County Commission extends mask mandate, adds requirement for businesses to post signs


At today’s Special Meeting, the Alachua County Commission extended the County’s mask mandate for another 7 days and added a requirement that businesses post signs saying that masks are required. 

Paul Myers, Alachua County Administrator for the Florida Department of Health, went over the recent COVID-19 data. He said that cases aren’t declining yet, but that may be because testing is very high due to K-12 school testing. The positivity rate, however, has declined in each of the past two weeks, and hospitalizations are trending downward. He also said the “death rate certainly has gone down” because a younger population is presenting in hospitals.

Assistant County Manager Tommy Crosby said that staff wanted to extend the County’s vaccine incentive program for the general public beyond the original deadline of September 30 because that wasn’t enough time for residents to get both shots. They also recommended paying $25 per shot, regardless of which shot was selected (previously they were offering $50 for J&J), whether J&J or the first, second, or booster dose of Pfizer or Moderna. The incentive will be provided via gift cards at the County’s partners, which are currently the health department, Hitchcock’s pharmacy, West End Pharmacy, Winn-Dixie pharmacies, and CVS pharmacies.

Commissioner Anna Prizzia made the motion to extend the mask mandate and add the requirement for businesses to post signs, as well as the proposed modification to the vaccine incentive plan. Commissioner Chuck Chestnut seconded the motion. The vote was 4-0, with Commissioner Mary Alford absent.

This second extension of the mandate will take it to 21 days; by law, counties are limited to a total of 42 days for local emergency orders, and once they have reached 42 days, they can’t pass further emergency orders that are “substantially similar.”

  • A gang of hysterical, fanatical, c***knockers. A Catholic Friar recently gave an interview in which he stated his belief that when all the chumps who took the “vaccine” get sick enough they would turn on the governmental and medical officials who provoked all the hysteria and go to their homes looking for revenge. If this draconian behavior occurs it will be very sad indeed.

    • A. Paco Liptz – Why would anyone trust a Catholic Friar on science? His boss, the pope, is urging everyone to get vaccinated. Besides the Catholic church has always been honest and there have never been scandals.

      • Well, All the people in Israel got that Pfizer shot and
        Things aren’t looking so good over there…

        • G. Magog. Read more closely. only ~65% percent vaccinated – which is below what is needed to contain infection. Rate of deaths way down. Vaccine works.

          • Hey Swampy – hunting? Getting ready for whitetail, and public land hogs. Archery season is almost here. I enjoy gator hunting, but my dad is too old an my son is too young. So taking a couple years off from that. I love Montana Elk hunting, but that was a long time ago.

      • MK is correct about the Catholic church and scandals. Because no evangelical preacher has ever banged his secretary or a prostitute or a rent boy or the pool boy. They all be saints and support that Godly fellow Trump.

  • It would be appropriate for the commissioners to have the end result of “Hans Landa” given their political leanings. It would be a great way for the world to recognize them for the ideology they represent.

    Keep believing…

    • Hey Paco!, I got a Covid joke for you!, But 99.8%
      Of the people don’t get it…
      Thanks for your info…I always enjoy reading your stuff!
      God bless you!

    • A. Paco Liptz – Really come on. I also have ocean-front property in Alachua country to sell you. Conspiracy theory BS!!

  • Mark K. I would assume you may be one of the many corporate doctors in Gainesville who have whored themselves out to their hospital or UF masters. “Conspiracy theory” is the term used by every leftist creep who cannot confront the truth when exposed as a fraud. How many autopsies have been done on so-called COVID victims in Gainesville? Every independent pathologist who has done a real autopsy has found nearly all body organs nearly destroyed by spike protein from the so-called “vaccines.” The vaccines are the disease, just as you too are the disease Mark. And truth is the cure. Here is what one of many pathologists is saying. https://www.globalresearch.ca/video-pathologist-summary-what-these-jabs-do-brain-other-organs/5752593

  • Wow thanks for another link to a Conspiracy theory website. That is not a research site. It is a site run by a known Canadian conspiracy theorist Michel Chossudovsky. Not exactly a “good source” I get paid the same every two weeks, so vaccines do not make me or any of my loved ones more money. I am sure there is something that you are smarter than me at, but it sure as the hell isn’t scientific research. Just admit it – you hate it when someone tells you what to do and you are too big a p***y to get 2 little needles in the arm.

