard Trail project, located at 2099 SE 8th Ave., will begin this winter. 

The project includes development of a new linear park to be constructed on the east side of the Lincoln Estates Neighborhood, spanning from SE 10th Pl. to SE 8th Ave., within City-owned property. 

Construction will include the creation of a 1/3-mile granite aggregate walking trail, new decorative fencing around the stormwater pond, and a landscaped entrance featuring wood rail fencing, entrance columns, and decorative boulders. The park will also have a small playground with swings, log seating and additional play features. Located next to the playground, an adult fitness station will feature an incline bench, push up bar, pull up station, and more. Tree pruning and removal, brush clearing, and new landscaping will also be accomplished.

The project is anticipated to complete in the summer of 2024 and is expected to cost $350,000. Joyner Construction Partners, LLC is the general contractor for the work.

  • That will be a nice place for homeless, bums, and junkies to hang out. Will there be free needle dispensers?

    • Mo Betta, you nailed it. It looks great on paper but the delusional planners didn’t consider the clientele that will take it over. No common sense.

      • I’m thinking the same thing. If we don’t have someone to monitor the areas. We’re just giving the homeless a new home and the trail will be forgotten about and will be trashed also

  • Nobody cares about the animals over there sad. 🙁 I hope you guys have a relocation for them as well.

    • Do you live in a building? If so, did you relocate the animals that lived there prior to your moving, or do you just like to point fingers at anyone doing anything new?

      • The animals need somewhere to roam freely.someone has to care about them. I’m not the one investing into the destruction of their habitat.

  • It’s sad that a space can’t be created for folks to use and enjoy without the presence of those who will likely use the same place for what many are commenting on. However, don’t assume that this doesn’t happen in other parks in other areas in Gainesville. Westside Park isn’t immune to this presence, and I’d bet dollars to donuts that it happens in virtually every park in the area.

  • Another fine park for young families with a playground and young people with a workout area? Nice. But for seniors/disabled? Not so nice.

  • Won’t be long before they are going to have to put a sheriffs substation over there….

  • That is a dangerous area, I love taking my kids to parks and on little hiking adventures but I wouldn’t dare bring them over there. It will get drug down, spray painted and turn into a bum camp. Have fun with that.

  • More $$$ for the eastside. Surprise! Surprise! Will pouring more money into gangland help increase reading comprehension?

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