County Commission renews mask mandate for another week, Governor’s Press Secretary says mandate is “invalid”


Updated 2:50 p.m.

Today the Alachua County Commission renewed the universal indoor mask mandate for another 7 days, with minor changes, including making masks optional for children under 6.

In response, Governor DeSantis’ Press Secretary Christina Pushaw posted on Twitter that the emergency order is “already invalid, and the forced-masking cannot be enforced. No one will be fined or face penalties for declining to wear masks.”

Pushaw said she sent the following statement to media in Alachua County, although there was no response to our request for a statement: “Under Florida Statutes Section 252 and Governor DeSantis’ Executive Order 21-101, Alachua County does not have the legal authority to declare such local emergency and it is invalid as a matter of law. On May 3, 2021 Governor DeSantis signed into law SB 2006, which provides that any emergency order issued by a political subdivision may be invalidated by the Governor, at any time, if the Governor determines that such order unnecessarily restricts individual rights or liberties pursuant to section 252.38, Florida Statutes (2021). Accordingly, Governor DeSantis issued EO 21-101 which invalidated any emergency order issued by a political subdivision due to the COVID-19 emergency. And even in the absence of such order, Alachua County is not able to issue on its own a local state of emergency for a pandemic.”

Pushaw continued on Twitter: “Oh, and to be very clear, businesses that do not enforce #Alachua mask mandates will not be penalized either. The local order IS NOT VALID under the law.”

Pushaw said all fines would be pardoned by Governor DeSantis, as he previously did in June.

Pushaw also indicated that the Governor’s office would be interested in media stories about harassment from codes enforcement: “As for harassment from codes enforcement, I am not in the loop on the situation, please send more details to our office if you’re reporting on it!”

However, EO 21-101 says this: “Only the COVID-19 emergency orders, as defined in SB 2006, enacted prior to July 1, 2021, are hereby invalidated.”

Pushaw then said, “Alachua County (and any other county) do not have the authority under Florida law to issue a state of emergency for a pandemic. Anyway, any fines the locals might be threatening for forced-masking violations, won’t be enforced. Businesses should be made aware of that.”

  • Alachua County Commission Clowns try to tear your freedoms down with a Democidal Circus terrorizing good towns

  • However, EO 21-101 says this: “Only the COVID-19 emergency orders, as defined in SB 2006, enacted prior to July 1, 2021, are hereby invalidated.” This clause in the governor’s EO can be used as an excuse to claim that since the county’s emergency order was made after July 1, it is valid. The governor’s EO however does say in Section 1 that ANY emergency order issued by a county that restricts the rights or liberties of any individuals or businesses is invalid. The Section 2 statement about July 1, 2021 as it relates to the Senate Bill opens up all kinds of avenues of misunderstanding, even though it seems to relate to local ordinances. The pronouncements of a press secretary do not have the force of law. Under Florida Statute 252.36 the governor’s orders have the force of law under a state of emergency. Bottom line — Governor DeSantis’ EO 21-101 is subject to misinterpretation which opens the door to litigation to clarify what it says. All this clearly shows that even a well-intentioned governor with a Harvard Law School background can’t seem to speak or write with any real clarity. People do not trust politicians because they seem incapable of making their “yes mean yes and their no mean no.” The Governor’s parental choice EO about masks in school is in court now in Leon County. If Governor DeSantis doesn’t immediately issue a clarifying EO about county emergency orders, that will wind up in court too. And then we may have some biased political hack judge rule against DeSantis. So why don’t people trust any branch of the government anymore? Maybe because they are all full of S****.

  • The British Medical Journal exposes the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer “vaccine” to be a fraud. https://blogs.bmj.com/bmj/2021/08/23/does-the-fda-think-these-data-justify-the-first-full-approval-of-a-covid-19-vaccine/

    The US Food and Drug Administration is a “whore” outfit. In legal jargon the term whore has no connection to sex. It means a person who will say anything, testify to anything and do anything for money. Robert F. Kennedy and others have said that the FDA is run by “whores.” It is a revolving door where you get a job with the FDA and then go to work for big drug companies after you do lots of favors for the drug companies. Curiously, Scott Gottlieb who is now on the Board of Pfizer was before that Commissioner of the FDA. Hmmmm.

    Aldous Huxley, who wrote Brave New World said this:

    “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.”