  • Mark: Okay, so you are a whore doctor. I get it. And likely a weakling too. Real men with a brain know that this phony COVID mess entails a survival rate of 99.99 percent, unless you are a decrepit wreck, which I presume you are. Real men with a brain have high confidence in their immune system. Presumably you are a gutless masochist who enjoys needles in your arm. I wonder what you are shooting up with every day. Indeed, you must be in a drugged state, because like all dumb communists you cannot address facts with rebuttal facts and data, you can only accuse everybody who does have facts with being “conspiracy theorists.” Just another communist c**kknocker.

    • I get, you are afraid – its ok to be a p***y. I won’t tell anyone. And if you listen to someone smarter than you it means you have no balls – right? And because I believe in public health – in the same way I believe in traffic rules I am somehow a communist? “Real men” learn civics. “Real men” learn how the immune system works. “Real men” learn statistics. And “real men” are secure enough in their masculinity that they don’t need to say “real men” to make themselves sound smart and tough. And the the doctor in your video – makes a bunch of easy to debunk claims. There is no law against treatments and vaccines for the same disease (flu shot and Tamiflu). FDA certifies vaccines not the NIH. And it makes sense for the NIH to license out its patents – saves taxpayers money. Oh and Dr. Cole, makes money offering vitamin D tests – conflict of interest. But you are right “conspiracy theory” is the wrong term. Let’s go with “flat out lying and misleading” website. You have presented 0 quality facts.
      You assume because I have a different view than you on vaccines that I am a c**kknocker. When it comes to vaccines I am a c**kknocker! My c**k knocks my knees while yours is barely visible through your pubes.

  • Johns Hopkins reported in 2016 that Medical Errors kill approximately 250,000 people a year
    nationally and are the 3rd-leading cause of death in the USA. Medical Errors killed how many
    people in Alachua County in 2019? In 2020? In 2021?

  • Mark K. says he gets paid every two weeks. This must mean he is a government worker or some lackey who works at Shands or UF. As an impartial observer, I have to give the debate win to Paco. Mark, like too many government workers, sounds like an opinionated fool with no facts to back him up.

  • Hey swampy – actually quoting a number from a scientific paper – nicely done. Unfortunately, the stats are a little off. Authors used only a few studies, with small sample sizes and included incorrect patient pools to extrapolate numbers nationally. But yes Medical Errors kill way too many Americans but more like in the 35,000 range. Covid-19 was the 3rd leading cause of death in 2020.

  • Thanks Sid. It’s hard to debate a bloviating government lackey like Mark. All such vaccine pumping whores who take money from the Gates Foundation are bribed to say what they say. No shame. Just whores. Their COVID “vaccines” are failing all over the world. They are angry about this and are lashing out at everybody who has exposed their perversion of medicine and science. Maybe Mark needs some booster shots — of honesty. Not realistic however. Whores never stop spreading their legs for money.

  • Crimson Contagion was a joint exercise conducted from January to August 2019,
    in which numerous national, state and local, private and public organizations in the US participated,
    in order to test the capacity of the federal government and twelve states to respond to
    a severe pandemic of influenza originating in China.

  • Hi Sid, Tons and tons of facts that are simple to read are at http://www.cdc.gov. Dr. Fauci is too show-time for my taste. But the CDC is regarded at the world’s best scientific organization for disease control and prevention. Those people get paid the same every two weeks, and republicans and dems and libs work there. And they don’t get extra ad revenue when you click on the cdc website. Unlike the quack Dr. Cole. who makes money by telling you to get a vitamin D test. Like me or hate me. Call me a commie c**kknocker. That’s fine. But think a little about the sources for your scientific data. Do one extra google search. Think about who makes money or gains political clout from you believing what they say.

