County Commission Candidate Jenn Garrett Leads with Donors

Press release from Jenn Garrett for County Commissioner

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – Starting out 2024, Jenn Garrett raised just over $28,000 in her first quarter of campaigning. This amount reflects a combination of $25,579 in cash and $2,518 of in-kind donations to the campaign.  

“I’m excited to see this much community support for my campaign this early on,” Garrett says.

When asked if she sees this early momentum as a sign of the election year, Garrett exclaims, “Yes, I’ve spoken to many concerned citizens out there in the community, and I think they are tired of not being heard. I think they are looking for more engagement and communication with their elected officials, and that’s what I’m here to do.”

As a comparison, in her race, Garrett’s opponent raised $3,300.

For more information about her campaign for Alachua County Commissioner in District 3, please check her out on Facebook or go visit her website, www.JennGfordistrict3.com.

  • No party, no campaign disclaimer, and her web site has campaign law violations. Will this free A ad be listed as a in kind donation on her next report? Oh, I forgot, laws do not apply to Rethuglicans, they are exempt. Another bored woke housewife, wow, a gumment job and paycheck sure sounds good. District 3 is Springs County. They deserve her. Vote Jenn.

    • Wow, I guess the idea of single districts is driving the democrats insane.

      • Wrong. You republicans think SMD will suddenly give you a majority MAGA republican majority on the county commission. Wrong. You might get one district. If you think 4-1 votes are better than 5-0 votes well so be it. You had an appointed R for a while named Ramein Noodle-Glenn or something. She did nothing. Made no motions, did not argue for your CONservative agenda in debate, nothing. Just cashed her paycheck. Elect another one like her and NOTHING CHANGES.

        • I sense a lot of Anger. Please take a deep breath, it will be okay.
          Oh, and why are republicans aways better looking than democrats, just an observation.

        • what your limited capacity Democrat mind refuses to understand is that having 5 SMD will DILUTE the Marxists of Gainesville in each SMD. Before, those Marxists voted for ALL districts.

  • I’ve met Jenn, and I think she’ll be a helpful voice on the County Commission. I love her emphasis on solving our infrastructure problems. She wants to fix our roads!

    Just happily contributed to her campaign!

  • Keep up the good work! She’ll be a WELCOME voice of sanity on the Alachua County Commission.

  • I am assuming, from what I have read on her website, she is going for Kat Cammack’s position, if she is, she won’t get my vote, I am staying w/Kat.

  • I’d like to say we couldn’t do any worse than couple of election cycles ago but seeing as what Prizzia and Alford have done I’m not so sure. They sure mucked things up but given Garrett is looking to kick that knucklehead Prizzia out, she’ll get my vote.

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