    Too many people in Gainesville seem to love their servitude to a gang of county commissioners who might be seen as “whores.” The last chairman of the County Commission, “Hutch” Hutchinson actually had the gall to say publicly that he was essentially a dictator. These are the kind of people who are voted into office in Alachua County. In the musical “Evita” about Argentina, they sang “you get the government you deserve.” Argentina was ruined by corrupt, bribe taking political hacks and is now nearing a failed state. We are not far behind!

  • Boom! Pretty epic to see these commies getting kicked square in the nuts!! Hopefully there’s more in the works for what they’re doing to our kids in school, my daughter was “quarantined” for 2 day last week and again yesterday for 3 days! All she was told is that she was near “someone” who allegedly tested positive for the Kung Flu. This is how ridiculous these people are acting…

  • Has anybody seen the pictures of Nancy Pelosi’s fundraiser in Napa Valley California the other day where none of the attendees wore masks? Only the Black and Hispanic waiters were required to wear masks. The white rich folk all broke their own mask rules. Damned hypocrites! They know the mask rules are a fraud.

  • Like I just said in today’s Jake caricature…”the city & county can put their mask & shot up their you know what”…

  • If code enforcement comes to my business, I will escort them outside and
    1. Ask to see their ID
    2. Ask to see their Covid vaccination card
    3. Ask, “why are you wearing a mask if you got the
    4. I will then tell them I have to take their temperature
    But I don’t have a thermometer, so they will have to
    Prove their temperature to me.
    5. I will tell them to “get the F outta here”.
    6. They will probably come back with backup and
    I’ll tell them to “ get the F out again”…
    7. I’ll give an update after that…

    • Oh, and I’m not putting up any of their BS signage
      They want displayed…they can just go F off!!
      I will not comply.

    • I would shop at your place!!!!I am serious. We need to support like minded patriots

    • Horrible deaths from the shot. I will not take it.
      Thanks for the link…

    • Hey! Where’s Sharon, the master in public health?
      Did she ever answer those questions posed by
      Commenters and if VAERS was reliable? I wonder
      What she has to say about the link you provided…

      • A. Paco Liptz. You still suck at Science and Math. Just because “health” is in the URL does not make it a trusted medical or health website.

        • Mark. Look at the VAERS cases… is that reliable?
          And, I made no ad hominem attack…

    • Charles Haley II: 41-year-old Washington man dead 43 days after second Pfizer mRNA injection

      Jessica Turner: 34-year-old Massachusetts woman has seizure while driving five days after first Pfizer mRNA injection

      Inês Rafael Mendes: 18-year-old Portuguese college student dead five days after COVID-19 “vaccine”; police blame alcohol consumption

      Toxic epidermal necrolysis: 49-year-old New York woman develops life-threatening skin-rotting disorder one week after Pfizer mRNA injection


    • Paco, that would be nice, but if you read the entire article, it focuses on the push-back by businesses and is more a hit piece against the law. The article is a means to make people believe that everyone and every business wants mandates. The Left is mounting a huge campaign to make the fear they feel real for everyone. It is human nature to follow the pack. It is also a very common thing among lemmings.

  • More and more doctors and virologists are stating that the “fully vaccinated” are superspreaders of dangerous covid variants. The vaccinees are being referred to as “Thyphoid Marys.” Dr. Peter McCullough is a renown expert on the subject and he agrees. Do not use Google to do your searches of this subject. Use DuckDuckGo. More information here. https://seemorerocks.is/dr-mccullough-oxford-study-shows-vaxxed-have-become-super-spreaders/

    • A. Paco Liptz. Another great reference – a quack Doctor that was fired, and pretended to still be working at Baylor. I am sure to trust him. And no he is not an expert, he is a Cardiologist not a Virologist, Public Health Physician or Epidemiologist.

    • That professor got some balls…sounds like some of
      The comments made by guys here..

  • It turns out that the FDA did not license the Pfizer jab. This jab remains under the Emergency Use Authorization. It is illegal to force a jab under US Code where the vaccine is not licensed. However, the FDA has licensed a “new and improved” version of the Pfizer jab called “Comirnity.” This stuff is not yet available. People have been tricked into believing the FDA licensed the current “vaccine” which is still under an EUA. Read all about why this deceit was conjured up. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/mainstream-media-fda-approval-pfizer-vaccine/?utm_source=JangoMail&%3beType=EmailBlastContent&%3beId=f34e5fbf-195c-4ff7-b4db-8f5b98964da7&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=We+have+to+learn+to+live+with+this.+(343637551)&utm_content=

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