Cornell creates different gathering rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated persons


Now that Alachua County’s 7-day-average positivity rate for COVID-19 tests has been 2.09% or below since February 25, there are less than 50 people with COVID-19 in county hospitals, 75% of those 65 and older have received at least one dose of the vaccine, and the vaccine is available to everyone 50 and older, Alachua County Commission Chair Ken Cornell has revamped the County’s Emergency Order to create different rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. The order, which has already been signed and is now effective, will also be discussed at tomorrow’s Alachua County Commission meeting, where the county commission will have an opportunity to modify or ratify the Order.

Although the governor stated in a press conference last week that “vaccine passports” will not be permitted in Florida, this Order writes CDC recommendations regarding vaccinated individuals gathering with vaccinated or unvaccinated individuals into law, stating that Paragraph 4, which governs gatherings “of any number,” does not apply to gatherings of “those who have been fully vaccinated and other individuals approved by the CDC to gather with the fully vaccinated.” A previous draft of the Order that was in the agenda for tomorrow’s County Commission included this sentence, which does not appear in the current Order: “Any individual enforcing this Order may ask for proof of vaccination.” Without that sentence, it is unclear how individuals enforcing the order will determine who is vaccinated for purposes of enforcing rules on gatherings, and the Order does not prohibit officials from asking for proof of vaccination.

The County has described this as “relaxing” the restrictions on group gatherings because it allows vaccinated people to participate in activities that are not permitted for unvaccinated people. County Spokesman Mark Sexton says that the order does not create a “vaccine passport” because the County has not focused on enforcement but prefers to educate.

Florida’s Executive Clemency Board has also remitted all fines collected for COVID-19 Emergency Order violations, and the governor has signaled that future fines will be similarly remitted, but the County Order still provides for fines for not wearing facial coverings, adding, “To the extent that the Governor has remitted fines, no enforcement and collection actions shall be taken for any issue arising out of enforcement actions issued for behavior prior to March 10, 2021. To the extent that fines may not be collected against individuals, those cases may proceed but collection of fines will not be sought until allowed by Governor DeSantis or expiration of the final order regarding the same.” 

  • This is segregation of citizens. This is no different than the segregation of whites & blacks in the 1960s. Cannot wait to see who brings the first equality lawsuit.

    • Maybe that is it’s intent. Since statistics show that minorities are not receiving the vaccinations, could Cornell be using this new “emergency” order to prevent minority groups, primarily black Americans, from attending church services?

      Could that be his real motive?

  • Paragraph three is incorrect. There are no activities that the vaccinated can participate in that the unvaccinated cannot. It is the safety precautions within the activity that are different.

    • Alachua County (Mark Sexton): That is your opinion. Frankly, with order after order, I’m surprised that anyone can keep track of all the changes being made by the County, and as such, would be far better off using their own common sense as to what precautions they are comfortable taking in lieu of trying to comprehend the ever changing language in the County order.

      I know that you are trying to do your best to defend the order, but the County has far passed the axiom of KISS for messaging to avoid ongoing confusion and compliance.

      It is unlikely that the County’s order is going to get much sympathy in the comments and understandably so for the above cited reasons.

    • Nice try Mark. With the number of edits you all made between the draft and the final….you’re rearranging the deck chairs on the BOCC’s own version of Titanic and, well we know how this story ends.

      This is hardly about health anymore. The board’s only interest is figuring a politically charged work around of what Governor DeSantis is doing.

      Frankly it’s beneath a run of the mill High School Student Government.

      • Time to get away from the High School Student Government of Alachua County. Things will be so much better under the Third Grade level Government of Sprungs County.

        • Would be nice if you headed west. I’m sure you would fall right in line with “California Dreaming.”
          If not, keep going, the water in the Pacific is pretty deep. If you tread long enough, you may be lucky enough to make it to North Korea or Communist China.

  • Anyone injected with mRNA chemistry is not receiving a vaccine. Moderna refers to the product as an “operating system” and “software of life”. For Moderna and Pfizer to refer to the “jab” as a vaccine is an FTC violation under “deceptive medical practices”.

  • Pfizer and Moderna – Unfair or Deceptive Medical Practices
    Subchapter I. FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION Section 57a. Unfair or deceptive acts or practices rulemaking proceedings
    15 U.S. Code § 57a – Unfair or deceptive acts or practices rulemaking proceedings.

  • Lost in all the chit chat is the fact that both Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” are still experimental under FDA rules and therefore the recipients are essentially guinea pigs. They are not really vaccines in that they do not prevent a person from contracting the disease nor from transmitting it. They merely promise milder symptoms. The CDC has recorded about 1800 deaths attributed to these “vaccines.” Some of the world’s top virologists and medical doctors have expressed worry that the production of spike protein antibodies provoked by the “vaccines” can cause horrific health problems within months of taking the “vaccine” if the recipient is exposed to a live virus or variant. More terrifying is the concern expressed by virus experts that the “vaccines” can provoke the mutation of the virus within the recipients into a more severe and harmful strain which they can then transmit to others. This would make the “vaccine” recipients “super spreaders” of more dangerous strains of the virus. I wonder if Ken Cornell and his associates on the BOCC have a special crystal ball that enables them to see into the future and thereby offer an unqualified guaranty that no such dire outcomes attributable to these “vaccines” are possible. The vaccines are experimental. Experiments can sometimes produce unexpected results.

  • Ultimately, you are responsible for your own health &
    Safety. I decide how close I want someone to be from
    Me, my breathing is autonomic & I decide how I breathe and if I need a mask, I decide if I need a medical procedure (shot)…
    What other decisions does government want to make
    For me? Government, if ruled by the people is our
    Most useful tool, otherwise it’s our worst enemy. What do we learn from Jesus and the Bible?…
    That government kills good people…they need to
    Mind their own business and focus on fixing the
    Pot holes in the streets and roads. Whatever happened to “herd immunity”? …I think we got a
    Bunch of deluded hypochondriac control freaks
    Who have made our planet worse off with plans
    Of one world government & great reset…It’s all
    United Nations plan and the Devil is hiding behind
    The environment….

  • How will this work at Shands, where recently 53% of the medical staff refused the “vaccine” when offered it? One building for them, the other for the people that took it?

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