  • Mark: You have to be a real schmuck to believe the CDC. They are a vaccine company masquerading as a public health agency. Lots of people there are making big money off the vaccines they promote, including the ghoul Fauci who financed gain of function research in Wuhan. I think Sid is right. You are just a brainwashed government employee fool. It seems to hurt you to know that people are finding out what whores you guys are. Case closed.

  • Swampy – Now we are on the same page here – some reliable facts. I have nothing to argue with you about Crimson Contagion.
    A Paco Liptz – I actually think my money comes from DeSantis. I am too boring for Bill and Mel.
    You do realize that there would be none of our beloved Gator football, without us “government lackeys”
    And most vaccines need boosters – go step on a rusty nail and see what the doctor says. What do you think Shingrix is? Ask anyone who has a 0-5 year old. They get boosters.

    • Mark K: You do realize that there would be none of our beloved Gator football, without us “government lackeys”

      That sounds like a Mayor Poe quote. All Hail Governmental Lackeys and their Grand Delusions!

  • Please show me any sort of actual fact that Fauci is making money from the vaccine? You realize Fauci has served under many different presidents? GWB loved him. His job should not political. Paco – keep reading whatever makes you feel that you are right. Because no one can tell you nothing – cause you are so tough! I will keep reading actual science by actual scientists who have little to gain.

  • Mark: “Because no one can tell you nothing” ????? Double negatives are fine in Spanish but not English. Did you mean “nobody can tell you anything”? People should read the book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. titled “The Real Dr. Fauci.” All of Fauci’s mendacity and thievery is exposed there along with his profits from vaccines. Mark does not sound too literate, so the book may be too much for him. Very likely scientific journals are way beyond his reading comprehension. I vote for Paco again. Perhaps another vaccine would help Mark think more clearly

  • Swampy – I certainly wasn’t trying to say us lackeys are more important than football. I know I am not. But, You realize that UF is a public land grant university. The university was plopped down in GNV to teach agricultural and mechanical arts – this requires a lot of us lackeys. The ability to have great football is a byproduct of this. Some universities even exist without football, but the NCAA can only exist with colleges/universities.
    And for the record – Poe is a fool – in my opinion. I am lacking solid facts on this – but willing to receive quality ones.

  • This fellow Mark sounds like a weakling with flabby triceps and drooping buttocks. He needs to get pumped up.

  • Anrie. The buttocks is more flat than flappy. Triceps could use some work but aren’t flabby – yet. I will be sure to father a child will my maid too.

  • Mark says: “I am not a fan of the Washington Post. But the article explains the Israeli Covid-19 stats nicely.” Really? It is an exercise in tricking people into not seeing the forest for the trees. People were specifically promised that they would not catch or spread COVID. Lie. They are in the hospital dying. According to VAERS, the CDC’s vaccine adverse event reporting system, about 14,000 people in the US have died soon or even immediately after getting the jab. Over 500,000 have been seriously injured having come down with Guillain-Barre syndrome, Bells Palsy, myocarditis, paralysis, stroke, etc. VAERS admittedly only captures about 1% of actual adverse events. Somewhere there is a whore statistician who for a fee proffered by the CDC will juggle numbers to explain VAERS data away.

  • I am sorry that you had unrealistic expectations of the vaccine. Also the virus mutated to the delta variant prior to enough people getting vaccinated. I am also sorry you can’t understand percentage and rate. 500,000 people have not been seriously injured by the vaccine. The VAERS data is all adverse reactions after someone gets the vaccine. So that person that is afraid of needles (like yourself) faints at the sight of the needle falls down and dies of fear. That death is recorded in VAERS, but caused by you being a p***y not the vaccine.

  • Mark:

    So they are dying of fear? You are clearly an idiot and or a psychopath and I have nothing more to say to you because you belong in a straight jacket. You are a clear example of why people no longer trust anybody in government. It would not surprise me if you were also a child molester.

  • Hi JeffK,

    Thank you for the numbers. Very informative. These numbers show we are doing “better” this week compared to last week. This article ranks things by trend. But look a little closer at the one week total per 100K numbers. New cases per 100K second most. Deaths per 100K 4th most. Hospitalizations per 100K worst.

  • >