County commission reverses course again on mask order


This is the short version – we’ll get up a full article tomorrow with quotes, etc. It’s been a long day…

During a joint meeting of the Alachua County Commission and Gainesville City Commission today,

County Commissioner Ken Cornell agreed to bring the issue back up–he said he might not have done so if the city commission was only 4-3 in favor of doing so, but since they seemed to be unanimous, he thought he should–and the county commission repeated much of the discussion they held earlier in the day. At the end, they voted 4-1, with Commissioner Mike Byerly in dissent, to put the mandatory mask order back in place. (It hadn’t actually been removed because County Commission Chair Robert Hutchinson held off on signing the order, just in case they changed their minds at the afternoon meeting.)

As a “compromise,” they changed the business occupancy requirement to the governor’s 50% occupancy order from the one-person-per-500-square-feet they had voted for earlier in the day. That also passed 3-2, with Byerly and Hutchinson in dissent. They kept the provisions that allowed bowling alleys and billiard halls to open

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    WhilePretendingToBeTransparency MarchingOrdersFromOnHighWithSatanicRockefellerPride
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  • When Gail Johnson is using Facebook to get feedback from her “constituency” is there any scrutiny given to the I.P. addresses of those “constituents” being from outside the county?

    If Facebook feedback is now part of pseudo-Public Comment, then will the County Commission provide a Binding “County Recall” Online Signature Petition on their own County Government Website so that the General Public can speak back in an officially documented manner during this Tryannical Time of “Social Distancing” and BigTechTakeover?

    • Both she and Simmons are in cahoots with Poe to rob their constituents to finance the city’s fiscal incompetence.

  • Has Wheeler ever voted differently from Satanic Rockefeller Hutchinson on anything since her glorious County Commission Career began? Is there data on all of Wheeler’s votes compared to those of Satanic Hutch?

    • No, because she has no comprehension or common sense regarding anything. Does the “Pied Piper” ring a bell?

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  • ?if RockefellerFluSatanist Robert Hutchinson does not retire by July 4, 2020, then the Government-Sponsored-Terrorists win by lying to you again?

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  • When a City Commissioner makes the comment “Federal and State government are actively trying to kill people” you know they will not look at the data objectively.

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