Convicted felon arrested after former K-9 handlers find him hiding under a vehicle


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Jeremiah Hosea Brown, Sr., 41, was arrested last night and charged with fleeing, resisting arrest, and driving without a valid license after two former K-9 handlers found him hiding under a vehicle.

At about 6:15 p.m. last night, a Gainesville Police Department officer attempted a traffic stop on a scooter at 3100 NE 15th Street for a stop sign violation; the scooter also did not have a working taillight or tag lights. The scooter reportedly did not stop, continued for a number of blocks of NE 15th Street, and ran a red light at NE 23rd Avenue. After crossing that intersection, the driver of the scooter reportedly drove into a yard in the 2200 block of NE 15th Street, then jumped off the scooter and fled on foot through the backyard of a residence.

Two former K-9 handlers who are now working patrol found Brown hiding under a vehicle in a driveway. Former GPD K-9 handlers still drive marked K-9 vehicles and bring their dogs with them during their shifts, but the dogs cannot be deployed.

Post Miranda, Brown reportedly said he did not stop because he has a suspended license and was scared. He reportedly said he did not know who owned the scooter or how he got it.

Brown has three prior convictions for driving with a suspended license. He has five felony convictions for drug charges and has served three state prison sentences, with his most recent release in June 2022. A sworn complaint was filed against him today for possession of a controlled substance and driving without a valid license, but he has not appeared before a judge on those charges.

Judge Walter Green set bail at $15,000.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • Doesn’t take a dog to sniff out stupid.

    So the question remains, what should happen to a person who has been convicted 3 prior times for driving with a suspended license? He obviously believes the laws that have been implemented by the legislature do not apply to him. Hmmm…I could provide a solution but it would be frowned upon by many.
    No, it does not include his forfeiting his life.

  • At some point the laws don’t work need to add some prison time two to three years should get his attention if not next time make it 5 to six years

  • An opinion not based on color.
    The character based w/ action.
    Yesterday was the MLK holiday.
    Sad you’ve fought with thin skin.

  • He doesn’t know how he got the scooter? Logistically I find it difficult to believe a scooter just materializes between your legs…
    But how else he gon’ act..he be skaaaaeeerd. Dem po-leeese got him tho.

  • He made the conscious decision as a 41-year old man to go out & again do what he’s already been convicted of numerous times. Then in typical Alachua County/ Walter Green fashion- gets yet another slap on the wrist!

  • WTF aren’t they allowed to use their dogs even when driving them around? Do they get paychecks GPD can’t pay anymore?
    Wokeville downward spiral still following the Dem city playbook … 🤡😡

    • Your correct about alachua county, and the city of Gainesville they want to be a just like all the democratic ran cities high crime rates get rid of law enforcement even down to pay convicted felons money not to work government subsidies try to regulate businesses just waiting for them to out law small gas engines and vote to get rid of gas cars our only hope now is that since we have single member districts in the county we can turn the county around

  • What’s up with these former K9 handlers. Just lurking in the darn ne black side of town. Yeah it’s some Lil thugs over there..but damn.#Justcreep

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