County commission calls emergency meeting to discuss community mask mandate

Press release from Alachua County

At today’s Special Meeting, the Alachua County Commission decided to hold an Emergency Commission Meeting on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, at 5 p.m. at the Alachua County Administration Building (12 S.E. 1st Street, Gainesville). The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the current spike in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations and the possibility of reinstituting community masking requirements that follow the current CDC guidelines. Due to this Emergency Meeting, the scheduled Alachua County Planning Commission Meeting will be rescheduled.

The Commission will take public comment in person or by calling 1-800-876-7516. Masks are required regardless of vaccination status. The public may view the meeting on Cox Channel 12, Facebook, and the County’s Video on Demand website.

Citizens are encouraged to stay engaged by signing up for the following: FacebookTwitterInstagram, and subscribe to the County’s Newsletter/Press Release

  • Every credible study done on Ivermectin proves conclusively that it prevents contracting COVID with about 90% efficacy. The drug has been around over 50 years and it is safe and very cheap. Doctors all over the world are curing COVID with Ivermectin, which only costs a few dollars. Remdesivir, which is dangerous and does not work, costs $3,000. Florida does not allow use of Ivermectin because Ivermectin reduces the profits the whore Big Pharma medical establishment can make off COVID patients. They insist on Remdesivir and ventilators instead of prevention and cure using a cheap medication you take at home. Now these clowns on the County Commission wish to re-instate useless mask mandates using filthy facial rags and face diapers which cannot stop a virus. Never do these idiots talk about the low cost interventions for this manufactured “crisis,” which include Ivermectin, vitamins D and C, and other immune boosting substances. In Israel, Gibraltar, Iceland and elsewhere most hospitalizations are with people who have been vaccinated. The “vaccines” are a failure. Now they talk about endless “boosters” to boost a vaccine that doesn’t work.The face masks are a failure. Our County Commissioners are useless failures who don’t have the guts to buck the local medical establishment which spouts the line of baloney vomited out by the little psycho Fauci who threatens to cut off funding to medical schools that refuse to go along with Fauci’s fraudulent demands. Fauci is making a fortune off vaccines. Pfizer and Moderna are too. And these little creeps on the County Commission have been complicit. This is what happens when supposed “leaders” have a financial or political incentive behind their decisions. These morons aren’t qualified to lead me across the street. Anybody who believes what they say is a chump.

    • You seem to be really well read about alternative treatments. My hero President Trump suggests injecting Clorox and sticking a UV light up your bum. Any clinical trials you know of that support what Dr. Trump suggests?

      • One step in the “right” direction would be a stick of 🧨 up your bum and lighting it.

        If you want to spew crap you might as well do it the right way.

        Keep on believing…

      • Citations please? There are actually many practicing physicians named “Dr. Trump”, any one of whom could legitimately take great exception to your libelous sarcasm.

      • That snollygaster Biden wants you to wear a mask and take a clot shot booster for the rest of your life…
        Cleaning counter tops with Clorox and getting sunshine to make vitamin D sounds like a better
        Alternative to the mark of the beast…those who do
        Not believe in Jesus and god will be sodomized for eternity in hell…

      • Snollygoster ..used in a sentence: Desantis needs to remove the snollygoster commies from office and appoint freedom & liberty living constitutionalists.

  • Sat at a bar…watched 2 liberal idiots harass the bartender about not wearing a mask and/or having the vaccine. Their reason – the bartender wasn’t “protecting” others. I thought the purpose of the vaccination was to protect yourself. Just a real world example of the liberal, brainwashed idiots who only want to ridicule and antagonize people who don’t fall in line with their ideology.

    Idiots…listen up, keep on believing.

  • “brainwashed idiots who only want to ridicule and antagonize people who don’t fall in line with their ideology”

    Thank you that is the best description I have ever seen that describes the supporters of that BS idea of “Springs County.”

    • See above…knucklehead.

      Once again a liberal antoginist against something that doesn’t exist. Maybe you should offer some assistance to your heroes Cuomo or Biden. With any luck, between the 3 of your pea sized brains, you may be of some use to this country.

      My bad, miscalculation on my part. Even with the 3 of you idiots working together there wouldn’t be a benefit to anyone. That stick sounds much better.

      Feel free, (that thing I fought for you to enjoy), to keep on believing…

    • All the people in springs county will be healthy, won’t
      Wear masks, have no draconian lockdowns, no commies, it will be what the framers of the constitution
      Believed in… the kids won’t have to wear masks in school. Sounds like freedom & liberty! God bless
      America, the US constitution, & springs county!

  • Replying to Mr. Clean. Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine, Vol 15:S2, 2021. Title: Determination of the Effectiveness of Chlorine Dioxide in the Treatment of COVID 19. The study found that oral administration of chlorine dioxide was actually effective but needed more study. This was not the first time such research was done using chlorine dioxide. It is a disinfectant and deodorizer. It is anti-viral!

  • 09/14/21 : protest downtown. Make downtown autonomous zone. Woodstock @ bo Diddley plaza. Come one, come all. We don’t leave until we get freedom & liberty. Masks are optional to protect
    Your face from facial recognition..we have the right
    To peaceful assemble. We have the right to make
    Our own medical decisions. And we have religious
    Freedom to not take mark of the beast. God bless America and the US constitution!

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